Peter Molyneux Needs Your Money ASAP Because “I Am Not by Any Measure a Hugely Wealthy Individual”

Kotaku: "Now, the accomplished yet controversial game designer has to rely on the generosity and goodwill of others to get his next game made. And if the Kickstarter campaign for Godus—a re-invention of the popular god-game genre he innovated decades ago and the next title from his new, 22 Cans dev studio—doesn't get fully funded, Molyneux says his marriage might be in trouble."

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dedicatedtogamers2104d ago

Attention whore much, Molyneux?

First he claims he is depressed because his ideas aren't selling any more. Then he claims he won't be living much longer. Then he claims he realizes his game won't get funding because of his past.

Now he's begging for $$$ because he claims his marriage is in jeopardy.

I can see next week's headline now: "Molyneux says we need to fund Godus or he will lose custody of his children and be sent to jail".

SynGamer2104d ago

I read the article and I didn't see any mention of his wife leaving him or him losing custody of his kids. I mean, there's an entire paragraph where he does nothing but praise his wife for being the anchor, to keep him focused.

Am I missing something? I mean, if his marriage is in trouble because this risk doesn't pay off, then shame on them for not being able to make it through good times and bad.

Regarding the game itself, it looks interesting, but I need to see more in the way of gameplay before I potentially back this project.

dktxx22104d ago

The guy who wrote this article should be fired immediately and nver allowed to write again. He twists Peter's words cruelly and unashamedly.

It's pathetic that people agreed with the first poster so much by the way. Pathetic. Read the damn article.

2104d ago
MariaHelFutura2104d ago

You should get a hold of Peter Molyneux or fund Godus.

cpayne932104d ago

Man the spambots have been going crazy on this site lately.

DigitalRaptor2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

@ dktxx2

I don't find that to hard to believe, this is Kotaku. Their standards have never been particularly good.

BattleAxe2104d ago

Well now we can all understand the class of developers that Microsoft has worked with over the years.

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AngelicIceDiamond2104d ago

He wouldn't have this problem if he stayed with MS. Its not like MS was asking Peter to pump out Fable. He was free to do whatever. This could easily became an XBL arcade/windows game.

I'm not helping him.

HammadTheBeast2104d ago

Let's be honest. Yes, MS was making him pump out Fable. After the last one, of course anyone would leave. Kinect ruins us all.

ThanatosDMC2104d ago

You might make him cry if he read this.

konnerbllb2104d ago

I don't know whether to bubble your comment "funny" or "well said". Sad. Moly's a little emo lately.

miyamoto2103d ago

After Project Natal? NO!

Where is Emperor Ballmer now, Pete?

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XXXL2104d ago

See you in the poor house jerkoff

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