More News on Mobile WoW

The Games Developer Conference is a veritable treasure-chest for gossip and news. WoW: IncGamers report further news on WoW to be played on a mobile phone. It is already known Blizzard has registered BattleChat trademark for mobile communication, and Pearce has revealed that a section of Blizzard developers is looking into mobile applications. Well, one of the partners of Activision (now Activision-Blizzard) has a revolutionizing technology for using detailed 3D-games in a 3G mobile, which can enable to do more than chatting and checking AH on the phone, you could play the game live.

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Fishy Fingers3655d ago

Please people dont do it! WoW will be the end of you!

Leord3655d ago

What do you mean? :) WoW in mobile is the end?

Tarmgar3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Hi my name is **Protected** and I used to be a WoW addict. It took my life for 2 years. But I kicked the habit. I've been WoW free for over a year now.

Fishy Fingers3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )


You just take it one day a time there mister. We're all very proud of you!