GDC 2008: Fable 2 Preview by Gametap

If you've been following Fable 2's development at all, you'll know that at the Game Developers Conference last year, it was revealed that one of the main elements of Fable 2's gameplay is a dog. Peter Molyneux (the mastermind behind games like Populous, Dungeon Keeper, and Black & White) said that he wanted to add a canine companion so that you would have a stronger emotional tie to the game in so much that the dog's well-being is of primary concern.

Molyneux also stressed the ease of combat. Each type of weapon in your arsenal (which includes guns, swords, and magic) is mapped to a specific face button. By tapping these buttons, your character will execute a weak version of that particular attack, but by holding it down, you can perform stronger and more dramatic moves.

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slymaddox3798d ago

I am not getting my hopes up for this game. I did for the first was and was dissapointed. I still liked the first game and will still buy this one though.

Sony sucks balls3798d ago

when does Fable 2 come out for ps3 ? Does anyone know ? Anyone ?

Exhaust3798d ago


Hope you were joking anyway...