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Games That Failed to Live Up to Their Full Potential (2012 Edition)

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

It's almost 2013 so it's time to look back at some of the best and worst games of 2012. But before we do that let's look at some of the ones that didn't live up to their full potential. These aren't 'bad' games, per se, but they could have been twice as enjoyable with a few simple tweaks. (Far Cry 3, Inversion, PC, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3, SSX, Xbox 360)

j-blaze  +   1029d ago
again... Sorcery, Twisted Metal, Starhawk, PS All Stars and LittleBigPlanet Karting were very disappointing IMHO
Gamesgbkiller  +   1029d ago
Really ?!
Because I don't think that all of these are disappointing .
Hanso  +   1029d ago
just ignore him
trolling like a kid
Hydralysk  +   1029d ago
Unless his username is famous for that I don't see how you can know he's trolling when he only admitted to liking a few of those games...

Starhawk was actually pretty fun for awhile in my opinion.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1028d ago
You must be new.

On topic, I think PS All Stars is one of the most fun games I've played this year.
Kalowest  +   1029d ago
I agree with PS All Stars. I haven't played the other ones, and I'm not going to base my opinion on them from reviews.
dboyc310  +   1029d ago
Wouldn't really say play station all stars was disappointing. Yea it lacked in some areas like different modes, better characters etc. But Superbot did execute the game play aspect of it so they have something to build on for the sequel. First games are always a testing ground and usually sequels excel it for the matter that it wasn't perfect. Overall PSASBR is a good game.
rdgneoz3  +   1029d ago
@dboyc310 It did ship with 20 characters straight out of the box and 2 free characters (and a level) coming out in a bit. Can't really blame them for some characters that they can't get (like Crash and Spyro due to Activision) or the costumes you want (cough Donte due to Capcom).
As for game modes, it has story, different challenges, and multiplayer (online or offline with bots or irl friends). The later having the classic: Timed, stock, and reverse stock, and you can set up teams anyway you want or do FFA. Unless you mean doing it like SSB and having health percentages, then no it will never. They're trying for being a bit different.

And yah, for a first try they did pretty well.
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vork77  +   1029d ago
you know reviews are not always right
SilentNegotiator  +   1028d ago
PSASBR and LBP Kart weren't Mario, so they didn't get the same free passes.

Just read the IGN LBP Kart review; part way through, you could literally forget you weren't reading a Mario Kart review based on the descriptions of identical game mechanics (that were censured in this case).
majiebeast  +   1029d ago
Only game that was a gigantic disapointment was Resident evil 6 just a terrible game not just for resident evil standards. There is no saving that clusterfudge of horrible gameplay segments.

Bet you didnt play even 1 of the games you listed. Funny how they are all ps3 exclusives when there were games like Fable the journey,Steel battalion and Kinect Star wars to list.
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-GametimeUK-  +   1029d ago
I respect your opinion. I can't comment since I haven't played, but they have scored less than I anticipated. I was a huge fan of Warhawk and Starhawk failed to appeal to me. Didn't like the beta.
Riderz1337  +   1029d ago
They were disappointing to you because you are clearly an Xbox fanboy and they didn't all sell 5m each like Halo 4? BTW hows Fable: The Journey? hehehe.
DigitalRaptor  +   1029d ago
None of these games you've played. You told me in a PM: "i mean i did play the demos and at my friends home" which makes it even harder to believe. Why would you play games that you're just gonna call crap by de facto because they're PS3 exclusives?

@ Riderz1337

He seems to support Microsoft and hate on Sony and their games. He rips on Sony for not supporting Japanese games, even though they make and support a good amount, when Microsoft doesn't nothing for Japan, but no hate for them. Strange, eh?

I don't know what j-blaze is, but he's anything but an open minded gamer. Xenophobic Japanophile is how I'd describe. Japanophile? read these links: http://www.urbandictionary.... http://jameskchou.tumblr.co...
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trouble_bubble  +   1029d ago
Your comment history betrays you blaze. Predictably instead of legit critical stinkers like Amy, Ninja Daiden 3, both 2012 Resident Evils and various motion controlled shovelware, the first comment in this thread goes straight to PS3 exclusives that aren't even in the article.

Article is equally clueless. FarCry3? Movin' on...
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ZigZagZach  +   1029d ago
No... I think LBP Karting... and that's it. Rest lived up to their expectation critically, but unfortunately not commercially :(
BlaqMagiq24  +   1029d ago
This guy is known for being anti-Sony. Just let him troll like an idiot.
Kurt Russell  +   1028d ago
You just reminded me to buy Twisted Metal!
stage88  +   1028d ago
@j-blaze You don't even own a PS3... Go back to your 3 franchise machine.
shivvy24  +   1028d ago
how was sorcery disappointing ,l i found it fun along with starhawk
GamerSciz  +   1029d ago
SSX was plenty of fun. Largest thing it was missing was live multiplayer rather then racing ghosts of friends.

I literally just beat Far Cry 3 the other day and the story was kind of all over the place at times but all in all still a fun game.

I honestly never had any interest in Inversion so I never played it.

