Irish gaming website Next Gen Ireland cancels Xbox 360 coverage due to RRoD & poor service

Next Gen Ireland writes: It is my sad duty to let you know that as of today, February 21st 2008, Next Gen Ireland will be suspending all Xbox 360 coverage indefinitely.

Here at Next Gen Ireland offices there are currently three Xbox 360 consoles that are used to review games. Over the past week, each one of these consoles decided to give us the dreaded red rings of death in succession. Now we all know that Microsoft have decided to extend the warranty on consoles experiencing this issue, but from our dealings with Microsoft Ireland directly, it's not as simple as that.

Next Gen Ireland felt that we needed to take a stand as customers and not reviewers in this instance, and to be treated that way by Microsoft after they were at fault by releasing a console that was blatantly untested onto the mass market is unacceptable. In our opinion, the after sales service we received today was atrocious and we can't stand for it.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

that`s cold.

but i salute them.

MSFT this has gone on too long.

you should have fixed the problem(s) from the BEGINNING.

and this type of sh!t wouldn`t be happening to you.

Blankman3834d ago

that dosent make any sense call msoft up and they'll give you a new one. Taking a stand wnt do anything msoft isnt going o re design the console all they cna do is give you a new one.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3834d ago

more site should do the same.

i know, i know i`m a "fanboy" for saying that.

but, it would MAKE MSFT fix the problem.

which would be GREAT for ME and ALL you 360 fans.

i`m just sayin.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

no they don`t give you a new one ALWAYS.

i had two.

and the wouldn`t replace it the 2nd time because it wasn`t the RROD.

the 360 has WAY more problem than the RROD.

Blankman3834d ago

yea but they will give next gen ireland a new one if they called.

Carbon3834d ago

Blankman your in denial... Do you work for MS?

cow moolester3834d ago

If I'm to be truthful then people should know that I know the admin of the site.He's also the owner of and and refers to the xbox as the "eggbox"

ScentlessApprentice73834d ago

You would be more charismatic if you chose Homie the Clown?

marinelife93834d ago

Do you really have to have your original proof of purchase? I don't know where mine is oh no! Pfeww! Good thing I have a PS3 that was close.

zane_78493834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I think it is a ballsy thing to do, and applaud them for taking a stand. I sold my 360 shortly before the PS3 launch to help pay for a new lcd tv and PS3. I see cool games on all systems and want them all but refuse to buy a 360 myself till they fix all the problems. I work at the service desk for the local Wal-Mart in my college town and see too many dead 360's to count, and it's not just the RROD. I see many people having to bring back both games and systems as the optical lens has cut circular scratches into the game. Sometimes it can be chalked up to moving the console from vertical to horizontal (and the other way around) while playing and I always ask about that to the customers but more and more they say no that- they keep the console in one position, untouched. It just started making a terrible noise and they have to turn it off and the disc is scratched up after that.

I've seen a few yellow lighted (well honestly only one) 40gig PS3 and a few dead no power systems (again around two or three), and about the same amount of defective wiimotes (not the system itself), but nothing like the stream of 360's.

So I agree here. Microsoft if you want me personally back as a gamer it is going to take three things.
1. Working, fixed hardware
2. Built in wifi
3. honestly free online is number three but I can just ignore online portions of games if needed.

Mr Blings3834d ago

do the same...Im a 360 fan. I'm also on my third and by the way my latest machine has been acting soon to be 4th 360. I'm getting sick of being afraid everytim i start my system it will either A)fail B) scratch up whatever game is in its mouth at the time or C) get the disc read error, which then sets me back 45 minutes to my last save point. my ps3 has been getting more and more play lately. Ps3 is not without its faults though...the no upscaling from 720p to 1080i issues are still a thorn in my side.

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Violater3834d ago

2 pints of guinness and everything will be all right.

