Final Fantasy Versus XIII Name Change Hinted by Amazon Japan

GC: Square Enix may very well call Final Fantasy Versus XIII something else by the time it is finished.

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Smurf11767d ago

Final Fantasy Type-1? Lol.

Ranma11767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

they will change it to:

"Final Fantasy 13: Why don't you love lightning ?"

If we've learnt anything, its that SE loves shoving lightning down out throats

crxss1767d ago

so sick of the XIII roman numerals... come on SE, they need to move away from that travesty and move on. the less a connection there is between Versus and XIII the better.

but that's not gonna happen unfortunately...

MariaHelFutura1767d ago

Ironically in more ways than one, you're correct.

Wolfbiker1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

XIII has its fans and some of us look forward to the conclusion to Lightning's tale.

I know its hard for some to believe but its true.

Xof1767d ago

I did love Lighning.

It was XIII's gameplay and level design I hated.

oricon1767d ago

Its funny that you say SE loves shoving lightning down our throats since in FFXII-2 even though she was in front cover she was only playable for a very small portion in the game.

Awesome_Gamer1767d ago

I actually liked Lightning as a character, but I hated XIII's gameplay and level design.

pixelsword1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Not lightning; what they want to give us is Multiplicity, the hint is in the name itself.

It'll probably change from
Final Fantasy Versus XIII


Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Versus 360 Verusu Wii U.

1767d ago
sikbeta1767d ago

At this point, S-E better push it to Next-Gen Consoles, because a year from now, no one will care about this game when XBX3+PS4 are out...

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CaJuaLFeatPuFF1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Final Fantasy- I Will Never Come Out

iMaim1767d ago

That's not how the joke works.

pixelsword1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

It depends if she strapped anything on for him or not.


Ezz20131767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

guys guys the game was finished 5 years ago

but what hold it back all that time
some of dev's there wanted it to be "Final Fantasy:i will never come out"
instead of "Final Fantasy:Versus XIII"

while the others wanted it's name to be "Final Fantasy:square enix trolling you"

and since then they can't decide

Lord_Sloth1767d ago

Better be Final Fantasy 15 and it better come out in 2014 at the latest!

j-blaze1767d ago

THIS! i really hope they rename it to Final Fantasy 15

NeXXXuS1767d ago

I actually like the Versus XIII part more just because it says "Versus" as if it's going against Final Fantasy XIII to prove that it's better.

Root1767d ago

God I hope it will be called FF15, it looks more like a FF game then FF13 despite it being more like Kingdom Hearts and thats saying a lot about how crap and differnt FF13 was.

Imagine FF15 being exclusive to one platform again, nothing holding it back. Least then they'll see that more platforms dosent always mean more sales.

turgore1767d ago

You can paint a horse with stripes and it won't make a zebra.

FF XV needs to be a proper sequel.

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IAmLee1767d ago

I don't think anyone cares about XIII anymore, they're pushing to hard to make Lightning an Iconic character. I'd much rather X HD than this mess anyday.

Kurisu1767d ago

And that will be the reason for the name change. Versus really needs to differentiate itself from XIII so consumers know that they aren't getting more of the same (Lightning). Ignis Philosophy, maybe? :p

MariaHelFutura1767d ago

They should call it Final Fantasy: Forever

badz1491767d ago

how about Final Fantasy: WHATEVER! sounds?

pixelsword1767d ago

More like Final Fantasy: Never

Irishguy951767d ago

Final Fantasy

Will be considered another revamp of the franchise since the other revamp FFXIII ****ed it all up even worse

FACTUAL evidence1767d ago

It should be called, Final fantasy: Fan's Fantasy. Cuz at this rate it's only a fantasy.

showtimefolks1767d ago

so it will not be exclusive to ps3 and won't even come out for current system/systems.

make it a next gen title, i seriously doubt it will live up to the hype. its games like versus,last guardian and half-life 3 for example where fans have such high expections that its better to never come out lol.

i hope one way or another we get a confirmation or whether this title will ever be released or just a pip dream

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trikster401767d ago

Final Fantasy Should-Have-Been-The-Real-13?

Final Fantasy Never-Gonna-Happen?

Final Fantasy 19?

We are about as likely to see this game as we are a FF7 remake...

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sithsylar1767d ago

Final Fantasy MIA...... (sorry)

Treian1767d ago

the game doesn't exsist...

knifefight1767d ago

Maybe the decision on the new name has taken up their last 4 years of development.

badz1491767d ago

THAT would be HILLARIOUS if true LOL!