DmC Devil May Cry demon sex scene enrages fans

A tongue in cheek and rather tame sex scene in Capcom's DmC Devil May Cry has caused massive upset amongst a number of fans. Is it justified?

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Snookies121987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I'm upset with much more than just a sex scene...

Those who want to buy this game, go for it. I won't try to stop you. However me personally, as a fan of the Devil May Cry series since its first outing on PS2 back in the day... Both this company and this game have been an insult to me. Those who think I don't have reasons are more than welcome to ask for some, because I will gladly give you plenty as to why.

blitz06231987d ago

Well I can't blame the 'fans'. That scene was... disgusting

j-blaze1986d ago

sorry blitz i'll take this space...

support Platinum Games instead, Anarchy Reigns coming Jan 8 for just $29.99 it's also coming to Europe! i already have the game it's fantastic! a much much better game than this wannabe DMC game


i said NO to this DmC game since the very first "embarrassing" trailer and i'm still on my word, cheap trailers, sex scenes and DLCs won't change my mind....i hope it stinks, cuz if it does, Capcom will stop outsourcing their games to the west and it will give them a big wake up call...but if this game did well, we will lose any hope of a true DMC game and Capcom will continue to ruin their own games by relying on western devs

DMC is a Japanese game it should go to japan nuff said!

DragonKnight1986d ago

A sex scene? This game has devolved so much that it had to include a sex scene? There's no way in hell anyone can link this to the REAL Devil May Cry series. How pathetic. Tameem is trying to live out his sexual fantasies vicariously with this game isn't he? This game is so full of fail. I hope it tanks hard.

aCasualGamer1986d ago

I have to agree with Snookies12. As a Devil May Cry fan, i am really pissed off at both Capcom and Ninja Theory. Capcom for licensing out this great franchise to such poor devs as Ninja Theory.. and Ninja Theory for being such poor devs. The face of the company at Ninja Theory, don't remember his name... the producer who wanted Dante to look like him, has been awful toward fans of the series and the way he treats potential customers is in the most obnoxious way i have ever seen.

I can point out a handful of reasons that make this game not worth buying for fans of the series. Alot of them have to do with the gameplay and the game engine that they are using, but PERSONALLY, the artistic and creative input from Ninja Theory are the things that piss me off the most.

I was always a fan of the series beauty, the artstyle and aura of this franchise were always that of goth, it was beautiful. Even though the dialogue of the story was sometimes bad, i loved to follow the story. The vibe of the games, was something unlike anything in the gaming market.

I'm not the one to jump the gun and dislike a game because of a new creative direction immediately. BUT.. and this is a big but(pun not intended)... first impressions are vital, especially when fans of the series expect nothing but fan service from a game such as Devil May Cry(where gameplay is the driver of this franchise). The gameplay has been neutralized in a way i could never imagine, don't mind the fact that S's are easy to acquire (goes against what the mechanic is for), i'm not overstating this point one bit, literally 4 hits and you have a SSS. They removed the freedom you have when choosing how to fight, instead you are forced to use a specific weapon for specific enemies. Basically, meaning if you don't play the game as Ninja Theory wants you can't enjoy it. Guns are useless. I could go on for ages, about the gameplay but the thing that pisses me off personally, is right in there in this sex scene. That proves my point, where first impressions usually have lot of meaning. I practically knew, that after the first trailer was released, i wouldn't be getting a Devil May Cry game i would enjoy.

