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Submitted by CranberryPub 1075d ago | news

“Super Tablets” Not Consoles Represent The Future of Gaming

GamerZines writes:

2013 is a massive year for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Each console manufacturer will be doing all they can to secure that dusty space underneath your TV, so that they can attempt to own every aspect of your living room including not only games but all manner of different entertainment offerings including movie, music and anything else they can stream to their magical box.

However according to CEO of Hawken publisher Meteor Entertainment, ‘The Big Three’ have another competitor that they really should keep a close eye on; tablets. (Hawken, Industry, iPad, Mark Long, Meteor Entertainment, PC, PS3, Tech, Wii U, Xbox 360)

violents  +   1075d ago
so if i want to game on the go with a tablet ill have to carry a tablet all the charging cords and such an hdmi cord a controller etc etc.

I think Ill just stick with my vita. it all goes in a nice neat case already has controller integrated into it and frankly I havent seen any tablet games that would make me want to buy one.
-GametimeUK-  +   1075d ago
There are a bunch of games I like and would like to try on mobile devices / tablets.

Casual games like Cut the Rope, Touch grind, Flight Control, Temple Run etc etc are all really good time wasters. I also enjoy the fact you can get GTA, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Chaos Rings, Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Minecraft and others...

My problem is the quality of these titles (they are fun, but nothing amazingly special), but the up side is the quantity. It has a nice balance. You will always find more impressive titles on handheld consoles, though.
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darthv72  +   1075d ago
to be fair...if you are carrying around your vita would it not be safe to say you are also carrying around the charging cords as well as the games on their cards?

Not that it matters but carrying around a tablet isnt like carrying around a console like you are making it out to be. Typical tablet users have the tablet which has all their software on it so no extra games or game cases to carry.

Nor do they really carry hdmi cords because the idea is to play on the tablet. As far as charging cords go...isnt it something like...1 cord?

There are pro's and cons to almost everything. A pro for tablet gaming is everything is inclusive. All on one device. No extras to have to deal with (like changing physical games). A con would be the lack of real buttons. Then again, that is the idea behind games and apps being developed specifically for the touch interface.

Now i understand there are extra devices that can pair up with a tablet/phone and let you plug it into a tv and use a real controller. That would be a good example of something portable that doubles as a stationary device.

To me...that is the future of gaming entertainment. Something that can serve as a console when connected to a tv and also serve as a portable when on the go.

Oddly enough it was Sony and their PSP Go that was very close to that design. What hurt was the all digital library that shut out the millions who had UMD games they would like to play on a bigger screen. The PSP 2000/3000 have TV out but you have to hold the PSP directly to play it unlike the Go and being able to sync up with a DS3 via bluetooth.

I know sony was looking at making the vita this powerhouse in your hands (which it is) but cutting out the TV out part was a bad idea (to me anyway). It could have been a great success to have it hook to a tv and use a ds3 (like the Go) and possibly even have the front camera Move compatible for those games that used touch/motion input.

There is still time for sony to make a revision just like they did with the other PSP's. And who knows, it is usually these revisions that go on to sell even more than the initial release. Just look at the sell through of the PSP 2000/3000 as compared to the classic 1000.

As far as the whole tablet thing, people can be turned off by something that changes the way we have done things for so long. But then again, change has to start somewhere. Like going from 1 button on a controller to many.

The success and acceptance of these different ways to play can only be accomplished when it is something meaningful and really represents the benefit as opposed to that tacked on afterthought approach. We have seen many wii games and kinect games and move games that didnt need to be but at the same time there are those that you just cant play any other way.
violents  +   1075d ago
@ darthv2

My vita and all its necessary cords all fit into a small case thats about the size of a normal book. The case has spots for games, extra memory sticks, the AR cards. Everything I need in one case(when realistically all i need is the vita)

