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Three Terrible Things About Gaming In 2012

There have been some truly great goings-on in video games this year – but there have also been plenty of loathsome trends and developments too. Armed with his usual blend of dark humour and very strong language, disgruntled gamer Dave McConkey takes furious aim at the things that have riled him the most. (Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

TrendyGamers  +   488d ago
Mad Mack really doesn't like DLC!
kesvalk  +   487d ago
"PC Gamers, or at least a significant vocal percentage, are arrogant, self-absorbed, elitist thunder-cunts that absolutely love to smell their own smug farts."

"this is based on my interaction with a small subsection of the PC gaming community; it reflects on my personal experiences, and may therefore not be representative of the community as a whole"

you need to decide man, or it's a significant part or is a small subsection.

also, starcraft 2 plays exactly like starcraft 1, i dunno what you mean when you say blizzard innovates.
aliengmr  +   487d ago
"also, starcraft 2 plays exactly like starcraft 1, i dunno what you mean when you say blizzard innovates."

Finally, I been saying this since I saw the first screens. Bubble to you.
palaeomerus  +   487d ago
So he's trying to be Seanbaby 2.0 or something? Lame.

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