Why I’m a Little Worried About the PS4 and Xbox 720

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

If all the internet rumors are to be believed, the PS4 and Xbox 720 are right around the corner. Major E3 unveilings could be coming in a little over half a year’s time for Microsoft and Sony. The industry needs new consoles, and I am really excited to get my hands on the PS4 and Xbox 720. However, there are a few concerns I have about these systems. Cost of Development, and Japanese game support to name a few.

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decrypt1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"However, there are a few concerns I have about these systems. Cost of Development, and Japanese game support to name a few."

Cost of development is a myth, the sad reality is millions of USD these days are spent marketing a game. Marketing budgets are infact double or quadrupole the cost of making the game specially in todays AAA releases. Take a game like COD, it costs Activision about 50million usd to make the game (i dont see how though since its just a copy and paste job), Marketing the same game costs them 200million usd.

Its the gamers in the end who have to pay.

Crysis 1 from 2007 is still one of the best looking games out there, from a technical perspective nothing on console can touch it even today. Guess how much it cost to develop a game with Crysis level graphics? It cost 20million usd.

Games like Witcher 2, Metro 2033 are about the best looking games in recent years, even they didnt cost more than 20 million usd to produce.

My belief is developers cry costs, so they can increase prices of games, when really they need to find a way to better manage how they market games.


"The HD era raised development costs to unseen levels back in 2005 with the Xbox 360."

Please this is about the most retarded thing i have heard. HD is simply a term given to graphics being rendered at 1280*720. Just because a game is going to run in a particular res doesnt increase its development costs. Us PC gamers have been seeing games run way beyond 1280*720 way before the HD term was created. Personally i been playing at resolutions close to this back in the late 90's. Hence games going HD for consoles is just an excuse for developers to raise prices, its not like consoles introduced games running at these resolutions, its been done long before console Makers / developers are only looking for way to milk the console crowd be it with:

charging to go online,
DLCS (no mods),
over priced accessories

Imo they only need an excuse to some how raise prices.

1951d ago
Anon19741951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Do you have any idea how hard it is for developers to raise 20 million to invest in game development? Or 10 million? Or even one million? You have a company and a team that wants to make a game, you need investment and videogames are risky, risky ventures. If you don't have some sort of startup capital, the chances of getting a loan for the $15-30 million plus it takes to develop a game, when 80% of games released will never break one million in sales, are pretty slim.

The average game back in the PS2 days cost on average between 3-5 million. Today's average costs are between 15-30 million per title and that doesn't include company overhead costs. Why do you think so many developers have switched to making either mobile games or downloadable titles? One misfire and you've bankrupted your studio.

I don't know how you can claim rising development costs are a myth when games used to cost 3-5 million to make, and you even note a game like COD cost $50 million to develop, not counting marketing. Doesn't that just prove right there what a dramatic increase that is over game development costs just a decade ago? You act like $20 million is a pittance. "Crysis ONLY cost $20 million" Are you kidding? That's a huge amount of money, and further proof that development costs have increased dramatically.

And yet no one is raising prices as you claim. You adjust for inflation and games and accessories aren't costing any more than they were 10 years ago despite the fact development costs have in most cases quadrupled. And charging to go online, that's not the developers doing that, that's MS and they started doing that last gen. DLC's are just expansion packs, and aren't some insidious cash grab as you make it out to be. Your argument just doesn't back up your claim.

If you disagree, I'd really be interested in your counter point. I'm a mobile developer myself, and I can tell you first hand, it's damn near impossible to get funding for projects and games even mobile titles aren't cheap to make. Not like back in the day.

baodeus1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

These N4g developers have yet to develop a single game so what do they know. look at KOA, the developers closed down because they only sell 1.5 million units. Some other developers sold about 3 million to only break even. I don't think they have any clue about the economy if at all. Look at all the JRPG and why they switch to Wii and DS instead of HD consoles.

what we need is more efficient engines. That is why Unreal engine is widely used by many because it is easy to use and yield good result, which save a lot of time, and time = money. Long development time due to the development tools are inefficient will kill you (look at how Japanese developers are lacking behind and are trying to catch up lately with new engines)

3GenGames1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I've developed my own games and am going to be releasing a few games for the NES soon, I believe I have a little bit of better insight in to this than anybody here. I can say if you believe you need to throw that much money (1 Million-10 Million or more) at a first game, you don't have any idea what you're talking about either. The best thing you to do to make good games is to make highly polished, fun, possibly simpler, but good games. It's not that hard for the projected return if it succeeds. At least not if you go for PC or some other open console. If you go for a modern console/developers license, you'll have to have investors and a fail-proof game. Otherwise you shouldn't consider going there. The best way to get to make your own game is to learn the skills to make games and then start working on it. If it gets far in to development and can elevate to a more serious level, look for artists and other people to help and split whatever is made between everyone.

