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If you bought a copy of Zone Of The Enders HD then you were treated to a demo of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The demo isn’t very long but it gives us a good taste of what to expect.

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alegolo2012d ago

it might be the best hack n slash this gen.

dredgewalker2012d ago

I'll take this game over DMC anyday for my hack n slash gaming needs. Platinum made the ultra fun Vanquish and I loved the combat in that game.

alegolo2010d ago

yes Vanquish is the best TPS game this gen aswell. Miles better than the overrated Gears Of War (opinions alright?)

Baka-akaB2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I agree but it's better to avoid mentioning that meh game alongside Rising imo .

Quite a few other H&slash games of this era are better .

Hell Darksiders 2 , mostly zelda hybrid features a deep fighting system that laugh at this POS , on top of tons of other qualities .

dredgewalker2012d ago

Lol, I might persuade some poor souls into getting this game instead of the "other game which must not be named DMC".

belac092012d ago

its amazing, in my opinion. i am really looking forward to it.!

Ezz20132012d ago

this game is on my list of H/S games in 2013
i just love P* games

Simon_Brezhnev2012d ago

I hope you get their other gaming come out next month. Anarcy Reigns im surprise its 29.99 i guess because it flopped bad in japan.

Ezz20132012d ago

is it good ?!
i don't know any thing about it

Simon_Brezhnev2012d ago

I played the japanese demo last year and i loved it. It's a beat em up game it got bayonetta and Jack from mad world in it. It even had multiplayer.