Black Ops 2: How to Get Diamond Camo

Black Ops 2 introduced a brand new weapon camouflage called diamond. This is an elusive camo and is rarely seen. It requires time and patience to obtain. This article reveals how to get diamond camo for your weapons in BO2.

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moneybag1234561591d ago

lol i just glitched to 10th and got it
easy enough

MooseWI1591d ago

Late on it, but oh well.

ShadowKingx1591d ago

Actually some of the challenges you don’t have to unlock in sequence mostly the ones dealing with blood thirstys, kills with a car, double kills, etc. i think anything dealing with the number of kills yes those do unlock in sequence. Now this coming from a guy who only has the crossbow gold at the moment and some of my challenges did not go in sequence. So i don’t know about the other weapons.

megamanX21591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

diamond camo....who gives a damn.