Xbox 360 Still Sitting Above PlayStation 3: Can Sony Bounce Back In 2013?

Mobile & Apps: "The year 2012 is ending, which is a good time to look back at how well the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 did throughout the entire year and the console's overall sale numbers. Sales took a dip compared to 2011; however, for 6-7 year old devices, current sales are still impressive."

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Belking1984d ago

Maybe, maybe not. As long as MS keep doing great in the U.S. it will be hard for sony to pass them. At this point I don't think it matter much anymore. Good sales for all three this gen but MS has made the most improvement by selling 3 times what they did last gen.

Consoldtobots1984d ago

the first xbox would have sold more at this point but we all know what happened there. Bragging about selling 3 times more than a gen where you threw in the towel is weaksauce IMO.

Septic1984d ago


Managing to come second place or joint second is quite a feat or are you forgetting the monopoly Sony had on the industry last generation?

MS first joined the game with mammoth competition from both Sony and Nintendo. Now look at them. They've done exceptionally well especially considering the forecasts of their eventual demise once the PS3 was going to be released.

If that is weaksauce, Chuck Norris must bathe in it every day.

Enemy1984d ago

The PS3 was released a year after the 360. Sometimes people forget and need the reminder.

SilentNegotiator1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

LOL, Ps3 is having the better year in hardware sales and is only like, 2 million behind the 360 total.

This article is ridiculous.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

1:xbox was at 10 million sold when ps3 launched.

2:ps3 launched was bigger than xbox launch despite high price.

3:sony now nearly tied and soon will over take xbox.

4:Sony makes AAA games even in bad times.

5:MS's newest AAA game was 2010's Alan wake (nice game got it on steam).

6:MS won't even make new AAA games in good times.

7:Xbox 360 has 61 kinect exclusives and 21 announced for early next year according to wiki & has 3 AAA core games. Still a main focus for xbox 720.

8:casual xbox maybe coming. And if successful them imagine MS's increased obsession with wii sucess with the casual market while they throw their core gamers another halo bone.

oh yes..

9:The last of Us and beyond are coming for ps3 owners.

10:xbox 720 is coming for 360 owners.

11:One is a real games company.

" Sony: Our competitors are 'neglecting core gamers'"
Casuals are still to a point important.
"PS3 neglecting family-friendly genre, says Sony boss"

12:One is not.

"Xbox 360 Is 'Not A Games Console' Says Microsoft CEO"
the end.

If I said that I would be called a blind sony fanboy. lol...

I think if ps4 launch along side xbox it will dominate and have more games.

tip of the day: Never support a company that wants to be like apple.

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Dms20121984d ago

Blame Nvidia for MS "throwing in the towel"

BitbyDeath1984d ago

Well said shutUpAndTakeMyMoney, exactly why i own a PS3.

It should always be about the games.

MikeMyers1984d ago

On one side you had doubters that the Xbox 360 was going to still be around after 7 years and still be this competitive and that it would take this long for the PS3 to catch up. On the other side you have articles like this who make it appear as though the PS3 has lagged when in reality it's actually sold better on average. Remember, the PS3 came out a year after.

The reality is this, the PS3 has bounced back and I would go as far as to say more so than the Xbox 360. Sony has been more committed to developing games and also new IP's while Microsoft has floated on existing franchises and failed with their better with Kinect advertising. The PS3 imo has more momentum leading into their next gen systems.

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avengers19781984d ago

I think the real question is will Ms continue to diphtheria 360 after they release there new console, Sony's history says they will continue to support PS3 for a couple years... heck they sold a lot of ps2s after the release of the PS3.
I for one want to see what happens If they both come out around the same time, say a couple weeks apart... it's not a good thing for those wanting both.

GribbleGrunger1984d ago

50 million PS2s to be precise. And the PS2 still sells in it's 13th years, as will the PS3

KingofGambling1984d ago

good point on whether 360 continue to support their fanbase until the next gen.

