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PS Vita: Battle Of The Grips (STFUANDPLAY)

This video is a comparison and demonstration of two grips that you can purchase for your Playstation Vita. The PDP Trigger Grip and Bluecell Vita Grip both promote that they will give the user a better ergonomic feel while using their handheld. I go into detail and show how each one is attached and give my opinion on which I believe is the better purchase. (PDP, PS Vita)
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freezola75  +   486d ago
Nice Video man.. I didn't even know about these things to be honest. Thanks! I am gonna go cop one of these. Blue Cell has me. I like the fact that the analog buttons come with it too.
strigoi814  +   486d ago
where can i get the bluecell vita grip?
porkChop  +   486d ago
Hmm. I think I'm gonna switch from the PDP to the Bluecell. The PDP Trigger Grip really doesn't give any more grip, and it isn't much more comfortable than the Vita itself. The triggers, the main point of the Trigger Grip, are also crap. They're very stiff, and a lot of times pressing them doesn't even work properly. In order for them to work you have to press them in the middle, if you press them towards the back edge like you can on a normal controller they don't work right half the time. They've also significantly scratched my Vita's triggers.

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