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Submitted by Nova_Crystallis 1148d ago | news

First look: Lightning’s new default design for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The first scan of Lightning's new look plus new screen shots for Lightning Returns. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

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LightofDarkness  +   1148d ago
That looks absolutely ridiculous. More than 20 outfits? Hopping along telephone poles?

They should change this to "Lightning Dress-up: Also, Spiderman!"
Blacklash93  +   1148d ago
I gotta say I'm liking that there will be actual customization here.

Not sure what to think about with the new and radically different gameplay, but it'd be hard-pressed to be worse than the combat system of the previous two.
torchic  +   1148d ago
"combat system" of Final Fantasy XIII was really good, primarily when fighting difficult opponents which were lacking in the main story. so I understand why people say it sucks but truth be told it doesn't.

when you peel off to complete Cie'th stone (side) missions where there are many more harder opponents the battle system makes the game super fun. you really get to understand why they chose to do certain things (like only controlling one character, paradigms, decision to make Summons ineffective, auto-battle, etc.).

Square Enix were just lazy/out of time and kind of half-arsed the gameplay, because you definitely see what they were trying to do and how deep the game couldve gone.

of course I'm assuming people didn't finish the game, like everyone seems to claim.
vanessaleblanc6   1148d ago | Spam
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1148d ago
Actually agree with you...


"she can move about the world freely"(This better mean not extremely linear)

Real time battles

Despite my hate for FF13&13-2, so far FF13-3 is sounding good to me. I'm still tired of this "Lightning Saga" though.
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grailly  +   1148d ago
ah remember when people were complaining that there weren't any unlockable costumes in games anymore? Those were the days.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1148d ago
I don't like her new look for some reason. :/
SageHonor  +   1148d ago
What's wrong with having that many outfits? It's better than having this shit cut from the game and sold to us via dlc costume packs.

Godmars290  +   1148d ago
Isn't this game suppose to be shorter than FF13?

They're also not saying that some of these costumes wont be DLC. Paid or otherwise.
AdmiralSnake  +   1148d ago
Your complaining about a feature they didnt have to put in the game ?

Gawd some of you people are so whiny....that's the least of ALl things to rant about.
LightofDarkness  +   1148d ago
It's not about that. It's lovely that they put such things into games. However, it's the fact that they're making a big deal of it, that it's a selling point even; that's what makes it a matter of concern.

They're using the FF name on a product that clearly has little to do with FF, barring a titular character. Extra costumes are nice, but they've never been a selling point of a Final Fantasy game, or most games in general. They're usually so trivial a feature that they're just a neat little find for most players after they've beaten the game (like, say, in Resident Evil games of old). Neither has superhero-style terrain traversal. It basically says to me that this game is not for Final Fantasy fans, really. It's for people who really like Lightning in a very, very strange kind of way, and people who want Final Fantasy to be an action adventure.

It just screams "design by committee".
Godmars290  +   1148d ago
Its that what was done with FF13 that Square has to point out and emphase such things now to repair the self-inflicted damage to their reputation.

It doesn't help that they're don't understand they're still damaging the brand by making one Final Fantasy adventure/world on going to exploit assets and limited creativity is besides the point.

If they're *JUST* costumes, which give no special abilities or bonuses, I think there are grounds for complaint. More so if some are paid DLC.

I mean anyone who buys purely cosmetic DLC doesn't have a right to complain, but that such might exist should not be something companies should be allowed to get away with. Even if people are stupid enough to buy it.
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Blankman85  +   1148d ago
You bit*es will moan about everything. I mean for crying out loud, complaining about 20 outfit options?? Get bent.
Ranma1  +   1148d ago
I hope this game is good.

I would rather they didnt make this game.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1148d ago
So are they trying to make this an action rpg now?
IAmLee  +   1147d ago
I think they should rename FF XIII to :WHY DON'T YOU GUYS LIKE LIGHTNING YET!!
SnotyTheRocket  +   1147d ago
Three FFXIII games, still no FF Versus XIII.....
r21  +   1148d ago
Her design reminds me of Aqua from the KH series. I guess that's a good thing and hopefully it wont be the only good part to say of the game.
Kalowest  +   1148d ago
That's what I was thinking of, a Kingdom Hearts outfit.
Crystallis  +   1148d ago
That exactly the first thing I thought as well. she looks bada** in that outfit.
Sevir  +   1148d ago
Tetsuya Nomura is the lead artist for this game so
Yes, The resemblance is striking!
crxss  +   1148d ago
cool, i saw it, can i have some versus xiii news now SE??
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Lucreto  +   1148d ago
Rumour is a special show next month.