That's really my point. In the article it says you can play some newer games via cloud and such but you have to have a controller that connects to your tablet. It just seems this defeats the purpose of the tablet in my mind. It just seems like they keep making things smaller or slimmer and then you still have this bucket of periferals you have to carry around with you. Its possible but seems less turnkey than say a vita or a 3ds or something of that nature. The general public doesnt usually like to bring a whole bag of periferals around with them all the time, so I just dont see it as being the end all for cosoles and tandem handheld units. It could work but I hope that doesnt end up the mainstream. I really don't care for any of the "timewaster" sort of games. I get bored with them in like 2 minutes. But for the casual that only plays stuff like that I can see it working.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1075d ago
Yeah, I don't know who buys a tablet for games. But I'll play devil's advocate and ask you, how long is the battery life for your Vita? Because you said, "so if i want to game on the go with a tablet ill have to carry a tablet all the charging cords and such an hdmi cord a controller etc etc." I have an iPad 3 and I just bought my sister's Galaxy Note and while I'm just getting used to the Note, I never have to carry any cords or cables for my iPad.
violents  +   1075d ago
Well read better and I already answered that but just for you I'll say it again.

My vita and all its necessary cords all fit into a small case thats about the size of a normal book. The case has spots for games, extra memory sticks, the AR cards. Everything I need in one case(when realistically all i need is the vita)

Oh and battery life. I know a tablet battery may out perform the battery in a vita but the fact remains that full console like games on a tablet are going to eat up battery a lot faster than angry birds or any other of those flash based time waster games. When there are comparable games being compared I'm not sure what the battery life comparison would be anymore. But you cant tell me that the battery in tablets never runs low. at some point you gotta charge everything.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1075d ago
You werent really as descriptive in your intial post as this one but it looks like what youre describe to me is a situation where pot meets
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1075d ago
"so if i want to game on the go with a tablet ill have to carry a tablet all the charging cords and such an hdmi cord a controller etc etc. "

Since we are talking about consoles you should be comparing it to ps3 not vita.

It's like saying..
"so if i want to game on the go with a ps3 ill have to carry a ps3 all the charging cords and such an hdmi cord a controller etc etc. I think Ill just stick with my vita."

You ignored the subject.

But yes tablets are crap for gaming.
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violents  +   1075d ago
so you agree with me but want to tell me I'm full of it too? how does that work?
The_Infected  +   1075d ago
Not only that I don't want to hold a tablet and look down all the damn time I want to sit down or lay back with a controller in my hand "WITH BUTTONS" and look at the big screen. That's the best way to play IMO.

I also don't think tablets are the future of gaming I believe something like the Oculus Rift is much better than a tablet could and will ever be for gaming. Put it on and actually be in the game all without an expensive nice TV which you will never be fully immersed since you will always see your surroundings outside of the game. When they perfect something like the Oculus Rift it will be one HELL of an experience!
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1075d ago
The article is saying you could plug your tablet into your TV and use a wireless controller.

I don't know about that though. The guy in the article say tablets keep getting faster every year. Well yeah, but it's not like I'm going to be buying a new console every year. I like that I can buy a console once and use it for five years. Instead of paying to upgrade, devs just get more experience and develop better looking games. A lot of games don't even support the original iPad which only came out two years ago! How many people are still playing great looking games on their launch PS3 from 2006?
ginsunuva  +   1075d ago
Not on the go. Tablets will wirelessly connect to TV's soon and BECOME THE CONSOLE.
Gamer1982  +   1074d ago
Tablets arent the future because of size and controls. Consoles have been killed early in there life purely because of controls. The reason this hasn't happened with tablets is they are used for a lot more than gaming. You tried playing a game like GTA on ipad? It's not the easiest thing in the world and certainly not comfortable! Give me a controller and a 1080p TV while sat on a couch anyday over that crap! Love my ipad but its only good for a certain type of game and its not the games i like to play on my pc and console.
miyamoto  +   1074d ago
i think vita is a super dooper tablet in it self

coz its a tablet 'supered' with buttons
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strigoi814  +   1075d ago
so is viagra considered super tablet?? Coz i heard it make you like superman when your age 50 above..
The_Infected  +   1075d ago
Yea but who the hell wants to hold a flat, big, uncomfortable tablet and play games on the TV using it as a controller? Your level of control would suck compared to something like a 360 or PS3 controller.
-GametimeUK-  +   1075d ago
I like to use my handhelds whilst lounging around the house. At this point in time I can get a Nexus7 for a cheaper price than a 3DS and PSVita (or roughly the same sort of price). I received a 3DS as a gift and the library just isn't there for me to remain interested yet. I don't want a Vita yet, but I am downloading the IGC games for Vita because I plan to get one. Truth is I am getting a Nexus 7 first. I just think there is more software there for me and it is more than just something to play games on. I can see the tablet appealing to me as far as a handheld goes at this point in time.

