PSN Holiday Essentials: Huge Discounts on 40+ Must-Have Games

Posted by Pierre Gravereau // Senior Manager, Digital Distribution -

Here at PlayStation, we’re gearing up for the holiday season. In the spirit of giving, we’re giving you some great discounts on more than 40 titles over the next three weeks. Each week will highlight some of the best PS3, PS Vita and PSN games available in the PlayStation Store. Featuring trippy music/racing hybrid Dyad, PS Vita side-scrolling puzzler Escape Plan, sure-to-become-classics like LittleBigPlanet 2 and Rayman Origins, plus plenty more, we’ve got you covered. Starting today, you can save 30% — or up to 50% for PlayStation Plus members — on a variety of hot games, listed below. If the lineup below isn’t enough, we’ll be refreshing this list with a whole new batch next week (12/24) and the following week (12/31), so stay tuned.

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Riderz13371984d ago

CS:GO for 7$...Guess I'm getting that.

Janitor1984d ago

Yeah can't pass this up for $7.

LOGICWINS1984d ago

How in the hell is Catherine still $40 Reg. price?

doogiebear1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yeah that's a lot.

porkChop1984d ago

I remember the regular price was actually dropped to $20 for over a month. It wasn't even a sale, it was just the regular price. Suddenly it's back up to $40. Interesting.

kreate1984d ago

I was at best buy today and Catherine was priced at 49.99

Pre-owned was 44.99

shammgod1984d ago

Escape Plan for 1/2 off? I will take one of those thank you!

ABizzel11984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Ooh, I LBP Vita you are mine

I wonder what the next set of deals are.

Godchild10201984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I hope for one or all of these in the next 3 weeks; Modnation Racers, Asphalt: Injection, Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja, Unit 13, Sumioni: Demon Arts and/or Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, but not limited to those games.

I can't wait for next week and I will pick up LBP, Rayman and Stranger's Wrath tomorrow

ABizzel11984d ago

Agreed I loved Sumioni's demo. It's like a side scrolling Okami.

I enjoyed some of the others as well, and if the price is right they'll get a buy.

aquamala1984d ago

these are sale prices? lol

Riderz13371984d ago

Yeah...Everything is like 50% off lol what do you want???