GDC '08: PlayStation Eye Tank War Demo Is "Next Gen" Tech

Kotaku: We've seen videos of Sony's Tank War Demo for the PS Eye before, and they looked really intriguing. But after having a hands-on today, I'm really excited over the simple tech demo.

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PStriple7033742d ago

I love those playstation eye games

slymaddox3742d ago

Playstation eye should be on the underappreciated list. Sounds like fun.

jwatt3742d ago

I am so happy they are making this into a real game. They showed the other videos like two months ago.

xhairs3742d ago

I think the only reason why no one cares is because of the simple fact that there's nothing out for it right now. Unless ofcourse you're down for some Yu-Gi-Ohesque games there's not much to do with it in the sense of PURE DOMINATION!!!! AkA I can't form my hands into the shape of a pistol and shoot things...however this could be an idea for a new game??? *fingers crossed*

Tempist3742d ago

I would have to say that the PS Eye would be immensely more fun if games like this kept coming out. This demo proves that it more fun to have a game structure, but leave a majority of the content to the user.

Similar to the ideas of the Wii, but freer with the expression.

niall773742d ago

anyone see the video where they draw a level for a platformer?

such a simple lil idea

TheExecutive3742d ago

Hey guys, I cant view the movie (I am at work) can someone explain to me what the heck this is? Do you draw the environment or something?

INehalemEXI3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Yup, you can draw tanks in any form , add a turret , even add moving treads. and stick a red dot where ever the turret is, and yup you draw the environment too.Then go to war. Very impressive.

TheExecutive3742d ago

thanks a bunch, it sounds like a game that might make me get a PSeye

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The story is too old to be commented.