I don't see any sort of tablet in the future being able to replace my bread and butter of gaming. I can not even imagine anything remotely coming close to replacing my home console.

I will get disagrees for sure, but it just seems to suit my needs.
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Kingofwiiu  +   1075d ago
Where are you looking ? The 3DS already has an Immense , Rich library , unless you're the CoD , Fifa , Minecraft only type of gamer...

I have about 25 3DS games not including E-shop and virtual consoles games...
-GametimeUK-  +   1075d ago
Not gonna lie I love CoD and Minecraft, but none of them are fave games so please don't put me in that crowd of gamers. My taste in games is almost as diverse as it comes. I pretty much don't touch RTS games and I generally avoid sports games, but I can enjoy them. Other than that I enjoy every other genre... Portal, Dark Souls, Uncharted, Braid, Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Batman AA and AC, God of War, Gears of War, World of Warcraft, Red Dead Redemption, Sound Shapes, Journey. That is a quick mix up of games I enjoy. Pretty much any good game regardless of genre.

If you wish to inform me of this rich library that the 3DS has I am all ears, but I have Mario3D Land, Street Fighter4 and Zelda. Pretty much my next purchase should be Resident Evil, but I am stuck after that. Paper Mario was supposed to be the game for me, but I have really been put off this title recently.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1075d ago
"At this point in time I can get a Nexus7 for a cheaper price than a 3DS"

.....seriously? Because here in the US, the 3DS is like, $170 or something like that, and Nexus is at $200.
-GametimeUK-  +   1075d ago
Well after I said that I put in brackets "or roughly the same sort of price". Maybe a tad higher or a tad lower. I know there are things to consider, but I wouldn't get a console without it being part of a bundle. These are the 2 prices I first came up with for the console 3DS I would buy and the tablet.

3DSXL bundle (the one I would want) at £169.99

Nexus 7 16gb (the one I want) at £159.00

Only reason both the prices are not from Amazon is because the Nexus7 is in competition with the Kindle Fire.
ABizzel1  +   1075d ago
I agree and it would be ideal, but it's not happening anytime soon, and by the time it does the PS4 and Nextbox will have had plenty of time to obtain a nice size market share.

We're 3+ years off from seeing these tablets running PS360 quality games natively, and then we have to deal with the high price of such a tablet, as well as the low battery life. So overall we're truly 5+ years off from a "Super tablet" becoming a console replacement.

5 years should be enough time to get the tablets down to a $299 price, offer games comparable to PS360, and develop a battery that last for 6+ hours of gaming on the go.

The funny thing is that's exactly what I see Sony doing with their next handheld. A dedicated handheld is a hard sell in this market, but a gaming tablet isn't for true gamers. A tablet with a Quad Core Processor, a Quad Core GPU, and at least 2GB of RAM, and you've got a PSV+, PS3, or better yet a Wii U in your hands, and for a gaming portable that's great especially considering it can be sold for $199 in a couple of years.
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MasterCornholio  +   1075d ago
Paying over 500€ for a tablet that can run 360 games seems a poor choice when you can get a console like the 720 or the PS4 at a much lower price with much better hardware. Although i have to say that casual games are fantastic with a touch screen.

Quote from you "Sony and Nintendo want to continue with handhelds they're going to have to be Cell Phones (which would be their death, having to compete against established devices from Apple, Samsung, and others) or gaming tablets (which is still an untouched market)."

If that becomes true than the only ones who will really suffer is Nintendo because they dont have any experience with making cell phones. Sony are the only ones who can compete with Apple, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers because they already have a whole division for mobile devices. Nintendo will not go away though because in the end they will end up producing games as a third party developer (like Sega) for tablets and smartphones (even though they said the opposite which is a bunch of BS)
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ABizzel1  +   1075d ago
True Sony has experience with Cell Phones, but outside of Japan and some areas of Europe their phones don't do anything which is why they're mvoed from the $199 to the free - $99 selection of phones, which sucks for the company, but is great for consumers, because their phones are actually pretty good, just not on par with the top 5 or the hype for the top 5.

