An install, an install, my PS3 craves an install says: "Mutterings around the web have been hugely critical of the mandatory installs that have been appearing with certain PS3 games, particularly one major recent release by the name of Devil May Cry 4."

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

why UNCHARTED doesn`t have a INSTALL?

and it has ONE load time for the entire game.

because on every "technological level" UNCHARTED out does DMC4.

Nostradamus3802d ago

took their time and made it right.

Just because it can be done, doesnt mean its easy, and doesnt mean every developer will take the time to do it right.

longduckdong3801d ago

has way too much screen tearing.
They should have used an install

AceLuby3801d ago

Did you even play the game? It was absolutely gorgeous and the gameplay was fun and addicting. No install was needed and TBH if a dev wants to have an install it should be available. That's what standard HDD's are for. I don't like the sizes currently, but if it ever becomes an issue I'll upgrade my HDD for cheap.

AllroundGamer3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

i remember some really short installing, when i first loaded Uncharted on the beginning, but it took only about 30 seconds. And the devs used prerendered cutscene videos to cover up the loadings in the background (yeah i know, they were inengine, but they were definitely prerendered).

longduckdong3801d ago

I played the game. Worst screen tearing game I've ever played. Towards the end it almost made it unplayable. The graphics were the greatest when it wasn't doing that. But don't deny there isn't a TON of screen tearing. Maybe you never move the camera and you're not playing it right.

hac-hunter3801d ago

Maybe it's not the game, but your T.V. (if it's an LCD or Plasma) not refreshing fast enough. Just a thought, accusing you of anything, so don't take it the wrong way. I played it and didn't have any screen tearing.

TheWickedOne3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I actually had some screen tearing on Uncharted as well. It was a little annoying at times. I hate to say that b/c the graphic and overall quality of the game was amazing.

Did anyone have some tearing in Assassins Creed?

Edit: just read 1.6 and that could very well be true.

beavis4play3801d ago

you must be using an HD tv bought at walmart. no screen tearing and this game is as gorgeous as any i've ever seen. look anywhere on the net; you're the only one who has said this.

Panthers3801d ago

There is screen tearing, but it was nowhere near the size of a problem that you make it out to be. Unless you play the game spinning the camera in circles the entire time then it should not have been an issue at all.

longduckdong3801d ago

I own 70" SONY SXRD projection TV. That is 1080p Full HD. There is no TV that looks better for PS3. Now when I say screen tearing. There is screen tearing. Lots.

LastDance3801d ago

longduckdong - On my parents no name brand 37" uncharted tore.
But on my 46" bravia X had no problems.
refresh rate? im no TV wizz.

TheWickedOne3799d ago

Not sure about the disagrees. I did have screen tearing on both games. But It may be a TV issues.

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LevDog3801d ago

My Uncharted had No screen tearing.. But the comment about 360 owners and them saying thier version is better.. Ok so they have no load times.. I would rather wait 20 min for one game.. then have to wait weeks because the 360 gets the RROD and or have to go buy a new one.. 20 min install or weeks and the annoying cunstomer service at MS.. I understand that this does not happen to everyone, but it happens to ALOT of people.. Out of 5 of my friends with XBox 3 of them got RROD and 2 of the 3 got sick of waiting for MS and sadly thy bought another 360.. So to me 20 min of install on a reliable system is just fine for me.. out of my 15 friends with ps3.. All with different models 20, 40, 60, and 80.. None of them have had one problem.. Hmm wierd.. or not

Tempist3801d ago

Hey, does anyone remember FarCry for the Xbox... Remember the 5 minute intro video that couldn't be skipped because the game was pre-cashing data to the system.

How long before that has to happen again? (Aside from Obilvion on the 360)

My only beef with installs is that Heavenly Sword is 2.5 GB roughly and DMC4 is 5GB. The installs could be smaller. Other games only require anywhere from 200-600mb.

Basically to have a slim back-up for the PS3, you have to uninstall games prior to doing the back-up.

iceice1233801d ago

Having to wait 20 minutes to play the game because the machine is inferior. Terrific, Ps3 is like so amazing! Enjoy your downloading while I'm already 20 minutes into the game.

heyheyhey3801d ago

just shows how much of an idiot you are

it's not DOWNLOADING because you dont get the data from the INTERNET

the INTERNET is a cool place where there are these things called WEBSITES (im sorry but i can only presume you are a complete idiot if you think installing and downloading are the same thing)

Blink3801d ago

Hd Dvd is inferior..
360's hardware is inferior...
You may be already into the game for 20 minutes...but your xbox will red ring in another 20

harpua3801d ago

awwwww, poor lil icewake is bitter about losing another console war.

aiphanes3801d ago

You just have to buy it off the internet....

A internal 250 gig drive is all you need for now of the PS3....only 1 major game has a 5GB install...and that is devil may cry...

other awesome games have no major harddrive install or load times..Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted...all of these games are using streaming textures for the HD or Bluray or both...

Devil May cry is probably using streaming textures too...but I am not sure they are..

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