Black Ops 2 dev pleads: 'Go easy on Christmas Noobs'

Treyarch asks players to spread the Xmas cheer online

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HarryMasonHerpderp2012d ago

I saw this message on the PS3 about going easy on the christmas noobs lol thought it was quite funny.

Dee_912012d ago

hey noobs
laser sight
hip fire
there,we are all even now
They should tell the noobs to go easy on the rage quiting when they experience the lag and crappy hitmarker.

csreynolds2012d ago

Eff that - the game's uber noob-friendly already...

csreynolds2012d ago

*anticipates flood of disagrees from angry 'pro' players*

JeffGUNZ2012d ago

I think you take video games a little bit too serious. Kudos on commenting on your own comment and did you really use the word, "uber"?

csreynolds2011d ago

I think, JeffGUNZ, you know nothing about me. Thanks for the Kudos; I'm uber grateful...

Now, be a good troll and make me a sandwich.

TopDudeMan2012d ago

Aw, I'm avoiding the zombies mode around christmas. That's a recipe for self-inflicted head-injury.

The Meerkat2012d ago

Go easy how?
By letting them shoot ME?
By putting the controller down when I'm one kill away from victory?
By having a hit from my bong after every kill? <---THIS

AllroundGamer2012d ago

there are no noobs in this game, since it heavily depends on luck and lag compensation, no skill needed, just spray and pray :/

BX812012d ago

Not to mention sights that paint a red diamond around your target or sights that let you see through walls.

JeffGUNZ2012d ago

Rarely do I ever get killed by someone using either of those attachments. They are awful and probably the most useless attachments in the game.

ginsunuva2012d ago

And those sights move themselves 40 degrees to help you stay on target so god forbid you don't have to move the right stick and press right trigger at the same time!

SAE2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

exactly , one match you are the first then the next one you are the last one xD , everything in the mp sucks to me :/

the only good thing in that game is the zombie mode , i didn't even started the campaign this time , im not in the mood to play it at all ...

CaptCalvin2012d ago

I actually thought the campaign's pretty well done, and I generally hate this generation of FPS campaigns. You need to give it a try. I'd say they put more effort into that than the MP.

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The story is too old to be commented.