I would love to see the Dante in Devil May Cry 4 return in a new game with Vergil. The story has so much potential. I want to delve deeper into the Sparda storyline and Vergil. Not about how authorities control us and monitor us, i don't like to be reminded of such things when playing games, when i play videogames i want to escape from reality. Not about how government is controlling us through sodas. *facepalm*

The only chance i will ever be able to enjoy a Devil May Cry game is if Capcom pull out the stick that's firmly placed in their ass and realize that pursuing this meaningless crowd pleasing of western gamers is only going to hurt them in the end. Realize that what you had to begin with was alright, too many games today need their japanese input back. I wish i could go back to the series, enjoy the victorian/goth/punk mix of the art. Personal opinion anyway, but lots of fans of the series will end up hating the gameplay i'm sure of it.

sikbeta1986d ago

Nerds... always afraid of the first time lololololol XP

This game is not in my list, but nor for a sex scene, but because it's nothing like the OLD DMC games

DMC > DMC3 > DMC4 > DMC2 (godawful) >> Emo May Cry

1986d ago
Kevin ButIer1986d ago

Meh scene in a Meh game...

You are doing it wrong Capcom and NT

Pozzle1986d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the sex scene was included not because it's vital to the plot or because it will add to character development, but because Tameem thinks sex scenes are ~cool~ and ~edgy~.

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Kingnichendrix1986d ago

Sex scene makes sense I mean how old is Dante in this game im sure most young 'bucks' have lots of sex but then again if its disgusting good because im pretty sure sex is not very glamorous

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-GametimeUK-1986d ago

I would actually like to know why. I believe you have your reasons, but I would like to hear your opinion.

Snookies121986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Man where to start... We all know quite a few people didn't like the new look. That's the first and most obvious one. The guy that's overseeing the game, (can't recall his name) has been so immature and unprofessional toward fans of the series it makes me sick. People on Twitter brought up legitimate concerns after the demo was released and his replies were downright infantile and rude in some cases. He even revealed that they weren't taking the development seriously.

I came in wanting to like the game, I really did when I got the demo. However I was disappointed right off the bat. First off, it's easy as hell. Even on the hardest difficulties. The enemies are so stupid, they barely even do anything. You can get an SSS combo in about 15 seconds and never lose it until you're hit. You can use the same move over and over for an SSS combo. You can get an SSS rank completion on a level even if you have the lowest rank for both time and enemies killed. Guns are no longer an option for fighting because it takes literally 30 seconds to kill one enemy with straight gunfire (unlike previous games which you could kill an enemy within 10). The weapons are unbalanced. There's no point in using his angel weapon when the demon one destroys like it does. The 30 FPS does not look appealing, but I can let that one slide. The dialogue is horrible from what I've seen and heard. I've seen countless videos of the demo having game breaking glitches and the guy overseeing the game said that the game would ship this way without fixes for them. Also, if the rumors about the story are true... It is going to be the most laughable ending ever, seriously... As well as the fact that Capcom/NT have been saying they've proven the angry fans wrong, and that the game is great.

Those are some of the things off the top of my head.

rjdofu1986d ago

@Snookies12: or you can abuse Demon evade, SSS in 3 secs :lol:, what a broken mess.

ZombieNinjaPanda1986d ago


It's been confirmed in an interview that that asshole Tameem has written it also. He "wrote it, cast, and directed it himself".

"This is also the first game I've written, cast and directed myself. If i do my job right, you should be seeing a story of Dante that breaks the myth that all videogame stories are trite and will never stand up to the best that theatre and film have to offer. " ~Tameem Antonidas

aCasualGamer1986d ago


If you would like to hear reasons for this game being a dramatic downgrade from previous Devil May Cry games.. take a look at this:

or if you have time for the full in depth analysis of Ninja Theory and this project:

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Blackdeath_6631986d ago

i totally agree. "sex scene enrages fans" what fans? i don't think there are any fans left after capcom has repeatedly ignored and ridiculed the very people they are trying to sell the game to. i mean if you are not targeting this game at the fans why don't you create a new IP? and if they were targeting this game at the fans why did they purposely ignore their feedback despite all the criticism? i think capcom has lost the plot.

ScubbaSteve1986d ago

I'm a huge fan, and it enraged me. I've been a fan of sex ever since I found out about it and I have to say that scene is just a disservice to the craft.