MikeMyers1951d ago

Development teams have grown. Do you know how many people were involved with Assassins Creed 3? Do you know how long it took Polyphony Digital to model cars for Gran Turismo 5? So yes, as technology advances the gamer expect finer details.

I too am worried about the progression of costs associated with making AAA games. This is why I think we will see less of them and even less new IP's because of the risks involved. The smaller scale games like Fez and Journey will become more popular, as well as episodic content like The Walking Dead.

nukeitall1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )


"And yet no one is raising prices as you claim. You adjust for inflation and games and accessories aren't costing any more than they were 10 years ago despite the fact development costs have in most cases quadrupled."

This last and current generation, games were raised $10 on console from $50 to $60. Furthermore, the market has dramatically increased in size, to the point where large game companies are worth anywhere from $5 billion to $13 billion.

Like always, they will be fine.

Smaller developers has more chance than ever with mobile games, and the fact that tools to make these games make it possible for one man to do the job of many in the past. It cost almost nothing to self-publish your game on console or on mobile devices.

In the past you couldn't even get a dev kit without paying the likes of Sony $10k.

So no, I don't feel bad for developers. Like anything, with rapid increase in market, and rapid decrease in cost of entereing there will be rapid increase in competition.

mi_titan271951d ago

it has everything to do with inflation, you cannot compare what it cost to develop a PS2 game vs. a PS3 game. 15yrs. ago gas cost 2.50, now its closer to $4, so that argument isnt valid

Ben_Grimm1950d ago

Darkride is actually right about this. That is why you see so many developers switching over to mobile. the costs for console development is monumental and is approaching damn near movie budgets.

The costs that MS/Sony put on devs to release for their system doesn't help either not to mention if you want your game front paged advertise on their marketplace you have to give up even more $$$. Also costs of patches add to the mess. So many factors in developing games nowadays. Its not as cut and dry as Decrypt says it is.

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bobacdigital1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Do you not realize that Hi def games dont just change the resolution to 720 or 1080 lol ... You have to find capable people to make higher quality textures and be able to understand the coding it takes to use new techniques in graphics development ... people need to build out engines to include features unless they are using something like unreal already.... If you are going to use DX11 or any kind of specific programming technique you need to have the STAFF to be able to do that...

Not all Devs have numerous amounts of talented people just sitting there waiting to make a 100 million dollar game lol..

Jazz41081951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

You do realize sony caused the main problem this gen by going with cell based games and a hard to program bottleneck system. There is no denying they have raised prices from making a game on multiplatforms. For example do you think its free all the extra time many devs like Bethesda have had to spend on the ps3.

Rip-Ridah1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Jazz, wth are you blabbing about? I had 360 games more than a year before Sony's console even HIT the market & I paid $59.99 plus tax just like I do now. That has to be one of the most trolltastic comments that I have seen in quite awhile. SMH. It's comments such as yours that keep this stupid fanboy/console war afloat. The crazy thing is, before I disagreed with you, 3 other genius' (/s) agreed with you. This is the present & future state of gaming journalism.

ratcop221951d ago

Don't kid yourslef. Crysis has been dethrowned by many console games.

Eyeco1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

ummm no it hasn't, I'm not even a PC gamer but that's an ignorant statement,

its arguably been dethroned by other PC games check out GTA 4 ICEnhancer, Metro 2033, Shogun 2, but nothing on consoles can even come close, and its not just graphics, it's performance most console games struggle with 30fps in basic HD, have a crappy field of view the list goes on.

tee_bag2421951d ago

@ Ratcop22 - such as...?

Rhythmattic1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )


"Dethroned" is a strong word to use....

If you mean Gameplay ? Yes, I agree.
Art direction ? Yes, I agree, and again, an opinion.

But, Technically, Graphically, Crysis is pretty much a technical reference for all games...
Of course It has its shortfalls, But you cannot ignore its a delivered concept to push a individuals hardware to its limits, and the results are outstanding.

