First look: Lightning’s new default design for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The first scan of Lightning's new look plus new screen shots for Lightning Returns.

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LightofDarkness1802d ago

That looks absolutely ridiculous. More than 20 outfits? Hopping along telephone poles?

They should change this to "Lightning Dress-up: Also, Spiderman!"

Blacklash931802d ago

I gotta say I'm liking that there will be actual customization here.

Not sure what to think about with the new and radically different gameplay, but it'd be hard-pressed to be worse than the combat system of the previous two.

torchic1802d ago

"combat system" of Final Fantasy XIII was really good, primarily when fighting difficult opponents which were lacking in the main story. so I understand why people say it sucks but truth be told it doesn't.

when you peel off to complete Cie'th stone (side) missions where there are many more harder opponents the battle system makes the game super fun. you really get to understand why they chose to do certain things (like only controlling one character, paradigms, decision to make Summons ineffective, auto-battle, etc.).

Square Enix were just lazy/out of time and kind of half-arsed the gameplay, because you definitely see what they were trying to do and how deep the game couldve gone.

of course I'm assuming people didn't finish the game, like everyone seems to claim.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Actually agree with you...


"she can move about the world freely"(This better mean not extremely linear)

Real time battles

Despite my hate for FF13&13-2, so far FF13-3 is sounding good to me. I'm still tired of this "Lightning Saga" though.

grailly1802d ago

ah remember when people were complaining that there weren't any unlockable costumes in games anymore? Those were the days.

Awesome_Gamer1802d ago

I don't like her new look for some reason. :/

SageHonor1802d ago

What's wrong with having that many outfits? It's better than having this shit cut from the game and sold to us via dlc costume packs.


Godmars2901802d ago

Isn't this game suppose to be shorter than FF13?

They're also not saying that some of these costumes wont be DLC. Paid or otherwise.

AdmiralSnake1802d ago

Your complaining about a feature they didnt have to put in the game ?

Gawd some of you people are so whiny....that's the least of ALl things to rant about.

LightofDarkness1802d ago

It's not about that. It's lovely that they put such things into games. However, it's the fact that they're making a big deal of it, that it's a selling point even; that's what makes it a matter of concern.

They're using the FF name on a product that clearly has little to do with FF, barring a titular character. Extra costumes are nice, but they've never been a selling point of a Final Fantasy game, or most games in general. They're usually so trivial a feature that they're just a neat little find for most players after they've beaten the game (like, say, in Resident Evil games of old). Neither has superhero-style terrain traversal. It basically says to me that this game is not for Final Fantasy fans, really. It's for people who really like Lightning in a very, very strange kind of way, and people who want Final Fantasy to be an action adventure.

It just screams "design by committee".

Godmars2901802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Its that what was done with FF13 that Square has to point out and emphase such things now to repair the self-inflicted damage to their reputation.

It doesn't help that they're don't understand they're still damaging the brand by making one Final Fantasy adventure/world on going to exploit assets and limited creativity is besides the point.

If they're *JUST* costumes, which give no special abilities or bonuses, I think there are grounds for complaint. More so if some are paid DLC.

I mean anyone who buys purely cosmetic DLC doesn't have a right to complain, but that such might exist should not be something companies should be allowed to get away with. Even if people are stupid enough to buy it.

Blankman851802d ago

You bit*es will moan about everything. I mean for crying out loud, complaining about 20 outfit options?? Get bent.

Ranma11802d ago

I hope this game is good.

I would rather they didnt make this game.

Simon_Brezhnev1802d ago

So are they trying to make this an action rpg now?

IAmLee1801d ago

I think they should rename FF XIII to :WHY DON'T YOU GUYS LIKE LIGHTNING YET!!

SnotyTheRocket1801d ago

Three FFXIII games, still no FF Versus XIII.....

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r211802d ago

Her design reminds me of Aqua from the KH series. I guess that's a good thing and hopefully it wont be the only good part to say of the game.

Kalowest1802d ago

That's what I was thinking of, a Kingdom Hearts outfit.

Crystallis1802d ago

That exactly the first thing I thought as well. she looks bada** in that outfit.

Sevir1802d ago

Yes, The resemblance is striking!

crxss1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

cool, i saw it, can i have some versus xiii news now SE??

Lucreto1802d ago

Rumour is a special show next month.

I hope for a late 2013 release. Versus XIII in 2013. I hope that is the plan.

Hanso1802d ago

"Rumour is a special show next month. "

I hope its true..

DEATHxTHExKIDx1802d ago

For me Personally releasing VersusXIII and Lightning Returns in 2013 would be a good year of Final Fantasy for me.

Lighting returns: sometime in summer(maybe)
VErsusXIII: sometime in late fall/winter(Maybe)

Thats just me being hopeful tho. Even putting VersusXIII as a 2013 release is a BIG stretch.

Treian1802d ago

Like the rumor that is was going to be at TGS last year. Lol. The game is vaporware.

NautilusXIII1802d ago

lol, it was revealed sooner than i expected. but it looks fine to me.

Lucreto1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I am interested in hearing more about this title before I cast judgment on it.

I hope they release an english trailer later in the week along with the Japanese out.

I liked XIII but it is no stand out FF tilte. I like XIII-2 more but I am a sucker for time travel games.