PSASBR is a good concept for playstation considering how many exclusive characters they have. I think with some DLC the game has real potential to be awesome. Right now its good but this is the only one that's semi-questionable.
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Christopher  +   1029d ago
Aren't 99% of games under this listing? I mean, who determines where the potential for a game ends and begins? I always see a ton of things that could have been done to improve a game when I play, even if it's a 10/10 game.

It's called nitpicking.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1029d ago
I agree with Ubi's use of Vaas. He disappears shortly after you begin the game, then shows back up for a brief encounter later on...and that's it. He's not the primary villain in the game by a loooooong shot, yet they did indeed market him that way. Maybe the actor that was playing Vaas wanted a ton more $$ or something, so they cut him out of most of the story, and sent him packing.
Godchild1020  +   1029d ago
Kinect Star Wars, Silent Hill: Downpour, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Yakuza: Dead Souls and Ninja Gaiden 3.

That is some of the titles, I wish I never bought or played. Some of those titles were hyped up like they were finally making great use of the Tech and it would work well or it would be that much better than the previous one.

I disliked Kinect: Star Wars, because of the Dancing segments and if I wanted that I would have just play Dance Central. Silent hill was buggy as hell and nothing like the previous entrees. Resident Evil: ORC is just pure opinion. After coming from the war for Cybertron and get the fall of Cybertron was a disgrace. Ninja Gaiden 3 compared to the Wii U version, was like a rushed job.

There will always be a game or more that disappoints, but they are here to be fillers until we find a game that we enjoy.
prototypeknuckles  +   1029d ago
i got to say i agree with all stars being a huge dissapointment, i waited years for that game and it was dissapointing roster wise only a few good additions, and there was no adventure mode, no story mode, no unlockables that mattered i would love unlcokable characters, and more unlockable costumes, but icons and backgrounds really.
8bitHero  +   1028d ago
i think if the game had more costumes it wouldve made up for the lack of unlockable characters. but yes i do agree that the roster was disappointing. for example, why the hell is dante in it? for starters he hasn't even been in a single game yet(hes a different dante from 1-4 & is from a different universe) and then this game is made for fans and you include a capcom character, a company that couldnt give 2 shits what their customers think of them and would screw us over any opportunity they get. also idk about you guys but i think that the game also had too few stages and lacked an art direction, everyone pretty much had their own art style and it kinda made the game look ugly imo. but even though it has a lot of flaws, overall i still think its a good game and should succeed that way the sequel can hopefully fix the first one's problems.

also no prinny; prinnies rule, NIS should've been the first ppl they go to for a character :P
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1029d ago
What a dumb list. half those games were hotly anticipated including PSAS, SSX and Farcry. Can't please everyone I guess.
ElitaStorm  +   1029d ago
this has been made only to show PS All Stars and throw some other games, really far cry 3 ?

well just because the guy didnt like all stars he didnt had to make a pointless list
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8bitHero  +   1028d ago
i havent played FC3 yet due to the lack of money (>.>) but i was pretty disappointed to find out that you barely see vaas. whats the point of having vaas in like everything in the game(even the cover) if you barely see him in the game? he shouldve been the main bad guy but w.e i guess. still want to buy it.
StreetsofRage  +   1029d ago
Without a doubt...twisted metal. It has ps2 graphics and plays like crap online. Another one of my beloved ps2 franchises that died on the ps3.
ironfist92  +   1029d ago
Assassin's Creed 3
stage88  +   1028d ago
Forza 4 was just plain terrible. Flopped majorly after release as well.
kratoz1209  +   1028d ago
all the Playstion games do well, and how do you know if it flopped? do you see the data of units sold retail and Digital?
Picnic  +   1028d ago
Many reviewers gave SSX 90% reviews. It's not worth it. I loved SSX Tricky and I loved 1080 Avalanche in the last generation. This game tries to mix those two and ends up being better than neither as a result. An uncomplementary mix of two different attitude styles- showing off tricks at your leisure and fast as you can racing. I thought that the character models were terrible for this generation.
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FunkMacNasty  +   1028d ago
One of my biggest dissapointments this year was Spec Ops:The Line. It was supposed to be this ground breaking 3rd person shooter, but to me it was one of the biggest glorified shooting galleries I've played. It was like Gears of War in a modern-warfare desert setting.

The author has Far Cry 3 on this list in the article - I HIGHLY disagree that FC3 "failed to live up to my expectations" and given its excellent review scores from gamers and critics alike, i don't think most people felt FC3 was a dissapointment. Easily one of my top 3 games this year.
8bitHero  +   1028d ago
every sony game. not because they were bad(i enjoyed all of them except the move ones, i dont like uber casual games.) but because sony fails at advertising their games. they dont advertise/do very little advertising for their games and expcet it to succeed. lulwut?
anyways, ive seen the commercial for their new ps store(which is crap in my opinion) more than ive seen PSABR, LBPK, and wonder book put together. why the hell do you even advertise a new ps store? thats so stupid imo
girlwithturn  +   1028d ago
Twisted Metal 2012 is great game and best tm till now.

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