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Vivid Gamer: Persona 4 Golden Review

Rebecca Quintana of Vivid Gamer writes, "But was Golden worth the wait and the hype? And, more importantly, if you don’t own a Vita already, is Persona 4 Golden the game to convince you to get one?

The short answer to this question is: yes. Undoubtedly, yes. Even if you decided to wait and are still on the fence, you will not regret purchasing the handheld to play this game. Honestly, if the only game I ever played on my Vita was P4G, I don’t think I’d feel the Vita was a wasted purchase.

Yes, it is that good." (Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita) 10/10

ncstatefan953  +   485d ago
Wow. 10/10 is very high praise.
rrquinta  +   485d ago
I have never given a 10/10 before, but honestly this game is that good.
TheLiztress  +   485d ago
I'll admit that I like companies porting PS1/PS2 classics to handheld devices. Especially when they are given this kind of treatment. Atlus seems to have put a lot of effort in giving Persona fans new content along with a great game.
shammgod  +   485d ago
Great game and soundtrack. All around great product
izumo_lee  +   485d ago
95% complete!!! Screwed up the book reading one (luckily i have multiple saves) & seriously that 250 different lines for Rise during the dungeons is too random!!

Game is a blast! Brings me back to the memories of playing the original but Golden has so much new stuff that new memories are being made.

The new ending is such a beautiful moment!
rrquinta  +   485d ago
Yeah, I ended up missing the book trophy as well because of ONE book. SOOO frustrating! But will hopefully plat with my second playthrough. :D
CaptainSheep  +   485d ago
IKR, the book trophy is SO annoying! >__<
Starting my NG+ tomorrow after I come back from an exam. :D
I got the Risette trophy, though. Woo!
Catoplepas  +   485d ago
I assume you're talking about the new epilogue, rather than the new ending, "accomplice".

I made a hard save beforehand and checked it out. Just, wow. Atlus did an exceptional job of making you feel like a treasonous bastard. :P
izumo_lee  +   485d ago
yeah the new epilogue is great & has that warm fuzzy feeling to it. The 'bad' ending where you become an 'accomplice' was just plain wrong....felt like 'sh*t' when i saw it for the heck of it.
MHenderson  +   485d ago
Damn it, P4G! It's near Christmas time and I'm broke!

... I guess I don't really /need/ both kidneys.
Hanso  +   485d ago
lol i hope you re joking xD
Mystickay86  +   485d ago
I bought this game before buying the handheld. First time in history where I purchase a game before a console/handheld. That's how much hype I was for this game
theherp80  +   485d ago
Geez I really need to get in on this action. Never been a huge fan of JRPGs but I have to give this one a shot at least
rrquinta  +   485d ago
(cough cough) Might want to wait and see if Santa's elves bring it to you... (cough cough)
TongkatAli  +   485d ago
Anybody who misses out on this game is a fail.

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