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-GametimeUK-1986d ago

Yeah, man. I have been playing DMC since the first title on PS2. I enjoy the series and to be fair the re-imaging didn't bother me in the slightest. I guess I wasn't as invested as other fans in the series. A new look didn't bother me as long as the game turned out okay.

Unfortunately, I disliked the demo too. The 30fps lock obviously put me off initially, but I hear the PC version supports 60fps? Either way it doesn't matter because I didn't like the whole direction of the game so I won't be playing it at all.

I didn't get to try the other difficulty settings before I deleted the demo off my hard drive. I am glad you gave reasons why you disliked it other than "its not Dante". Sorry that a franchise you obviously care about has been reduced to this. I hope people resist temptation and support this game.

Yes, the developers are very arrogant too. That wouldn't stop me buying a game if it was good, but they simply can't back up what they claim.

bayport1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Looks like some of the "creative" folks that used to work on the old Disney movies got into game development.

OhMyGandhi1986d ago

you mentioned the poor dialogue in this game as if it's a first for the series, but c'mon...DMC has ALWAYS had bad dialog.

Baka-akaB1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

wich is why it's ridiculous that they manage to use worse dialogues .

Especically when all everyone can't shut up about , when it comes to Ninja Theory , is the supposed ability to be great storytellers .

To be fair , i agree that Heavenly Sword had a neat story and presentation . But's that's it for the extent of my praises of that studio

Anyway it bears the question , what does that game even does better than past dmcs titles ? Combat is worse , dialogue so far aint great , graphics aint even better than dmc4 all things tech-wise considered (it just have obviously a different artstyle and use lightning better IN 2012) ...

Hydralysk1986d ago

In fact DMC has one of the most hilariously bad line of dialogue I've ever heard with the whole "I SHOULD'VE BEEN THE ONE TO FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIGHT!!!!" bit.

That ranks up there with the FFX laughing scene or any given moment of RE.

PhoenixRising371986d ago

yeah the dialogue has gotten worse. the only proof i need is this

fuck you.

ThanatosDMC1986d ago


The threw away one liners for non-stop cuss words instead.

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bayonetta1986d ago

for some reasons i just can't forget when they said that New DMC will have a European flavour

Kurt Russell1986d ago

As a European... I can confirm my life is not any more exciting in that aspect.

Gaming_Guru1986d ago

At Snookies12:

Lol, you are upset about that scene that barely lasts ten seconds, are you serious? They didn't show any nudity, no penises hell even Grand Theft Auto shows penis, and they are demons to top it off. Why is it ok for one series to have sex everywhere, while another cannot, is it because it has to have sex from its inception to be acceptable or what?

People over react way too much, that wouldn't be considered borderline adult film making.

Snookies121986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

What are you talking about? I never said the sex scene was an issue for me... I couldn't care less about that.

ZombieNinjaPanda1986d ago

Consider it like this: It'd be like Disney adding a sex scene to one of their movies. It's because the series isn't about crap like that. They've attempted to turn the game into something that it's not supposed to be, and fans are outraged at it.

Not to mention a plethora of other reasons that I shouldn't need to spell out for you. But if you really think it's because of one scene, try reading around a bit, it makes you look ignorant.

DragonKnight1986d ago

It's because of WHY the sex scene is in the game. Tameem shoe horned it in there because "all the big games" have had a sex scene lately. Games like Mass Effect or God of War (which are better games) had in there but with Mass Effect they added it to enhance a relationship status and with God of War they added them because Kratos is like the Honey Badger, he don't give a sh*t.

But DmC added it because Tameem doesn't know how to move on from old ideas. DmC is literally a mish mash of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, and now other games with sex scenes in them. It's a travesty of a game that should never have come into existence.