Persistantthug1984d ago

"The Xbox 360 is not winning this race based on exclusive games, but third party titles with exclusive content."

Was this true with STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN?
Is this true with ASSASSIN'S CREED 3?
Is this true with FAR CRY 3?

PS3 actually gets far more exclusive 3rd party content, and that's not the worst of it in my opinion. The worst part is, is that the PS3 gets these things for FREE.
The little content difference that the XBOX 360 gets, which is almost nill.......Microsoft never gives any of it for free.

I just wish people would stop lying
Just sayin.

violents1984d ago

once again someone quoting VGchartz.

Regardless though sony is less than 2mil units behind xbox360 that had a years head start so I wouldn't exactly say they got schooled or anything. Both consoles did well this gen and wii got way too big a lead to catch up on. So what are they "bouncing back" from exactly? Selling 70mil units is far from failing so I dont understand why people keep coming back to this.

GamerSciz1984d ago

Don't forget the number is skewed for 360 considering it's launch had around a 30% failure rate. Everyone's whose console died they bought a new one which went towards the total sales number.

Belking1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Even if that were true,(which it's not) the numbers they moved are still impressive. It's not like they didn't replace any of the 360's that broke. MS did have those hardware problems, but they handled it pretty well and bounced back with an even better slim version which is a great improvement. I don't think another corp who took those losses would of survived such a thing. Besides, sony's price hurt them more than MS RROD ever did. Overall pretty good gen for all.

greenpowerz1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

30% is a lie and why would people pay for a new console when replacements were free?

And lol at calling VGC out and then accepting the supposed gap they show.

PS3 has so many SKU's maybe people buy PS3 more than once skewing the total numbers not to mention PS3 own failure rate.

54%? Boy PS3 fanboys pull numbers out of their assess. Anyway I wonder if MSFT will force Sony to Release a super duper mini slim in 2013 so PS3 fanboys will trade in their PS3s again counting towards more sales.

IRetrouk1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yep 30% is a lie, it was actualy 54% from what i remember. And they wernt replaced when the problems first came to light you had to pay to get them fixed as micro said there was no problem untill the massive amount of complaints and inqueries made them come up with the whole 3 year waranty to cover their asses.

Oh so now im a sony fanboy? Ok here read this

Lvl_up_gamer1984d ago

@ IRetrouk

Ugh. Why do you choose to be a sheep?

The 54% BS is a number from a Game Informer online survey.

ANYONE could have voted. There was NO proof that any one of those participants had ever owned a 360 nor that each person who took the survey ONLY submitted their vote once.

The survey also only had 5000 voters as well. A VERY small demographic sample of the market.

So as you can see IRetrouk, why anyone would take the 54% failure rate as "factual" or "truthful" would only be to continue spreading lies for their obviously out in the open agenda.

ThatsGaming1984d ago

You can say Sony's numbers are sckewed as well because they have had three form factors whereas 360 has only had two (yes, I know the third sony form factor isn't everywhere). And Sony has released more different sized hard drive models...

As for the RROD. I don't think that affected sales as much as people say. First, MS fixed a large portion of those 360's with the extended warranty and the 360 slim came the year after the issue was resolved... Second, you could argue that RROD negatively affected new sales during the time frame that it was at its peak because people shied away from 360 due to RROD.

violents1984d ago

I saw multiple articles that said the launch model 360 had a 72%failure rate and the launch model ps3 had like a 20-30%(cant remember exactly) and a lot of people I know even after having their xboxes repaired had to go buy a new one because it kept screwing up on them. I know people with ps3s that had to do the same. I'm sure both parties numbers are skewed by this a little but with a failure rate like the launch xbox had, MS numbers have to be up a little more than sony's because of it. I'm not saying thats the only reason they are ahead or anything but I've always wondered where it would lie if they took that into account.

Muerte24941984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

for Gamestop when the xbox360 launched November 25, 2005. I can tell you for a fact that RROD was not covered until about (edit: year and a half) later. It happened to me and alot of other people. All you could do was trade it in as a broken console to put towards the cost of "Buying" a new one. For those to deny this should no longer comment because your thought processes are irrational and based in an alternate reality. That claim is very much true. Google/Youtube is all the proof you need.