I would use the PlayStation Phone as an example, but that was a poor attempt at best.

A tablet is the safer bet, it's larger so it'll have a bigger screen than a handheld would normally rely on, it has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a device you'd always have with you, it has Blu Tooth so you should be able to sync a Dual Shock 3 / 4 to it, being bigger also means it'll be easier to cram better hardware into it, and thanks to apps, solid camera, and other features they can get away with selling such a device at $199 - $299 for a 8" model, and $399 - $499 for a 12" (gaming needs a bigger screen).
GamerSciz  +   1075d ago
A tablet is not a practical gaming console. Not enough memory, storage, or processing power. That's just the truth plain and simple.
ABizzel1  +   1075d ago
I didn't disagree, but that's why the articles states streaming everything through the device, like Netflix which tons of people use on their console, and services like Gaikai.
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rainslacker  +   1074d ago
You make a good point, but is streaming really something that is accessible for everyone, or is it simply something for the more elite(ie. wealthier) game player? I personally do not want to have to pay for a data plan service just to be able to game on the go. While it may be good for the home with a wireless Ethernet, doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being mobile.

While mobile hotspots are becoming more plentiful, outside of the big cities they are still pretty rare.

"Super Tablets" may gain a market, and offer something for some people, but it is hardly representative of the future of gaming. Even if they pack in more power, which is likely, they still have many obstacles to overcome to become a mainstream device like current consoles are.

On top of that, tablet makers aren't going to cater to the current console market because there is no revenue stream for them to do so. They are in a position where they constantly have to keep offering the next big thing. With so many options on the market when it comes to hardware among a single platform(ie iTunes, Google marketplace) do you think that major game releases are going to work out when the games can't be tailored to the closed systems of the current market? Developers have a hard enough time just supporting Apples yearly release of a new product, so I don't see how adding in several manufactures will make it any easier. PS Mobile is hoping to rectify this in some ways, but still suffers some of these multiple architecture drawbacks.
Kingofwiiu  +   1075d ago

Tablets are a fad. They're pretty crap in my opinion. You can't beat a Laptop and a 3DS/vita or a home console or a gaming PC.

The tablet is right at the bottom of my personal Pecking order. Buttonless gimmik...
ABizzel1  +   1075d ago
I disagree. A tablet could be a great gaming device, but no one has taken it seriously. They have Blu Tooth so syncing a controller to them would be a simple task, they could easily have the horsepower to run games on par with Vita - PS3 range with the new chips that will run them starting late 2013, and they are as multipurpose as any cell phone out there, which when it comes to apps and other uses means tablets are even more useful than handhelds and home consoles.

The problem is only 1 company had planned on making a serious gaming tablet, but then they nerfed the final specs., and made the tablet so overpriced it was no longer worth it ($500 with the same specs. every other tablet has).

A true gaming tablet won't be ready for another 4 - 5 years, and it's going to take Sony or Nintendo (most likely Sony) to make it. By that time it should be PS3 quality (maybe better), have a decent battery life (6 - 8 hours gaming), HDMI out (a must for such a device), and sync with your PS4, all for $299 8" (16GB - 32GB) or $399 12" (32GB - 64GB).
strigoi814  +   1075d ago
upgradeable tablet will sure make a crack on handheld..
CommonSenseGamer  +   1075d ago
I really like the idea of docking my tablet next to the tv and it becomes my all-in-one entertainment hub. Then when I head out to work take it with me for entertainment on the go.
rainslacker  +   1074d ago
I believe that's actually already possible. It's more AAA software support isn't really there for tablets for the time being. This may change in the future however.

I said a while back that I could see Sony coming on stage with the PS5, showing a Vita like creature, that came with a docking station to hook up to the TV. It would offer all the advantages of console gaming and mobile gaming in one device. It isn't too hard to extend this principal to tablets, and it's just the lack of physical controls that makes tablets less attractive.

