God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Preview

Praise the Gods (or rather have them trick you into killing your family and swear vengeance on them) I have been granted the gift of access to the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta. Ascension is a long awaited continuance of the GoW series set in the events leading up to the first game, starting with the binding of the blades of chaos and presumably ending with the tragic murder of Kratos’ family. With the trend of single player games getting a multiplier mode to add longevity and offer the chance to sell fans more DLC on the rise (read as greed), the addition of a multiplayer mode is not surprising. However, what is surprising is how well it works. As a long time fan of the series, to say that I was excited about the beta would be an understatement, but with great hype comes great disappointment so I began my odyssey with apprehension, on the lookout for any perils. And with that our story begins…

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Ezz20131915d ago

"Having played it for a week and still finding myself going back to it time to time, I have to say that the beta does its job admirably. It showcases the intense battles that the multiplayer will feature, when you get schooled it makes you angry and fuels your need for revenge, and when you manage to hit that 8 person kill streak and still have full health, it makes you feel like a total BAMF. It has shows several imbalances so far (such as much of the fire magic and the godly hammers that can be unlocked.) Most importantly, though, it has generated enthusiasm for the upcoming game and given gamers clear signs that the franchise is headed in the right direction. Open Beta goes live in January, I look forward to seeing you then and kicking your butt!"

every preview for the beta seem to love it
SSM really impressed me with this beta

Tontus1914d ago

It's truly amazing what Sony Santa Monica have accomplished with multiplayer, it's fucking brilliant and it's still only in beta. The final game will be more balanced and polished as well as having an additional 3 modes for a total of 5 and a lot more customisation. I just can't wait for it to release!

I felt so stupid after playing the beta for doubting multiplayer in a God of War game, it works and it's absolutely great, the old and new fans are going to love it!

360ICE1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Nice. I also enjoyed the style of writing.

e-p-ayeaH1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Now that´s a fun multilayer mode to put in a game.

Its like wrestling mixed with mortal kombat and god of war of course lol.

specsmatter1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

This mp is just awesome all around the board. The gameplay, the feel and the graphics are top of the line.
Someone in another post said they felt like it was just button mashing and got frustrated because they couldn't win lol duhhhhh thats your problem if you just go in button mashing you'll get your %ss handed to you. You need to use parry, block, combos and grabbing systematically and with skill.
Graphics wise- what can i say? This mp experience is almost flawless graphically. The blood, the guts, the character animations, the environments and dynamic characters and monsters in the background all top of the line and my favorite part if the game are the brutality kills!!!!!!
Gameplay wise- i love all the moves and the choice between magic, relics, weapons, armors, etc..... I personally did not find any aspect unbalanced as ive seen ppl massacre other equally with the sword or hammer and its easy to level up so one can choose whatever magic suits them. Some things cost more for a reason and some magics last longer.
Replay- although there is only two different levels to play like the other poster mentioned i keep going back to it and play hours at a time lol Yes i agree sometimes you want to plau another game just to get revenge for being in second place instead of first lol Its very fulfilling.

sandman2241914d ago

Day 1 buy for me! I know when I see a great game.

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