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How Obsidian Survived Countless Catastrophes And Made Some Of The Best RPGs Ever

kotaku.com: The story of Obsidian—a story of heartbreaking failures and record-shattering successes—begins with a company called Interplay, a game developer and publisher best known for games like Wasteland and Descent. Interplay's execs were looking to expand their role-playing game division, and in 1996, they found a young game developer named Feargus Urquhart (pronounced "FUR-gus URK-heart") to take the steering wheel. (Obsidian Entertainment, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

NukaCola  +   571d ago
I really loved Fallout New Vegas. I enjoyed the linear story of FO3 better, but over all, New Vegas was the better game. The world felt more like a survival game and the characters, gameplay and overall experience was much more rewarding.
paydayp  +   570d ago
only thing i disliked in new vegas where the massive amounts of invisible walls for the rest i loved it.

i also loved alpha protocol.
i can see the flaws in that game but it didnt take away from my enjoyment.

and i hope for them south park turns out to be great gameplay wise and sales wise (especially for THQ,would hate to see them go after growing up with many of there games).
im not the biggest fan of south park but i could see me enjoy it for a playtrough if the gameplay turns out to be good.
SilentNegotiator  +   570d ago
I also loved New Vegas save for the invisible walls AND the countless broken quests (and yes, I played the fully updated PC version, and recently).
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KumquatGOATBEEF  +   570d ago
Caravan is probably the best card game I've ever played in a video game and should be played in casinos everywhere.

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