IAMERROR1951d ago

O.O Not trying to be rude but whoever wrote the article should proofread, overall I thought it made some okay points though.

isyourhouseonfire1951d ago

Why bring up Crysis? It has been surpassed by a number of console games, easily. That was a really bad example. You of killed the legitimacy of your post with that.

Tyre1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

@isyourhouseonfire Apparently you haven't played Crysis 1 on the highest settings DirectX10 (without mods)...No Console game has surpassed it. Bringing up Crysis 1 is valid here. With mods it is way beyond anything this Gen (PC included). I'm Excited about the Next Gen...finally Crysis gets beaten on consoles...he he.

tee_bag2421951d ago

Again... I'll say - 'games such as ?'

WiigotU1951d ago

How many games must they sell to make a prophet?

ABizzel11951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I'm concerned about next gen all together. There's too many people sippin' the console Kool-aid, and somebody's going to get the power left at the bottom.

Nintendo, Sony, and MS being in the console race all has things on the verge of overcrowded.

Now Ouya, Steambox, Mobile getting a boost with actual developer support, and potential Apple box, and more means a lot of companies are going to lose a lot of money if they're making a serious investment in the gaming world.

Nintendo: I don't think the Wii-U is all it could have been or should have been. The console is already out so it's too late to tell them what they should do, but not to late to complain about what they did. Nintendo dropped the ball with the hardware and online. They knew what they had to do hardware-wise (beat the PS3), and they knew who they had to beat or at least match in online (XBL), and the failed on both accounts. There should have been no articles about the Wii-U having slower clock speeds that hurt development, nor all this other hardware mess, the Wii-U should have been the most powerful console out now HANDS DOWN. Instead its power is being questioned by developers and fans (not good). Secondly MS gave Nintendo a blueprint on how to do online, and in 2 years they didn't learn anything. Mii-verse is ok, but they should have simply made their version of XBL or PSN for that matter, and not leaving features such as game chat for developers to decide.

That being said, I'm still looking forward to the Wii-U and what it has to offer. This is Nintendo's first HD console, and while Nintendo may not be the best console developer they do excel best when it comes to games, and I'm looking forward to HD versions of Zelda, Mario, SSB, Metroid, and a few others. Most importantly I'm looking forward to new IP's (this is your chance Nintendo, don't fail your fans) and new takes on franchises (Pokemon MMO, this is your chance NIntendo don't fail your fans). I'll hold off judgement until the console gets a full year under it's belt, or at least until we see what E3 brings the Wii-U.

ABizzel11951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

PlayStation: I'm looking forward to Sony's offerings the most, because now they have the most to prove. The PS3 was my favorite console this gen, but it wasn't the world's favorite at least not sale-wise, and Sony has to prove they not only have the games and tech, but the appeal to claim that number 1 spot again.

Online: SEN (new PSN) looks great, and there are a lot of great ideas and sales that go on (especially if you're a PS+ subscriber) but they need to fix how slow the store loads, the constant updates (try to make them once a month at least), and add features that people have been asking for such as a Party feature, customizable OS (I want to sort PS3 retail and PSN games), and other features to make SEN as good or better than what the competition offers. While the XMB was solid, it's time to retire it or at least keep it in the background.

Hardware & Pricing: The PS3 was a great console thanks in part to the Cell and Blu Ray, but it also caused the system nightmares early on. If the rumors are true then going with AMD solves CPU problems (although an improved Cell could have worked), and better Blu Ray drives have been out for years. The biggest concern I have is regarding the overall specs. for the PS4. There are rumors it's going to be a PS3.5 and rumors stating it's pushing for high-end PC. Whatever the case do what you can to get a console out that doesn't exceed the $499 price point or else it'll be PS3 launch all over again unless you can show from Day 1 the PS4 blows away the competition.

Gaikai: This is your ace in the hole. If your console hardware can't run it put it on Gaikai. Gaikai will ensure the PS4 has a long lifecycle ahead of it, where your console can run the best of what PC has to offer and not rely on the hardware to do it. This service needs to be the Day 1, and the library of PS1, PS2, PSP, PSMinis, PSN, PSMobile, and PS3 games need to be acceptable Day 1, with more being continuously added to the service every month. Gaikai should also be a PS+ feature as I'm sure many of the perks for PS+ will find their way to the free SEN (PSN) such as timed updates etc...

