Black Ops 2: Fast XP Tips to Level Up Quick

Looking to level up faster in Call of Duty Black Ops 2? It's easier than you think. Use these great tips to earn massive amounts of experience points, reach each prestige and level up fast. This short guide makes leveling in BO2 a breeze.

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ShadowKingx1983d ago

Or you can do what almost every player does in COD and CAMP in the corner all the time.

Alduin1983d ago

People do "camp" a lot but, technically speaking, it IS a strategy. It's setting up in a strategic area where you're hard to kill yet it's easy for you to pick off enemies as they go by. Not saying I condone it, because I feel like that's something you do in Battlefield, not a run-n-gun game like CoD, but it happens. All you can do is mold your strategies to counter camping.

ZombieKiller1983d ago

If you don't like the way the game is played online, don't play it. All COD players do is bitch about the way people play. I think I might just sign in and stay AFK since you guys complain about everything the winning team does.
People play the game the way its meant to be played. The way it was designed. There is no 1 winning strategy and it says nowhere that people have to run around all the time. Im sure if that was the case, they would do away with the crouch button

ShadowKingx1982d ago

CAMPING = NO SKILL and camping is not a strategy is just another PUSSY way to get kills because players have NO SKILL or plain terms for the campers to understand because they SUCK and oh yeah i don’t play COD anymore of course i try them all out hoping the gameplay will change and yes for a couple of weeks i might have not ran into a couple campers and was having fun but now its every map. this is why they need to change the name to CAMP OF DUTY - PUSSY OPS because this is all everyone does in the game.

ZombieKiller1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

that just means you need to check your corners more. If the game says they won, then they won, plain and simple. I hate to say it, but I was like that too. I hated people that sat in corners, but the simple fact is, there are bullets flying everywhere and killstreaks involved. Who WOULDN'T take cover? I seriously think COD is the only shooter out there that even has the devs convinced that 'camping' is bad. Shit if america got invaded tomorrow, we would get shit on because everyone would pick up a gun and mindlessly run around. Fucking stupid.
Im not saying sit in a corner all game, but jeez everytime someone taks about COD they bitch about campers. Well, screw it then I DONT LIKE THE WAY YOU CONSTANTLY RUN AROUND LIKE A MANIAC. Obviously you have no strategy if you sell this game for the way other people play it. I would understand if they maybe gave us unlimited noob tubes. But honestly, if someone is sitting in the same place the whole game, and you cant figure out how to kill him (ESPECIALLY with all the anti-camping devices out there) then thats YOUR problem and nobody elses. Everything is rush rush rush, then bitch cause you got shot. Maybe you should stop running around like an idiot. Regardless, guess what, at the end of the day, I win and you sold the game because I figured out a way around your mindless running around. How is anyone a pussy in a game that inflict NO damage to the player anyway. Go back to Mario.
To top EVERYTHING off, I bought the game, I'll play how I want, and if I wanna sit in a corner ALL game, I will. If I find that fun, then I will. WHY? Because I bought the game for ME and nobody else.


Hardpoint is my favorite to level up quicker

ZombieKiller1981d ago

Agred Mitchell, Hardpoint is a great addition to the series. Now only if they would bring back WAR from World at War. That was my favorite gametype hah