Exclusive: Go Ninja developer brings Shaquille O’Neal back to video games

VB - We can all agree on this: 18 years was too long a wait for a follow-up to Shaq Fu.
That 1994 fighter, featuring then-NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal as a child-rescuing, kung fu messiah, became legendary as one of the worst video games ever conceived by man. It’s a go-to implement for CIA torture, a negative example even when applied to other negative examples. At least one website has dedicated itself to collecting and destroying all known copies. Remarkably, Shaq hasn’t headlined a game since.

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Lifeequals421492d ago

This is absolutely terrifying.

NagaSotuva1492d ago

This game is sorely missing the letters F and U.

deantak1492d ago

i'd be happy if this one didn't dig up the past.

Sadie21001492d ago

My thoughts exactly. I've waited toooooooo long for this moment.

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