Mass Appeal: Finally you need something that truly sets you apart from the competition, and IMO that's PS Home, or at least it could be. PS Home as it is now won't don anything for you, but with some effort and a serious overhaul PS Home can become the OS for the PS4 and a revolution for gaming. Picture this.

New EA Sports Complex: Games include: NBA Streets, NFL Streets, Fifa Streets, Ready to Rumble / Face Breaker style boxing game, along with the best of PS Move's Sports Champion all for free inside the EA Sports Complex. It gives gamers a reason to come and stay in PS Home, as well as tons of advertising for EA.

Arcade: All those old classics and many PS Mini's can be stored inside the Arcade room to play all for free, especially considering many of them are free to begin with.

And More: There's are a ton of things you could do with Home. Sony is known for experimenting with game ideas so test them out here. Make an MMORPG for our Home Avatars staring many of the PlayStation gaming icons, Gran Turismo Circuit (a quick tease of what GT6 has to offer and this can replace how betas work), Paintball FPS (the only way to get a FPS that's rated E), Get Fit area for exercise enthusiast, Bookworm area for educational purposes, there's just so much opportunity here, and it could truly be your selling point to the casual, because all they need is their console and an internet connection. (Sounds expensive, but micro-transactions and making it a PS+ feature could re-coup the cost. Big risk, but it's go big or go bankrupt kind of talk for the next generation of gaming).

ABizzel11951d ago

Xbox 360: I really don't have much to say. MS did everything they needed to do this generation, and the 360 while not perfect (none of the consoles are) is a very solid console. However there are a few things they need to do for next gen.

XBL: Sony's coming for you. The PSVita has many of the missing features the 360 has over PS3, and it's likely they'll be in PS4. PS+ offer your WAY more bang for your buck than XBL does for a lower price. Either up the ante with XBL Gold or offer free online with Silver. As a matter of fact do both.

Hardware: MS is in the best position to release the most powerful console next gen, and I think they should, however, do it within reason. $499 is the absolute most people are willing to spend on a new console (as far as mass appeal goes). Rumors are that the only difference between the PS4 and Xbox 1080 are the CPU's (Sony using AMD A-10 APU), and MS using a custom made CPU. If that's the case then you're going to have to make sure your CPU and Kinect 2 show up Sony or else it's going to be a different story this generation when you both launch at the same time, and likely at the same price.

Games: 3rd party support is absolutely great for the 360. However, instead of paying for timed exclusive content, use that money to build up your first party. At this point, the Xbox has become as big as Nintendo and PLayStation so you don't have to rely on lending money for 3rd party games, because people are going to buy them anyway, exclusive content or not (that's something you save for later in your consoles lifecycle). Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears (not 1st party) are great, but we need to see more. A new Killer Instinct (since DOA is no longer exclusive), Project Gotham, Alan Wake (although I feel it's more of a PS game, and again 3rd party), and getting Rare back on track would be huge, and IMO more important than stopping PlayStation from getting Skyrim DLC.

Japan: I don't know how on earth you can win Japan over, but you should try early on. If it doesn't work then stick the the US and Europe since they're your bread and Butter. Keep your relations with Capcom, Square, and other Japanese devs. good for the US and Europe audiences who enjoy their games. But I think it's time to give up on the Japanese people, because Xbox just isn't going to make it there. Keep consoles on sale there, but don't waste money and ads for the market, because they just don't want it.

Kinect 2: I'm not sold on Kinect, Move, or Wii but of all the motion devices Kinect has been the most fun I've had. If you can make Kinect 2 work for core gamers than consider it a job well done. If it stays casual then good for them, but it won't be for me. The 3D Kinect room and Kinect glasses sound cool, but we need to see it in action first.

I don't know what to say about MS. They can really just improve and repeat what they did with the Xbox and I think most of us will be satisfied. They laid they ground work, and now it's time to perfect and improve. Give XBL Silver free online, and improve XBL Gold. Improve your first party studios and make / publish more exclusives. Try to work on the Japanese audience or else dump them and focus on US and Europe. Really try with Kinect 2, and show core gamers motion isn't as bad as we think it is.

ABizzel11951d ago

Ouya: Ouya was a great concept and the pricing is great, but I think it's going to have a hard time outside of people developing for Android. Why buy Ouya when you can buy a PS3 or 360 which will be more powerful than the console, have an established library of high profile games, and likely cost little more than Ouya (360's are going for $150 and PS3's for $199). On top of that most Cell Phones and tablets coming out next year will be as powerful as Ouya, and there are some now that have already surpassed it's specs. Ouya could have made waves, but they waited too long to release the console and the hype for it has died down with the Wii-U releasing, the rumors of PS4 and Xox 1080, and now Steambox. Being $99 helps, but I don't know how much.

