320GB PS3 PS+ Bundle is Amazon’s Deal of the Day

PSLS: Looking for that last minute gift? Give the gift of gaming with today’s deal of the day, which just so happens to be a 320GB PS3 PlayStation Plus “Instant Game Collection” Bundle featuring a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus providing access to a wealth of free downloadable games, all for $249.99.

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Obnoxious_Informer1920d ago

Such a great deal for those getting a PS3 for the first time.

strigoi8141920d ago

ps+ is definitely a big factor on that bundle. So dont let this deal pass

-GametimeUK-1920d ago

Amazing deal. I would easily recommend PS+ to ANY new PS owner (heck to any PS owner, but new games every month for your new console for the price of 1 game is too good to pass on).

kma2k1920d ago

I got amazon's blackfriday ps3 deal with the super slim for $200 i sold my fat ps3 on ebay for $170 & the 4 games that came with the blackfriday deal for $40 i ended up making a profit & got a brand new ps3 merry christmas to me :)

Giru0171920d ago

Wow, this is one awesome deal.

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