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320GB PS3 PS+ Bundle is Amazon’s Deal of the Day

PSLS: Looking for that last minute gift? Give the gift of gaming with today’s Amazon.com deal of the day, which just so happens to be a 320GB PS3 PlayStation Plus “Instant Game Collection” Bundle featuring a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus providing access to a wealth of free downloadable games, all for $249.99. (Amazon.com, PS3)

Obnoxious_Informer  +   1071d ago
Such a great deal for those getting a PS3 for the first time.
strigoi814  +   1071d ago
ps+ is definitely a big factor on that bundle. So dont let this deal pass
-GametimeUK-  +   1071d ago
Amazing deal. I would easily recommend PS+ to ANY new PS owner (heck to any PS owner, but new games every month for your new console for the price of 1 game is too good to pass on).
kma2k  +   1071d ago
I got amazon's blackfriday ps3 deal with the super slim for $200 i sold my fat ps3 on ebay for $170 & the 4 games that came with the blackfriday deal for $40 i ended up making a profit & got a brand new ps3 merry christmas to me :)
Giru017  +   1071d ago
Wow, this is one awesome deal.
rapidturtle  +   1071d ago
That's the gift that keeps on giving.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1071d ago
I guess it was meant to be. My wife has been wanting to play LBP2 again lately, but I'd sold our PS3...for the 2nd time...because she wasn't using it. She always got frustrated waiting for the firmware and game updates, when she didn't have much time to play (she was in Pharmacy school the last 4 years). But she's working as a pharmacist now, and we have a bit more $$...and I just won a $50 Amazon GC right here on N4G, and got it in my e-mail the same day this deal pops up. So yeah, it has to be a sign that this is the time to buy our 3rd...and last...PS3. Just ordered it for $214.00 w/tax, which is a great deal for a 320G by itself. I guess I can finally play UC3, and will get to play TLOU next year as well. :D
kma2k  +   1071d ago
well one big plus is with the ps+ membership the updates can be set to go automatically so you wont ever have that problem of waiting again :)

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