Even the Neo Geo X Gold coming out uses this principal.
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abzdine  +   1075d ago
typical talking just to say something. Dont rely on what is a success today to give an affirmation on what will be a success tomorrow -_-'
Brian1rr  +   1075d ago
I don't think home consoles have to worry, but the vita and 3ds are gonna die slowly. In a few years phones and tablets will have enough power to run games like the 3ds and everyone will have a mini console in their hands. The best thing that can happen to customers and gamers is completion which pushes innovation and makes hardware and software more advance every year. I give it 4 years until phones and tablets catch up to the vita horsepower. I just hope developers don't abandon AAA games and focus on .99 cent mobile games
xursz  +   1075d ago
I disagree. Everyone has a mini console at their desk with their computer, which has done nothing to slow home console sales. Maybe the reason i can't see it happening is because it feels so silly trying to play an actual game on my phone.

I remember trying to play gta3 on my droid and my god was it painful to play. I ended up buying Stories on my vita and it's no question which was more enjoyable.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1075d ago
4 years to catch up with the Vita's horsepower...I predict within the next 12 months when the Tegra 4 is released. Take a look at the latest iOS and Android games that have been optimised for their respective chipsets and you'll already see visuals that the Vita would struggle with given the resolutions and framerates being sustained. A game like Modern Combat 4 running on the iPad looks stunning!

In 4 years time the horsepower packed into tablets and smartphones will make the Vita look positively antiquated.
jmc8888  +   1075d ago
Um, I still want to game on a 40+ inch screen like I do now. Don't think the tablet will be 60-70 inch 4k or holographic. So no, a tablet as a controller for a big screen? Sure. As a standalone, no.

Also I wouldn't read too much into how 'powerful' they will become. Not for a decade or more. We're already down to what 22nm? Clock speeds have been stuck at 3.6-4 ghz for over 10 years (despite being reduced from 130nm).

It's going to take awhile for these to magically appear, and by the time they do, you'll be more interested in the 4k big screen or the holographic display. So when tablets are able to fully process 2012 PC games, you'll have 2020 PC games to play.

Too much power, needing too much wattage, needing too much cooling, needing too much space. Also people don't want tablets that are too big, then it's like holding up a big painting.

Also tablets are far too expensive for what they deliver. Why would I want a weak iPad when for another hundred or two dollars I can get a pretty good gaming PC?
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joeorc  +   1075d ago
"Um, I still want to game on a 40+ inch screen like I do now. Don't think the tablet will be 60-70 inch 4k or holographic. So no, a tablet as a controller for a big screen? Sure. As a standalone, no. "

take a look at this, this is from a MOBILE PHONE CHIPSET! not any where near the level of this new Tegra 4! 72 Core GPU that will be releasing for mobile phones and tablets, but here is the results of running on a :

42" HD screen


Here are specifications about the current MiGen console.

• Samsung Exynos 4412 2.0Ghz Quad Core Cpu

• Mali 400MP 600Mhz Quad core

• 2GB Ram clocked at 880Mhz

• 16GB eMMC

• SD card slot and External HD support

• It has 6 USB ports, Ethernet, WiFi b/g/n, Audio in/out, Bluetooth

this will be about on par with the OUYA when it releases!
Ippiki Okami  +   1075d ago
^^ You speak the truth man. Home PCs are goin' bye-bye, laptops are now behind tablets in use now. Nobody is using a home pc anymore. Mobile is the next evolution of the computer and its only a matter of time before you have the power of a high end pc in the palm of your hand. You can't stop progress peeps.
Kingofwiiu  +   1075d ago
Tablets will never catch console power up. They will always be 2 Generations behind. The 3DS and Vita are both way better than todays tablets in Gaming. They have better , bigger games with buttons and large storage.

Vita is powerfull 3DS is 3D with 2 screens. Both competely whoop tablet gaming..
joeorc  +   1075d ago
its, not the tablet that's going to be the problem!
but the chipset itself.

and many of the consumer electronic companies that do not have a game console will provide market challenge directly to the game console space with out needing to make a game console that is the problem!

the chipset's designed by Arm have disrupted this part of the market.