I hope for a late 2013 release. Versus XIII in 2013. I hope that is the plan.
Hanso  +   1148d ago
"Rumour is a special show next month. "

I hope its true..
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1148d ago
For me Personally releasing VersusXIII and Lightning Returns in 2013 would be a good year of Final Fantasy for me.

Lighting returns: sometime in summer(maybe)
VErsusXIII: sometime in late fall/winter(Maybe)

Thats just me being hopeful tho. Even putting VersusXIII as a 2013 release is a BIG stretch.
Treian  +   1148d ago
Like the rumor that is was going to be at TGS last year. Lol. The game is vaporware.
NautilusXIII  +   1148d ago
lol, it was revealed sooner than i expected. but it looks fine to me.
Lucreto  +   1148d ago
I am interested in hearing more about this title before I cast judgment on it.

I hope they release an english trailer later in the week along with the Japanese out.

I liked XIII but it is no stand out FF tilte. I like XIII-2 more but I am a sucker for time travel games.
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Yangus  +   1148d ago
This looks badass.

I hope more cool outfit LRXIII. Maybe its good Final Fantasy episode.
prototypeknuckles  +   1148d ago
its a badass outfit but for some reason it doesnt look right on lightning to me its clashing with the pink hair, but nontheless it looks like a badass metal outfit.
-GametimeUK-  +   1148d ago
Lightning is awesome. Final Fantasy 13 has some amazing art work and the universe is just so beautifully done. Its a shame that my praise for the game ends there.

I won't play this installment even if it is good since I am so alienated from the 13 series at this point.
Hanso  +   1148d ago
i didnt really liked 13
13-2 was ways better but still needed some work
i am sure ill get 13-3 but not on release day..
i am getting it for 30€ max
R6ex  +   1148d ago

Zero femininity.
Zerotino  +   1148d ago

You don't know much about lightning do you?
AIndoria  +   1148d ago
I love Lightning but they're milking it out lol. This is absurd. XIII is a good game(Personal opinion, bugger off), but They're milking too much of the XIII-sub-series. Put it to rest and move to Versus, for christ's sake!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1148d ago
Well from the looks of it this will be the last of lightning's saga.Square is not gonna put this on the back burner so the sooner Lightning Returns gets out the better. Once the game is finished most of Squares time should go to Versus.
AIndoria  +   1148d ago
They'll just make Noel an "Iconic" character and produce FFXIII:Tale of Noel again.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1147d ago
FF13 is the worst game in the whole franchise!
AIndoria  +   1146d ago
Opinions mate, opinions :P
Analcarnage  +   1148d ago
Looks ok
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wishingW3L  +   1148d ago
she looks like female Sephiroth but with uglier style. =/
Tzuno  +   1148d ago
well if those clothes have attributes then bring them on.
-Gespenst-  +   1148d ago
That shield is awesome.

And stealth and what seems like parkour? Jeez this really is going to be completely different.

Wish we could see those screens a bit better.
NirvanaInChains  +   1148d ago
proof they cant make jrpgs no more
NirvanaInChains  +   1148d ago
Wow also that costume is a seporith rip off straight up.
Qrphe  +   1148d ago
>company copying their own designs

O lawd
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Lionalliance  +   1148d ago
Still needs more Versus.
j-blaze  +   1148d ago
she looks great!
Hanso  +   1147d ago
yes like straight out of a hardcore porn movie lmao
leahcim  +   1148d ago
20 Outfits!!?

that sounds like a FF X-2

And that´s a really good thing man...
zerocrossing  +   1148d ago
I never really like Lightning, Squenix tried to pull off a "female Cloud" but forget why everyone actually likes "Cloud", because he has a great character ark and ends up not being a total ass.
josephayal  +   1148d ago
WOAA PRETTY NICE, Looks better than Final Fantasy 13 VS
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1148d ago
Yeah. I think I preferred her look from FF13-2.
Williamson  +   1148d ago
I think I'm turned on.....
AsheXII  +   1148d ago
So she is by any chance the armored girl that shows in the end of the Versus XIII trailer? Looks like it.
Root  +   1148d ago
You have to admit she DOES look a lot like her, I've just watched it again, and on 5.47


It kind of does ressemble the new design, the cream robes on her pants, the redish sword, the gloves, the cape. However the hair is blode so it's probably is Stella but then again this is an old build anything could of happened.