UnblessedSoul3834d ago

How can Microsoft let such a poor system become available to the public is beyond me

Genuine3834d ago

The same thing could be said about the ps1 and ps2. Don't tell me you never had to turn your ps1 upside down for it to work. And the ps2 was cheap trash. I owned 4 ps2's in 3 years because of shoddy hardware. Guess what sony did everytime I had a ps2 start acting up? Not a damn thing, I had to buy a brand new console. The 360's hardware problems are frustrating yes, but MS is doing the right thing by consumers.

Perkel3834d ago

@ Genuine

oh my did u play pirate games on ps2 ?? ;)
PSX was good console without problems (still i have one) only psone have issues with cooling ut it never died from bad cooling.
Sony errased all issues of ps2 by one year MS still don't

Genuine XBOX 1 was in my opinion Very good console (Still i have one to) and 360 is step back
Oh i forgot.. you are a fanboy :/

Chug3834d ago

Why the hell do you defend this crap? Face the facts man, the 360 is a faulty and poorly designed machine, I unfortunately know this first hand.

Grow a backbone...
Buy a PS3!!!

spoiled93834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Really, your comparing apples to oranges. You can't say these things bout the PS3 which you should be comparing it to. What happens after 3 year warranty is up? Is your XBOX gonna magically be invincible? Its a crap machine, hopefully you didn't buy a lemon. IMO all XBOX 360s will have the same faith eventually!

Mr Blings3834d ago

I agree with you...i went through plenty of ps2's in my day as well and finally gave up on them. Ps1 days of having to stand it up on its side to run etc...I atleast usually got 1+ years of running service before they would bite the dust. Not one of my 360's has made a year yet...I think the longest working machine I have had has been 10 months

poopsack3834d ago

No problems with my PSOne what so ever, and I dropped it twice from a high place in its lifetime, and it still works, PS2? Same there, seriously were you playing Frisbee with your 4 PS2's? 4! My PS3 will just be another reliable product.

Genuine3834d ago

The 360 is a better game machine than the ps3. 360 has over 212 more titles than ps3, Xbox Live shames PSN, and the 360 is built for gaming not in-house movie formats. I know that alot of you are brainwashed anti-american Sony trolls that have been trained to put sony on a pedestal. But you and all of the people like you are wrong, and that's assuming that you call yourself a gamer.

This unbiased dev says it best.

These unbiased developers are more direct.

If sony fanboys only realized how stupid they look in the eye's of the game industry, they would probably make an effort not to be so delusional.

Chug3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Grow a backbone...
Buy a PS3.

Genuine3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I owned a ps3 Chug, and it wasn't even a shadow of the 360.

If I had been smart, I never would have wasted $600 on it in the first place

Chug3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Perhaps you should've kept it, 2008 is going to be phenomenal for the PS3.

Edit: So you're saying you're not smart? Shocking...

dantesparda3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

You truly are a piece of work! Im not even gonna waste to much time on you. But its obvious you cant handle these RROD stories, they really hurt your feelings. And you really are a super 360 fanboy, so nothing you say really matters. Cuz its all biased bullsh!t anyway. And this is coming from a 360 owner from America

jmare3834d ago

next time, use links that work. Metacritic numbers can be spun in different ways like PS3 has a higher % of "good" rated game than 360. And your dev comment links all go nowhere. Good job proving your point.

The_Engineer3834d ago

oh my someone has gone off the deep end I see, so is this what this is all about??

support and defend mediocrity in the name of patriotism??

I say you insult patriotism, child.

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Douchebaggery3834d ago

This is HUGE, ladies and gents it's officially over now.

Douchebaggery3834d ago

For people who do not understand sarcasm look it up.

RecSpec3834d ago

Why not reference a academically well-known dictionary? Not one with a game of hangman on the front page.

Neo-Delta3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

lol, look through the site, its mostly PS3 stuff anyways.

Carbon3834d ago

Ps3 better and more exciting... do you blame them.

Genuine3834d ago

Right...especially with it's small library, mediocre online, and poor performing games.

Perkel3834d ago

@ Genuine

yeah and without people like u which is biig plus +++

BTW Do you know what is open zone ? So go check it out and never comeback :/

lodossrage3834d ago

All right we get it, you're in love with your 360. When will you and said system be wed?

And don't send out any baby photos

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