PlayStation Arcade Home comes to the Vita

Not sure when it arrived, but you can now download the PlayStation Home arcade machine to the Vita and enjoy some mini-game fun on the go. It comes with WipEout 2D, Ice Breaker and a Scribble Shooter demo for free, presumably with more to come.

The 108MB download provides yet another source of diversions for Vita owners and perhaps will pave the way for some more Home content making it from the PS3 to the Sony's handheld.

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Cam9771983d ago

I'm going to give this a try. Has it got trophies?

RetroGam3r1983d ago

No trophies Im afraid. But then I dont think any Home games do?

Hicken1983d ago

Think I'll have to grab it, too.

Kennytaur1983d ago

Interesting, I wonder if it'll make it to the EU?

guitarded771983d ago

This is EU... I wonder when it will come to the US.

DivineAssault 1982d ago

Ya, EU got a lot of other free games the US hasnt yet.. BS! i want these things asap..

Kennytaur1982d ago

Weird, how come I've not seen it on the store? I guess I'll have to dig deeper.

Vitalogy1982d ago

If by EU you mean UK, then its EU. The thing is, UK isn't a region, its just one of the many countries that make European region.

Sony always neglecting their consumers.

guitarded771982d ago

@ Vialogy

Well, the article says EU. Maybe you should take your geography lesson to them :P

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kingPoS1982d ago

Maybe this means the Home beta for the vita is in the works.
One can hope... right?

r211982d ago

I got all excited, i read the title as if PS home was coming to vita.

Master of Unlocking1982d ago

PlayStation Home arcade machine? It's available for free in Home on the PS3? Where? How?

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