PSU @ GDC 08 - Full PlayStation Coverage

With staff attending GDC, PSU is providing full coverage for everything PlayStation at the convention.

Here is a list of things covered so far:

Call of Duty 4 Patch Details
Gran Turismo 5 wheel revealed
In-game XMB hoax
Echochrome Gameplay
Call of Duty 4 Downloadable Maps
PSN -- Where it is today
PSN to be available via PSP
Havok shows off new engines

and more to come, including Star Wars Force Unleashed, Battlefield Bad Company, Dark Sector, Insomniac Games, and more.

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UberNazi3798d ago

I think PSU's nothing to cover at this GDC (( Main announcement was MS Gears of War 2...

Torch3798d ago

You're probably right.

Don't Sony or Nintendo have a keynote planned this year???

Delive3798d ago

So far, GDC is a tad bit ho hum.

VirusE3798d ago

That gt 5 wheel is SEXY!!!

Darkiewonder3798d ago

Since I've read the impressions from other sites already :o

eddierivera3798d ago

We've been pleading with sony for this and they just throw these shirts in our face? That is very disrespectful. That just goes to show you that they have humour alright, and it shows where they put us. In the we dont give a f*ck about you list. They should have had ingame xmb since launch,, this is just another smack in the face.

Kleptic3798d ago

it will be around soon most likely...a move like this won't go over well without some sort of cash and prizes soon after...the blog is already imploding again...

can't wait for Insomniac though...they are rumored to be showing the next leaps they made with the Res 1 engine, which are supposed to be equal to the jumps they made with R&C over Res 1...which will make it seem like Resistance 1 wasn't even on the same system as Resistance 2 probably...and if we are lucky, possibly a trailer for Resistance 2 as well...should be good...

Exhaust3798d ago

Coming soon... Coming soon. That's all you hear. Not being able to message my friends in game really holds back the PS3 online experience.


Res 2 is exciting yes I agree, can't wait however if there is no in game chat by then the online function will once again be held back.

SL1M DADDY3798d ago

PSN Store on PSP = Cool news.

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The story is too old to be commented.