Five Games That Need Remakes

James Writes - "2011 and 2012 seemed like it was the year of remakes. With big releases like Star Fox 64, Ocarina of Time, and Halo: Anniversary it’s clear to the gaming world that remakes are here to stay. So why not make the best of it?"

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XB1_PS41984d ago

Pokemon snap would be nuts on wii u, I liked it with the n64 controller let alone a wii u controller.

Y_51501984d ago

I just had the same thought! Pokemon Snap would incredible sequel wit WIi U's tech!I can only imagine though.

vallencer1984d ago

Pokemon snap with the wii u controller would control so much better than the 64.

OneAboveAll1984d ago

Ahh. I remember when the Blue and Yellow Pokemon special editoin of the N64 came out with Pokemon Snap. (or was it stadium?)

Do want for Wii U!

Tokyo_reject1984d ago

A scan for a new pokemon snap got released a while ago, and it says "Wii U" on the picture. not saying its legit...but looks pretty damn close

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Sp1d3ynut1984d ago

Second Sight was better than Psi Ops.

Kyosuke_Sanada1984d ago

Good to see Dino Crisis make an appearance but I vould feel safer if thiz title vas under Tango Gameworks control.

I vould like to add Fear Effect, Bloodrayne und Oni to ze mix.

Sp1d3ynut1984d ago

Something tells me Bungie is a bit too tied up with Destiny...for the next 10 think about remaking Oni. :o

3-4-51984d ago

1.) Rock N Roll Racing

2.) General Chaos

3.) Powerstone

4.) Indy Heat

5.) Sunset Riders