And people think Mobile is not directly a challenge to Mobile Game console's and the living room ?

This is more proof it is!

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Processor for Smartphones and Tablets Leaks with 72-Core GPU

long with chipset's from other companies get released in late 2014!

even though the PSVita is not anywhere near that level, what this is doing is making a direct challenge to Even the Living room Game console and not just the Mobile Handheld Gameing Area, because these new chip's will be going into topset boxes and Smart TV's

that is a DirectX 11+ GPU

Think about that for a sec, why are they putting such powerful GPU's inside Smartphones and Tablets? what reasoning is there?

Its pretty Simple Game's are the #1 type of Application sold in application Market places!

When the full GAME ENGINE SUCH AS UNREAL 3 can run in it's complete form , not a stripped down ver's of it and also other game engines doing the same and they run very well what do people think is going to happen?
ABizzel1  +   1075d ago
Tablets already run games on par with the 3DS and better. They have their sites set on the Vita, then PS360.

Give tablet another 2 - 3 years and you'll have the first game that's on par with PS360 graphics, and in another 2 - 3 year tablets will surpass PS360.

Tablets are leaping in terms of tech every 2 years, while consoles leap every 5 - 6 years which is why tablets will catch up eventually. Right now I'd put tablets on the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox level which is right there with 3DS. PS Vita will be caught 2 years, with PS360 being touched on in 4 years, and surpassed in 6 years. Handhelds are done after this generation, and if Sony and Nintendo want to continue with handhelds they're going to have to be Cell Phones (which would be their death, having to compete against established devices from Apple, Samsung, and others) or gaming tablets (which is still an untouched market).
cee773  +   1075d ago
Tablets will match ps360 next year according to carmack
ABizzel1  +   1075d ago
I doubt it. The Tegra 4 and other chips have shown "RUMORED" and "LEAKED" specs., and from what was said the chips will be power, and possibly capable of running some games on par or close to PS360 games, but the question is how many devs. are really going to take advantage of the hardware to produce such games?

The Tegra store is just now up to the point where games are starting to look PS2 - Xbox quality, and next year there's going to be this magical jump up to Uncharted and Gears level. It's not going to happen for a another couple of years, when some developers take the time and try it, which is why I said another 2 - 3 years.

Power may be there, but the timing isn't right.
Game-o-holic  +   1075d ago
Tablets need an exclusive controller made for them to even come close to consoles. Sliding, swiping and screen buttons are extremely limiting and get old quick. And I'm not talking about 3rd party controllers, the tablet needs to come with one. I can't see tablets with controllers until one of the big 3 do it.
GraveLord  +   1075d ago
30 minute battery life FTW!
isarai  +   1075d ago
Only the best of tablets can only provide current gen LOOKING games that are only a fraction of the scale/scope of your typical PC/Console game. not only that they're always missing all the little details that really make console/PC games worth while, most commonly is facial animation, in order to render what it does. not to mention shitty battery life, hell my smartphone only lasts 1-2 hours max when playing angry birds, just how much shorter would it be with a fully 3d game?
lfclee  +   1074d ago
Haha where you been? the ipad has much better looking games than both leading consoles, seems you have been asleep too long.
PS4isKing_82  +   1074d ago
You are the definition of the word "stupid".
Getowned  +   1075d ago
wiiulee  +   1075d ago
lol..tablet is the future of console gaming...go sit somewhere the wiiu nintendo has proving console gaming still have alot of innovation and finetuning that can be done....and will not be replace anytime soon.
Kennytaur  +   1075d ago
Someone forgot to take their tablets.
SpecialK  +   1075d ago
To be honest for casual games definitely i see that happening, every analyst is saying it for a reason.

I mean look at smartphone and tablet games only a few years ago, the best we got was 2d flying birds and some crudely drawn platformers.

Now though in terms of visuals, Ive got some games that are rivaling the original psp for graphics so in the graphics department, as time goes on theyre going to catch up and considering the vita will be around for 5 years while tablets keep advancing, expect them to overtake in terms of visuals in a couple years time.

Right now what is lacking is depth. some games are getting there and its also a matter of time. Mobile devs are getting better and that will only get better as mobile devs evolve and mature.

