$10 Off Three of the Year’s Biggest PS3 Games at Amazon

PSLS: We’re just one week away from Christmas Day. Rather than dealing with traffic, mall parking, and scrambling around said mall looking for the perfect gift, why not pick up one of the year’s top games – three of which happen to be available on for $10 off their regular price.

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Obnoxious_Informer1954d ago

Far Cry 3 on the cheap-ish is a welcome discount.

Lovable1954d ago

Far Cry 3 is no doubt the best game this year for me. The game is just phenomenal. I already clocked in 20 hours of gameplay and I just activated the third tower. Stealth WORKS so well and the kill animation never gets old.

Y_51501954d ago

Why the disagrees? Is there something wrong with the game because I will be getting it soon.

shammgod1954d ago

No. It's a fantastic game. You will be doing yourself a favor if you get it.

shammgod1954d ago

I am about 25 hours in and was on a northern Island and saw an enormous manta ray swimming around. Of course I gunned it down, but I didn't even know those were in the game

Lovable1953d ago

I did the same thing hoping I could skin it for something but was disappointed