VileAndVicious1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

um...i just dont get it a sex scene has everyone up in arms? soooo the scene in DMC4 when Trish (ahem) sorry Gloria was fighting those demons that was ok? And if youve played DmC4 before you know what Im talking about

I just dont get it =(

lol but honestly its not like these "enraged" fans were people who were ever going to give this game a shot to begin with. Im pretty sure you werent actually considering buying this game then saw there was a sex scene (which is very old news BTW) and this ONE thing just completely turned them off.

CarlosX3601986d ago

I agree. Barely even a sex scene, and for a mere few seconds!

Some fans are crazy these days.

Gaming_Guru1986d ago

For the ones objecting, it is a reboot, if a reboot was the same devil may cry it would defeat the purpose of a reboot. Some people will just have to accept that times are changing, and I have a feeling it's more of the younger audiences that hate it than the older ones.

The reasons stated are assumptions of why it was in, but no one really knows until it's asked from the creators. Any game that has sex in it, is not necessary but it's in it anyway. Technically speaking any game with a story is not needed, all a game needs is gameplay a reason isn't necessary. It's just that players are more use to a storyline nowadays than the early years.

thaking1551986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )


Idjit! I'd halfway expect someone to say something like that. Sex really shouldn't be in gaming at all!! but In the Devil May Cry series it was no where to be seen, but had that Asain Culture feel to it.

@Vile and Vicious
I believe there is a difference between a SEX Scene and being Sexy. No where in Devil May Cry 4 was there a sex scene just a character model from Eastern gaming that focus on ACCENTUATING the women's bodies. If you do not know the meaning of the word look it up. Clearly not Sex.

I agree with everything Snookies said also!! Bubble up for you Snookies! Cheers

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The_Devil_Hunter1986d ago

Im not trying to defend the game or anything but, the complaint you have for stylish meter, if im correct it was the same in DMC 4 too so i dont understand the complaint now.

DragonKnight1986d ago

Umm, let me show you something that proves that DMC4's style meter was in no way as easy to build up as DmC's is. For starters, take a look at DmC's broken style meter.

Literally it took 3 seconds to get a SSS rating. Now look at this badass playing DMC4 with Dante and see him utterly destroy enemies before even getting a SS rating, and then humiliating Berial and getting a SSS rating.

THAT my friend is how you build a SSS rating in a Devil May Cry game. Not the B.S. non-effort in DmC.

SynGamer1986d ago

I honestly saw nothing wrong with that scene. It plays into the story, and it's two demons, of course it won't be pretty. I can bet you $XXX (see what I did there :P) that if this was "prettier", that is, with a "hot chick" and some "stud", people would be fine with it...

Ultr1986d ago

agreed. They want that guy to look disgusting and ugly, they want that fans hate him.
looks like the succeeded :P

thaking1551986d ago

Nah because in the previous games Sex was not needed in the story. Prettier chick or not is has no place in Devil May Cry. Keep reaching though!

Dno1986d ago

i played the demo it was awesome, this scene shows nothing stop bitching.

wow gamers are bitches

AvatarTwasCheesy1986d ago ShowReplies(2)
NewZealander1986d ago

fair enough, i dont really like the new direction they decided to take DMC either, but i decided to let go of past memories and take the new DMC for what it is, and after trying the demo its actually pretty good.

i still would have preferred a real DMC game minus all the cheesy bits.

dredgewalker1986d ago

The sex scene is the least of my complaints. Capcom surely knows how to give the middle finger to the old fans.

Baba19061986d ago

i love how people get obssedes and angry with sex, but when you see heads flying around and people getting massacred and killed and tortured and stuff its ok. =D crazy m...... f...... world!!!!

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vork771987d ago

there was never sex in Devil may cry 1 2 or 3 this is why the game fails

ILive1986d ago

Man, people will complain about anything.

EternalChaos1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

lol I hear ya, I mean really is this game all that bad from the others. Besides the fighting at 30fps, all they did is add to the game lol. Seriously people learn to accept change, no wander developers are afraid to take chances.

aCasualGamer1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

When you spend your hard earned money to get some entertainment once in a while and into a game and franchise that you enjoy, yes, you of course expect quality.

