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Metroid Prime: Why You Should Play

A new fortnightly web series from inMotionGaming writer and video producer David Ryatta; looking exploring games from all generations. Being more focused on educating and being positive then reviewing.

The first episode looks at the Gamecube game Metroid Prime. ( Metroid Prime, Culture, Dev, GameCube, Nintendo, Retro, Retro Studios, Samus Aran, Wii)

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Gr81  +   983d ago
It's a masterpiece. I love retrostudios
-GametimeUK-  +   983d ago
Agreed 100%.
Venox2008  +   982d ago
more people should play MP trilogy and other metroid games, did I say should??? I mean must!!! :)
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Picnic  +   983d ago
You should play it because it's basically a game like Banjo Kazooie (which is brilliant), only set in space and in first person where you're shooting (apart from morph ball sections). Both have got a lot of platforming and complex level design, a hub world, worlds that lead off it that you can only access at certain times in your progress, your character can attain improved abilities and you have boss battles. With the first game at least, you don't massively have to be a sci-fi fan at all to like it and I don't think that has been stated enough. There's a fair amount of detail , atmospheric music and scary situations. And the control system can make it appeal to anyone. It's a deep game but it almost has a nice arcade feel too sometimes when you're homed in and firing at a beetle's backside through your visor.
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Kingofwiiu  +   983d ago
It's still one of the best looking games ever made imo aswell. I fired up the gamecube recently and I would rather spend my time in Tallon IV than the majority of Ps3 and 360 worlds..
Kingofwiiu  +   983d ago
It's the best trilogy ever made in Gaming. Makes Uncharted trilogy look like turd :) .

Makes everygame look like turd lol. Metroid Prime 4TW
Kennytaur  +   983d ago
Oh you.
Venox2008  +   982d ago
we need new Metroids for 3DS/Wii U
PhantomTommy  +   983d ago
How did we go from this masterpiece to the s**t we're playing today? What happened?
linkenski  +   983d ago
I loved how 1st person shooters back then were each different experiences, where as of today, all shooters are trying to copy one another.

I bought this game preplayed ealier this year, and even though i knew it was an old game it was such an amazing experience. I still have Echoes on my shelf, but i haven't played it yet.

In the holidays i'm gonna either play that or Dragon Age Origins.

Which one people?
TM333  +   982d ago
If you were trying to decide between the 1st Metroid Prime and DAO, I'd say go with Prime in a heartbeat. The first one is still my favorite. Echoes is good, but my least fave of the 3. There's just nothing like the music when you 1st arrive in Phendrana Drifts on that 1st game. MASTERPIECE!!
Picnic  +   982d ago
Or the Crashed Frigate. It's like Red Dwarf - 'Everyone's dead Dave'. It's not particularly enjoyable to make platform leaps underwater but it's the most haunting part of the game for me.
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Ryatta  +   981d ago
I'm glad everyone liked the video, The series also looks at films so subscribe if you wan't to know about those as they obviously end up here :)

also @Picnic's comment:
I'm now never going to take that part of the game seriously again as i'll just be thinking of Holly saying "There all dead Dave over and over again"!!
(don't know why i can't reply directly to that comment)

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