* Only next gen system for an entire year
* People already sold their previous gen games and console
* You already had an existing library of launch titles
* People thought that they just might have bought a bad one out of the bunch "not knowing how widespread it was" so they just bought another one

Edit: I was wrong Microsoft didn't cover RROD under warranty until July 5th, 2007. A year and a half after it launched

* As gamers we just swallow the pill and buy another console. THe same as what happend with the Sony ps2 fiasco. Faulty power cords.

BitbyDeath1984d ago

People can argue either way but nextgen will be the true teller as MS shouldn't have such hardware problems again and they will release much closer to one another.

Dms20121984d ago Show
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JadedXGamer1984d ago

Not a chance. Technically speaking with the Wii U out the new console 'war' has started and last gen finished with Nintendo 1st, Microsoft 2nd and Sony 3rd. I think Sony are concentrating on how not to go out of business and become profitable again so they don't become bankrupt. Not on some silly fanboy bragging rights nonsense.

The Meerkat1984d ago

Seeing as this gen only started when Sony said so it would seem fair to say that it will only end once Sony says so. /s

I agree with you. N1 M2 S3

IRetrouk1984d ago

I wasnt aware that the wii 360 and ps3 stopped selling.

Lvl_up_gamer1984d ago

They didn't.

But this gen (last gen) ended when the new gen (this gen) started with the release of the Wii U.

So as per gen. The Wii, 360 and PS3 gen has ended with the release of the next gen console being the Wii U. As far as who won what gen, this gen (last gen) was won by Nintendo, then MS, then Sony.

The consoles will keep selling but the gen is over.

pandaboy1984d ago


you don't seriously believe that do you? what if xbox 360 went on to sell 120million and the wii levels off at 100million? it would be ludicrous to suggest that the wii 'won' this gen then.


actually sony always cared about making profit and not fanboy bragging rights... i mean seriously...

rainslacker1984d ago


Console generations don't typically end, they just transition into another. They can however start, which is the case I guess with the Wii U for Nintendo.

However there is no real consensus on when a gen starts/ends, and it shouldn't be something considered across the board, but on a per console basis. For instance, Xbox gen ended when MS brought out the 360. PS2 gen has not ended because they are still being sold and some games are still being developed for it. The last gen hasn't ended with Nintendo either, as they are still selling the Wii, and will probably continue to do so for the next couple years at least.

A generation should be considered when the games coming out reflect what it is we'll be playing for the next 5-7 years. And so far the Wii U isn't representative of that. It will be the same for the first couple of years when the PS4/720 release as well. That gap in game changers will become greater as tech advances in consoles aren't as big as previous generations. In previous generations there was a significant difference in games even in the early life cycle, but that just won't be the case next time.

Jigga691984d ago

Like the comment said above you are aware that PS3 is still selling? It's only over when they are not platform anymore.

Riderz13371984d ago

Actually next gen hasn't started. Nintendo just finally decided to catch up to the PS3/Xbox 360. Sorry I had to say it lol =P.

Muerte24941984d ago

start until we start receiving next gen (Games). Seeing as how GTA5 isn't going to be on the (wii U) means that this generation will continue until the other big two launched. Don't forget Nintendo just launched Wii mini after Wii U. So even the Big "N" thinks this console is still going otherwise they would have release another Wii.

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GamerSciz1984d ago

Wow what a troll article. I thought we were past the whole sales means everything ordeal. For those who don't care to read the article it basically states that PS3 is behind 360 in total sales according to VGchartz and exclusives mean nothing since all the PS3 exclusives this year bombed...

Quantity is not greater then quality. However this is the problem today which is why we see games like Assasins Creed 3 be released before its ready (i.e. its full of glitches). The dev just wants to get the game out while the hype is high so it sells.