Steambox: I can see the huge potential in Steambox, but I also see the big "Why do I need this". Steambox basically brings Steam and it's new Bip Play feature over to your TV. For those of you who don't have Steam on your PC it has friends list, and the whole nine yards, making it the PC version of XBL and PSN. The greatest bouns and assets to Steam outside of having tons of content, is the fact that it's all PC inspired meaning you’ll save tons of money. It's speculated that the average console gamer buys 6 games per year ($360), for the same price you could buy those same 6 games on steam plus 1 - 3 more for the same price. Finally since Steam is Value owned, so you're guaranteed to get their franchises on it (Half Life Episode 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3) and possibly exclusive or timed exclusive to boost sales (great for Steambox, sucks for everyone else). So Steambox has a lot going for it, but the biggest things it has going against it are:

1. Unknown specs. and Price
2. Lack of exclusives
3. PC gaming

We know nothing about the price and specs. of Steambox and it's suppose to launch Q1 of 2013 (around CES). That's not good. Is it a low end, mid, or high end PC and what's the cost $99 - $799 ($800 [email protected]$$ PC). And most importantly why wouldn't I just hook my gaming PC up to my HDTV and use Big Picture Mode in Steam. Are there any exclusive features for Steambox. Steambox is the wildcard of the next generation IMO. There are a lot of console gamers who are looking into PC gaming, and Steambox is that device. It offers everything PC gamers have with the features console gamers want (friends list, console controller, etc..). This is the gaming console to keep an eye on.

Next is PC gaming. PC gaming hit a rough patch with the launch of the the previous generation of consoles. But thanks NVIDIA, INTEL, AMD, and a few developers PC has been recently moved from under the shadow of consoles to the forefront of gaming graphic nirvana. Developers like Crytech, EA, and THQ have shown console gamers that the next generation of gaming is on PC NOW, and many gamers are starting migrate back the roots of gaming. The problem with PC gaming is that it's audience are complete polar opposites. You have the core with their dedicated gaming PC's, and the casual with the Facebook games. With the middle man / middle developer often left in the void. PC gaming is making a huge comeback, but will it be enough to take the center stage of the gaming world? It's doubtful, but it's going to be a good time to be a PC gamer once again.

ABizzel11951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Finally Mobile. Developers are starting to seriously back mobile devices like tablets and Cell Phones. Game quality on the devices are reaching PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox quality, but while touch controls work, they still fail to achieve the same success as a dedicated controller. However, that hasn't stopped mobile games for taken more and more market share from core game consoles, by snatching up the casual market with cheap and pick up and play games. Mobile is definitely the biggest threat to traditional gaming simple because it's killing off the handheld, and slowly making it way to console quality. In 2013 NVIDIA will be releasing the Tegra 4 which should outperform PS Vita. Mobile has come a long way, but it's still not a console replacement and won't be for another 5 - 6 years.

This is probably the most exciting and chaotic time in gaming. I wish the best to all these companies, but gamers take the time and find out what's best for you, and if you can buy more than 1 gaming machine. Can't say my preference just yet. I stuck with my Galaxy S3 (which I love) so mobile won't be doing it for me, Steambox is interesting but I'd probably build a new gaming PC unless the price and performance ratio is right. Ouya is going to have a hard time IMO, but it's a great console for any indie dev. to start practicing with making games, and could get you game on Android, iOS, PSN, XBLA, Wii Ware, etc... MS are in a good position and I'll likely pick up the Xbox 1080 at some point depending on it's launch, when it has a solid library of games, or if Kinect 2 shows what it can do for core gamers. The PS4 has a lot riding on this, and I know I'll get one sooner or later simply because I throughly enjoy Sony's first party games, but the timing on when I buy one is in the same boat as MS. The Wii-U will probably be a good wait for me. I'm interested in buying one for myself, but I need to see just how serious Nintendo is about the core gamer, better strides in online connectivity, and trailers, gameplay footage, and release dates for their 1st party games. A good gen to be a gamer.