I mean if it is Stella then despite them obviously going to both fall in love with each other they would be on differnt sides.

You've actually worred me now, if Lightning was in Versus then thats it...I'm done and I wouldn't buy it. Forcing this b**** into all these recent FF games is a p*** take but FF Versus, no way, that would be the last straw.

Unless they are just using stuff which didn't make it into FF Versus, I mean this is a stretch to think about but what if the reason Versus is being delayed so much is because they are taking stuff from Versus to put in Lightning games so they can get them out quicker.
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Blackcanary  +   1148d ago
I'm slowly starting to think that the main reason why is cause Some how the time lines fit together and Lighting will end up in Versus 13 you have to ask why they called it that in the first place. And after watching the trailer again that woman really does look like the new version of Lighting we've just seen.
Root  +   1148d ago
"Some how the time lines fit together and Lighting will end up in Versus 13 you have to ask why they called it that in the first place"

The thing is though they never planned this far ahead so I highly doubt it was their original plan, theres no way they would of known Lightning would leave her world. If she's replaced Stella I will be so ticked off

Besides rumors coming out for Versus over the years suggests they want to seperate it from FF13. Having Lightning in it would just spoil it
-Gespenst-  +   1147d ago
I'd love if SE managed to cross XIII with Versus. There's potential there for some pretty clever and amazing storytelling. I doubt they'll do it though...

Maybe the similar looking armor is intentional for other reasons. Perhaps has something to do with the mythos, as in the girl in the Versus trailer has the armor for similar reasons to Lightning.

Sadly though I think it's just coincidence. Even though SE said that XIII, Versus and Type-0 all take place in the same universe (sort of like Ivalice), but I'm pretty sure they also said that they won't cross over.
Blackcanary  +   1147d ago
Yea i see what you are saying that would be create amazing if they did find away to pull it of i'm not a fan of lighting but it would be interesting seeing how it happens.
Tei777  +   1148d ago
People are letting their hate for FFXIII/-2 get in the way of the fact that this game sounds incredible. Cannot wait to see the trailer on saturday. I too disliked the previous 2 games but this title actually sounds unique and ambitious, something which they probably couldn't do in the mainline numbered titles.
Root  +   1148d ago
No...people arn't letting their hate get in the way, people are learning from their mistakes

FF13 was bad
FF13-2 was bad
FF13-3 will be bad

"which they probably couldn't do in the mainline numbered titles."

Your making it sound like this is a brand new IP, it's basicaly FF13-3 they just didn't call it that because they wanted to sell more copies to people like you would would be suckered into thinking that it's this brand new experience with loads of new features when really it's not, it's just another quickly, same old game to make some money.

"actually sounds unique and ambitious"

Point proven
Tei777  +   1143d ago
but it all depends on why you thought each "game" was "bad". This title appears to be addressing a lot of my problems. My believe thats this game sounds ambitious/unique isn't based off the title lol, its based off the mechanics explained through the developer conference. Its like a mix of zelda and an open JRPG.

Even the premise excites me, remove FF from the title and this be on my most anticipated list. I do know they are trying to make as much money back the engine/assets they created but that doesn't negate the possibility that they could also create a good game. Also I know they are capable developers so the fact that they've had a few mis-steps doesn't deplete all faith.

Having actually seen the trailer, it still looks quite poorly executed (poor framerate, barron cities, so-so script), buts its early days and concept of this being one of the few big budget (relative to most japanese titles) RPG/Adventure games in recent years means I'll probably enjoy more then most of the games which score 9/10, even if it lacks the same polish as them.
Tyrant13  +   1148d ago
Looks badass!

I'm looking forward to this game, the fact that it says it ends in 13 days doesn't bother me like it bothers some other from what I've red one other comments. I'm sure after you finish the game theres free roam mode and extra missions
dsfwedfher   1148d ago | Spam
LoLZoRz  +   1148d ago
disgustingly overdesigned.
rataranian  +   1148d ago
I can only imagine how much dlc they plan on raping people for this one. And they will pay it. Just like they will buy the game. ...I'm really considering just retiring from this gen gaming and just going retro.
Omnislash  +   1147d ago
Oh my God that looks like sh*t! I thought her FFX-2 costume was great I even bought a figure but this looks ridiculous! Terrible design! Just terrible!
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