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Mega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game Demo Released

Right now you are probably sitting down to play Mega Man X Street Fighter. That’s a really good game and if you aren’t playing it, why? It’s free.

Now, if you want to try out a different fan made Mega Man, Team Reaverbot has come to facilitate your need. (Mega Man, Mega Man (VC), PC)

Godmars290  +   805d ago
So this is Capcom's anniversary plans? Allow fan-made games to be released on PC - where they were going to be already just not as openly - while ignoring console platforms because for legal reason they can't make any money off them?

Seriously, its like they've officially changed their motto to "Fu*k You".
KrimsonKody  +   805d ago
Close, but U have to stay in sync the the companys' name;
F*#kdom, as in f*#k them...?
Or ScrapCom.
Either way, they're taking your money.

I made a promise to myself shortly after that SFIV gimmick they pulled, that the only $ SnatchCom can get from me is from their trademark fighting games or properly revamped classics.
No more new $ from me.
megamanX2  +   805d ago
yeah of a game that doesn't even work.

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