All this was going to be a blod post, but I just didn't feel like coming up with a means of tying the whole thing together with an Intro., transitions, and a well thought out conclusion. It's been sitting on my computer so don't think I typed all this in one sitting. I'm dedicated, but not that dedicated. And LOL at the same 2 people disagree with my Wii-U statements, go ahead and troll all the post.

whatRU1951d ago

dude you just wrote something akin to a medium length essay on the n4g comment board for no reason. wow, just..... wow. I salute your dedication, but cower at your crazy.

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sniperxx1951d ago

@decrypt - I think what he means by the HD dev costs is that the devs have to work 'extra hard' to make the game run in such a way that it takes advantage of everything the console has to offer, because there are no hardware upgrades.

For example, when they build the game on the PC, they can assume 'these min specs' and then scale it all the way up to quad SLI rigs (for some of the better looking games).

For a console, it is very underpowered, and will require extra work - look at what they had to do to even get crysis on the consoles - that is a lot of work to ensure that in a closed environment it will run the way they want it to.

Tzuno1951d ago

True, it's all about greed and about who bytes the bait.

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MultiConsoleGamer1952d ago

One of these things is not like the other thing.

tehpees31952d ago

Its nice to finally see someone looking at stuff more realistically. Funny enough these points are exactly how I am looking at things.

I think Japanese support for PS4 will be fine. Its 720 you should question. With Nintendo set to dominate Japan with Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter and Xbox not being accepted there, I see it ending exactly the same as the first Xbox. If Wii U and PS4 are sustainable enough for companies like Capcom and Namco as multiplat devs they could choose to exclude 720 altogether in some cases.

The Meerkat1951d ago

Trust me. If the XBox 720 is way more powerful than the PS4 we'll probably even see Sony releasing games for it. ( a bit like SEGA)

BitbyDeath1951d ago

Cause Nintendo made so many games for both Sony and MS :rollseyes:

sniperxx1951d ago

lol - more powerful? look - what I think many of the readers of n4g fail to realize, and any fanboy really - is that the 'next gen' console, PS4 and 720 - are going to already be 3 generations behind a 'current gen' PC.

Do you realize that it costs $500 for a GTX 680 right now? thats JUST a GPU - how is MS or Sony going to make a console for 300-500 dollars and have anything close to what a current gaming PC has?

I have 2 GTX 680's in SLI on my PC rig, quite a bit invested into it - running BF3 with everything maxed out runs like a dream. With that said, I also have my old gaming rig, which has a radeon (last gen as far as PC is concerned) - and I can barely run BF3 on medium settings without it dipping lower then 30FPS at times. This all on 1920x1080 of course - but you get the point, if a $1,000 dollar rig from last year can barely run the high end PC games, then there is no way MS or Sony can come in any less then that and expect to be considered a 'next gen console'

The same flame wars will continue once those consoles are released. I think the Wii U maximized their ROI with their 300 price point and a fairly decent offering. I think they understood that its not always about how powerful the system is - they probably said 'we cant compete with a PC for the price point we want, so lets make our concessions on x y z'. MS and Sony will do the same.

BitbyDeath1951d ago


Probably the same way Sony put a $1000+ blu-ray drive into a $600 machine.
Not to mention the millions of dollars Cell cost to make.

Sony/MS wouldn't buy just one GTX680 for $500. They'd buy millions which as you could imagine would reduce the price quite significantly.

Not to mention Sony and MS always take a loss on their consoles.

chadboban1952d ago

More and more, signs are pointing to the next generation of consoles not being the significant leap everyone thought they would be. But I'm not all that worried, I have a gaming PC if I want amazing graphics @ 60fps.

But if the past is any indication, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's first party developers will make exclusives that will make those consoles sing and make them worth owning. Exclusives are the main reason to own a console anyway. I grew up on Sony and Nintendo and they haven't let me down yet when it comes to their games so I'm pretty much guaranteed to get a Wii U and a PS4 for exclusives. Will most likely use my PC for multiplats.

ABizzel11952d ago

Now that I think of it, the PS4 in particular doesn't need to be a powerhouse of a console thanks to Gaikai. If that service is their bread and butter then they can simply stream the game to their consoles, and not have to worry about the best hardware, but still have amazing looking games.

EddieNX 1951d ago

That's exactly what I am doing. Not interested at all in Ouya , 720 , steambox. All junk...

Hanso1952d ago

im not worried about ps4 but more for the devs..
i lost count how many had to leave this gen crazy!
Now with the better grafics it will be even worse..