I can’t even tell what Dead Space 3′s monsters are anymore

VB - Before Dead Space came out, I loved watching the developer diaries because they showed just how much thought and care was being put into the game. They’d talk about how the designs for the Necromorphs told a grotesque story of pain: bodies twisting, bones breaking, and skin tearing. And that story was what made them so terrifying. You could see how the transformation happened just by looking, and that was my favorite part.

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AntoineDcoolette1986d ago

Whatever the hell happens with this title I just hope its full of wondrous art direction and lore like the previous titles and doesn't stray too far away from the slow paced tension building and go full blown RE6 action co-op -_-

Lord_Sloth1986d ago

For the love of- The co-op is optional! If you don't play in co-op you'll be alone to explore the Necromorph infest world with all the solitary goodness you've come to expect!

FunAndGun1986d ago

well, the game was made with co-op in mind first and then made playable with one person.

It is not a single player game that was made to play optional co-op, it is a co-op game first made to optionally play single player.

I expect a single player game built for a single player, not a co-op game with the option to play as a single player.

I bought DS1 and DS2 on day one. I will be passing on Dead Space 3.

AntoineDcoolette1986d ago

I understand the co-op is optional but due to it I fear the game will be designed and catered for a co-op experience as opposed to a solo experience. I hope Visceral has been able to find a balance between the two like adjusting enemies numbers or damage values as opposed to just mashing the two together.

Sketchy_Galore1986d ago

I've heard that explanation before and I honestly am open to it working out that way but I still can't see how it could work. I can't see how any game that supports co-op play could work as a horror game even if they gave you the option of playing through it alone.

If the original Dead space offered drop in, drop out co-op it would have been a breeze. Those moments where you were down to your last bar of health and slowly inching down a dark corridor hoping a single solitary enemy doesn't jump out of that nearby vent to tear you to pieces, they would be turned to moments of making sure your friend swats the enemy off of you before it can do much damage.

I just can't see how the game could work for both single player and co-op play without trading the small claustrophobic corridors and few well placed enemies for large open areas with wave after wave of enemies. I hated the points in the first two games (mostly the second game) where the tension was thrown out and waves of enemies were sent after you, ironically making them far less terrifying. I just can't see how this game could be anything but those moments. Not to mention that everything shown so far seems to support the idea that this series is going pure action.

dgonza401986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

They strayed away from the amount of horror in DS1 to DS2. This looks even more watered down into an action game.

Neo Nugget1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'm going to laugh when the game comes out and everyone was completely wrong about all of these assumptions. Anybody remember the whole AC3 red coat ordeal?

I mean come on. Just wait until the game comes out.


Well he does have a point. Glowing eyed zombies is a bit off but i think the game is still going to be entertaining from what I saw at E3.

exploding-babies1986d ago

I agree with Nugget and Cyberhater. People are making way too many assumptions. There are some parts in the trailers that i dont like and there are parts that i really love. It is different from the first two, but i think it is in a good way. In the first and second ones i was getting bored of all of the jump scares and deaths. I would love to see a changeup where we get to get back at the necros. In the Endura Gameplay Trailer, that was the classic dead space 1, tight hallways, dark death around every corner. I think it will still hold its reputable survival horror factor.