Today i have a few games that can keep me going for an hour or more. Once the graphics issue is dealt with, Id love the idea of a single device i carry around playing a game, and when i get home plug into my tv, pick up a controller and carry on on a big screen.
Triggytrolls  +   1075d ago
MS already has a tablet to rival other tablets, Sony has the PSVITA (I would of got one if I enjoyed gaming on the go) but I don't. I enjoy playing on a PC or console with a pad or M/K.

I have an ipad2 myself, and the only game I bothered to play was Broken Sword. Everything else gets boring after a one or two plays.

I don't fancy taking something out that costs £100s in case some thugs decide they want it.
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lfclee  +   1074d ago
Yes w8 which has no apps compaired to ipad or android google+, ms missed the boat and are playing catch up.
RavageX  +   1075d ago
Not interesting in gaming on a current style tablet...simple as that.
BitbyDeath  +   1075d ago
Tablets will eventually get wiped out by Project Glass
spektical  +   1075d ago
tablets are not the future of console gaming, its not intuitive, you cant play games well without a physcial I/O device. its the facts
Apal  +   1075d ago
This definitely does seem like the direction things are heading no matter how much my personal nostalgia wishes it wasn't so. I love all my gaming systems but my iPad gets more use than any of them, not necessarily for gaming but it is just so versatile. Lately playing bastion and baldurs gate has been pretty great and once the technology and market push more of the great game designers in that direction the big 3 will really struggle. Things like Apple TV, blu tooth controllers, incredible versatility and more and more cheap high quality games (some of the highest grossing ever) all point to tablets.

I personally hope we get at least one more great gen from the big 3 before we see Zelda, halo, and god of war on the iPad 6. (o:
lfclee  +   1074d ago
Truth yes bullshit no? Right truth the games on the new ipads look better than the consoles, done.
PS4isKing_82  +   1074d ago
Who in their right mind would trade gta, Mario, zelda, metal gear, halo, god of war, and many more for a lame touch screen game??? Seriously who do they think they are talking to? No serious gamer is gunna take a tablet over a console. To me, consoles are like the TVs we play them on. They're a dedicated device for their designated service. Most ppl still watch shows and movies on a tv, despite the fact you can use laptops and phones but still, TVs are the best way to experience most programming. Same for consoles. Gaming will always be best on a console.
millzy102  +   1074d ago
just no i have a smart phone and a tablet and I never use them for games, touch screen only gaming is rubbish that's why I have a 3ds and a vita to take out with me tablets are only good for internet, reading and a few factual apps all my gaming is done on dedicated gaming machines, I can't imagine playing mgs, zelda, cod, uncharted etc without sticks and buttons. if this happened I will quite gaming which I realy don't want to do. and even if iPad games look better (which I havn't seen 1) the iPad plays like shit, give me real inputs not touch screen Thumb sticks. also there is always a market for game consoles, this gen has sold more consoles than any even with tablets on the market there still selling strong, people like consoles that will never change.
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ATi_Elite  +   1074d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
Tablets have their own set of games and Devs are building nice games to work well with Tablets but in NO way will these "Tablet Games" make a dent in the console market.

Tablet Gaming will be it's own niche market cause the main issue is control. Sure you have some nice suction cup controllers that seem to work well but your never gonna have the great set-up like a dedicated mobile gaming device.

Yes you can plug in controllers and make a kick stand for it but at that point your better off with something else.

Now with Laptops being lighter and more powerful I like many other Gamers will be looking to buy a nice Laptop for mobile gaming at a reasonable price.

Mobile gaming has many forms and there is something for everyone.......but I still say if the PSVita had a Cell Phone feature it would rule the day and compete a lot better against the other devices!
Saryk  +   1074d ago
You console guys need to wake up and smell the ashes. Tablets will do to consoles what consoles did to PC. Like I have stated and stated again, consoles and PCs days are numbered. I give consoles one more generation and tablets will have beaten them in hardware. PC’s Moore’s Law will have hit and it will be a matter of time. This is pure evolution and following the money!
DC1980  +   1074d ago
Modern Combat 4 > Black Ops Declassified

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