Why do i complain? I choose to invest time and money in my hobby, and gaming industry has always been there to repay me. But lately it seems more companies care about making money more so than anything else, including keeping dignity intact. Just take a look at the scene. Has absolutely nothing in common with the series.

No troubles for me as it is really easy for me to not purchase this product, but when they use us fans and lie to the media by saying "we have listened to the hardcore devil may cry fans" by marketing this product as a true DMC game, you can bet your ass i'll be there to prove them wrong.

A company that will lie and treat potential customers as garbage, to steal your hard earned money, is no company that should be getting this much attention in this industry.

VileAndVicious1986d ago


yes people who already wrote the game off a long time ago lol. So why are they enraged?

DigitalAnalog1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

It's comments like your make me really wish that Halo added an ADS mechanic JUST to see how much people really do like CHANGE.

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Karooo1987d ago

He is the son of a demon and angel, wtf do you expect.

Snookies121987d ago

Sorry, Dante was NEVER part angel. Not in the actual series lol. I hate how they changed that up...

ABizzel11986d ago

What does being half angel have to do with anything besides using angel weapons and powers?

There are some legitimate complains, but the being half angel complaint is one of the dumbest.

Snookies121986d ago

@ABizzel1 - Really dude? Some people actually cared for Dante as a character and his back story. Sorry if you didn't, but others did. Also, this is a tiny complaint. If you want to see my list of REAL issues with the game, look up above for it.

ABizzel11986d ago


That's the entire point of this game. To give Dante an appropriate backstory.

Old Dante's backstory was he's the half demon and half human son of Sparda, and has a brother named Virgil who shares his lineage.

THAT's IT. What's there to complain about. They are trying to refresh a character that we know nothing about.

There's nothing there, and Capcom hired Ninja Theory to develop a game to improve and explain Dante as a character. That being said I wished they only hired them for story development and art style. I like most of the things about the new look, but overall it's an improvement to the constant castles and cathedrals of previous DMC's.

If you want to complain about the new look of Dante, then I can understand that. Did I prefer the old look? Yes, but that's nostalgia. Do I mind the new look? No i think he looks fine, and he looks more believable to me. The new loos is how I'd picture Dante (as far as how he looks in cutscenes).

But changing him from 1/2 demon + 1/2 human, to 1/2 demon + 1/2 angel is one of the dumbest complaints you naggers have come up with. If anything it's an improvement cause that means he's even more badass.

VileAndVicious1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )


its a re-imagining... that means different interpretation.

Dante also didnt ever have a clear background to begin with. All you really know is a basic background his story was never really fleshed out in the games. Yes there was a brief novel and thats what IMO DmC3 should have been based off of.


Exactly, Im not truly understanding how him being part angel changes anything other than him have an Angel set of moves and adds more depth to the story of his mother. Lol if he was still half human what exactly did that do for the story? Nothing because there was hardly one on his background anyway.

Also just my opinion but Im starting to wonder about him and the half angel thing anyway because they have not shown or talked about any other angels in any of the trailers so far.

thaking1551986d ago

Half Angel Stance and Half Demon Stance=Power and Speed Stance from Heavenly Sword.
L2 for Angel and R2 for Demon. L1 and R1 for Power and Speed Stance

This game is nothing but a different version of Heavenly Sword button control scheme and I tell you it sucks just as bad as Heavenly Sword Controls do!

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LackTrue4K1986d ago

As long as its not homosexual sex, I see no real issue

grailly1986d ago

I disagreed, then I realized it was surely a joke, sorry.

Baba19061986d ago

well with a nick like onyoursistersback i think he is pretty serious... as if there arent enogh tortured souls in the world...

deadfrag1987d ago

Kids this days;now the problem its false falatio!