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stone_cold1771d ago

is this game still alive ?

LackTrue4K1771d ago

I really don't expect high sales on this game for pc

deadfrag1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

It seems theres an update avaiable today!I guess it will not fix the turd!

Games4M - Rob1771d ago

This spec is missing an idiot to go out and purchase this turd of a game.

Wikki1771d ago

yay, now to just wait for it to go on sale on Steam cause I ain't paying full price for this game if it has such terrible reviews

landog1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

the graphics on the console version i played were terrible, looked so low res, exhibited all kinds of artifacts, i switched from my 50 panasonic plasma to my small 32 samsung 3d led, and it still looked really bad (usually if a console game looks bad on my bigger tv switching to the smaller screen helps a ton by compressing the low quality image) not so with this game

at that point i knew i would just tough it out for the pc version even though its coming way too late

if capcom is smart they will get it up on a steam sale for $29.99 and people will buy the crap out of it, asking full price for a game that is over 5 months late, people are not going to buy it.

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