Anon19741984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

What's funny is how easy it is to disprove VGChartz's guesstimates. Sony announced the PS3 hit 70 million at the start of November. 6 weeks later during the busiest shopping weeks of the year worldwide and VGChartz claims the PS3 only sold an extra 300k? Sony announced the PS3 sold 525k during black friday in the US alone. VGChartz overtracked the PS3 and 360 all year long (and not by a small amount) and still their PS3 figures are completely out of whack.

And then they start going off about how surprisingly well the 360 did, but the PS3 sucked? The last official numbers we saw had the 360 down almost 40% year over year for the first 3/4 of 2012. That's surprisingly well? In what fairly tale land is that "doing surprisingly well" while the console that sells the most and showed resiliency in the face of slowing sales is the one we need to be worried about.

Strike One: Using VGChartz. No one with any knowledge of the industry would touch this fan-run site's numbers with a ten foot poll. It doesn't matter what console they seem to favor at the moment.

Strike Two: Making logic defying statements like considering a 40% drop in sales year over year is doing "surprisingly well"

Strike Three: Having the most annoying ads ever. Not one, but two video ads scream at you the second you jump onto this joke of a site. And don't bother pausing them, because in a minute they'll both just start playing again. Whoever designed this site needs an open handed slap across the ear. That's unforgivable. Do not visit this site. Do not give them your hits.

In fact, make sure you vote them down using the link below the "read full story" Garbage sites like this that can't be bothered to get accurate data for their articles while ads scream at you - I have no patience for this nonsense. Is there an opposite of a bookmark so you can never accidentally view a site ever again?

ThatsGaming1984d ago

Your comment about VGC Sony hardware sales... Sony reports sales as consoles shipped to distribution channels, not sold to customers. So their 70 mill is not consoles sold at retail, it is consoles shipped to retail. Sony stuffs the retail channels big time before Xmas. I went to a best buy yesterday, and there was a 3/4 pallet of 360's, one full pallet of Wii's and Wii U's together, and three full pallets of PS3's. I went to Wal-mart... No Wii U's, 1 360, and completely full shelves of PS3's.

Strike One: The console #'s on VGC are pretty accurate. The software sales they have are wild-ass-guesses and where they are always wrong.

Strike Two: Considering the lack of exclusives and the age of the 360 with no new innovations really in 2012, a 40% drop is a surprising performance.

Strike Three: I agree the ads on VGC are annoying. In fact the site is brutal and unusable as well unless you use a non-Microsoft browser.

Muerte24941984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I don't know if your a VGChartz troll but even Aaron Greenberg laughed @ VGChartz.
Now why would he mock them even when they overtrack his console. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all sale to retailer. It's then the job of the retailer to move them out of the stores. If the company sends out an order for resupply then the company know it's "sell through" matches it's "sell in". VGChartz is indeed ran by an "ex neogaffer" who was banned for posting false "official numbers" ahead of NPD and Media Create. I also doubt that this mediocre site manage to do something that even analyst firms in EU can't manage, and that is to track all the hardware/software sales in different regions in EU. These numbers are just predictions and that's all they are.

rainslacker1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

How to block websites 7/how_to_block_websites.html


All companies report shipped to numbers. They report these numbers for investors, and that's the only number that matters to them. Also Sony (or any other company) doesn't just ship out these units on a whim, they ship them out based on orders that those particular companies make, and those companies order what they think they can sell. It's a weak argument, and any difference in numbers even if it were important would be negligible in the overall big picture.

torchic1984d ago

I still think think the numbers are wrong.

PS3 and 360 were basically level, with the 360 outselling the PS3 by only a few hundreds of thousands in the US during Black Friday week (and the week after).
while this was happening PS3 was outselling 360 everywhere else, so I think these websites should wait for end of February reports, they're in for a surprise.

VGchartz was out by 2 million when Sony announced they hit 70 million, so all these figures are pretty much useless.

Ezz20131984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

shhhh.. Vgchartes numbers are what you should trust
sony and MS are the one with the wrong numbers /s

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