Gamer Slang That Needs to Die

Gamers, like every other group, have a particular jargon that is specific to the community. Slang is supposed to be ever-evolving and changing so outsiders don't catch on to the language. In essence, slang words are supposed to have short life spans. This is a call to gamers worldwide. It's time for some of our jargon to retire. Here is the list of Gamer slang that needs to die.

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NitrogenB3711d ago

I never got the whole "PWNED!" thing, can someone please explain that to me?

FAT MAN GO BOOM3711d ago

Pwn is a slang term that implies domination or humiliation of a rival, used primarily in the Internet gaming culture to taunt an opponent that has just been soundly defeated. Past tense is sometimes spelled pwnt (pronounced with a t sound) or pwned (with the standard d sound). Examples include "pwnage" or "you just got pwned". It can also be used, especially by non-gamers, in the context of getting "pwned" by The Man.

In Internet security jargon, to "pwn" means "to compromise" or "to control", specifically another computer (server or PC), web site, gateway device, or application; it is synonymous with one of the definitions of hacking. An outside party who has "owned" or "pwned" a system has obtained unauthorized administrative control of the system.

AlterEgo3711d ago

its that the "p" key is right next to the "o" key and was often pressed mistakenly whilst typing too fast...and not noticed nor corrected until too late....


"owned" became "pwned"

sort of like typing fast you might type "teh" instead of "the"

and after people started thinking it was catchy...all the different variations followed:


and it kind of became its own language

C_SoL3711d ago

I usually say "U got moted bit<h." Then they shut up.
Well, there is too many geeks that give gaming a bad name I say.
EX:WoW geeks(losers)...

Panthers3711d ago

PWNED and TEH and most of that crap came out because some people mispelled the word and nerds thought it was cool or funny or something. I will never say pwned because wow it sounds gay.

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VigorousApathy3711d ago

What about Wtf? It's got to be the stupidest thing you can say. Wtf is the message one part of your brain sends to the rest of itself during the first few tenths of a second during which it is surprised by something. It is then supposed to be replaced within a second by actual awareness of what it is that was surprising unless you're some kind of mentally handicapped animal. Taking the time to type Wtf and you might as well type Derrrrrf and Uuuuuuuuhrm while you're at it.

slymaddox3711d ago

Whatever! I owned that noob. That xbot never saw what was comin' from this PS3 Droid. WOOT!

Tempist3711d ago

You sir, hurt me.

Oh and 'Dude' was forgotten somewhere in there as well. That's one thing I can no longer stand.

scotthea3113711d ago

sells in place of the word sales and defiantly in place of the word definitely. Are they trying to get something to catch on or are they just a bunch of morons. And this isn't just one or two cases, I see it everywhere.

davidadrake3711d ago

Just a bunch of people who spent too much time playing video games and not enough time in school.

travelguy2k3711d ago

had the assistance of a spell checker and it changed the word on them and they never noticed. Not an excuse just an explanation.

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