Bungie dev: 60-man Resistance 2 will be a 'challenge'

Speaking on Bungie's latest podcast, Luke Timmins, multiplayer engineer on Halo 3, said that he was interested in how Resistance 2 developer Insomniac would keep 60-player multiplayer games from feeling like "just running around in a chat room".

Timmins said: "Some of the stuff that Resistance is doing about trying to keep jacking up the number of guys in a game... I've played Resistance, and I'm a huge Battlefield 2 fan but I'm still interested in how do you keep that number of guys in a game and make it seem like you are actually playing together and not just running around in a chat room. It's real interesting and I wish them well but, yeah, it's a challenge."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

bungie you are bunch of noobs.

60+ MP was done YEARS AGO! Even 1000 Players per map on 56k dail up w/o lag was done. And I am talking about FPS.

and no it didn't end up a chat room it ended up a full fledge war.

v1c1ous3468d ago

he's is not saying 60 person multiplayer CAN'T be done.

it's more like "so you got 60 people in a game. now what? what's to stop this from turning into a frag fest where nothing gets accomplished?"

Anego Montoya FTMFW3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

RFOM2 vs HALO3 (2 years after the launch of each system.)

RFOM2- 60 players
HALO3- 12 to 16 players

RFOM2- 8 Player Co-op
HALO3- 4 Player Co-op

RFOM2- 2 storys
HALO3- 1 story

RFOM2- Looks Unreal
HALO3- Looks OK

RFOM2- 720p/1080i (possibly 1080p)
HALO3- 640p

RFOM2- 60FPS (most likely, Ratchet was)
HALO3- 30FPS (i think, not sure)


bungie should just sit back and enjoy their success right now.
because RFOM2 is a serious problem for them and their image.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3468d ago

It was done and not ended in a frag feast and it had team seperations. I'm talking about Battlefield. I saw the some of the most tactical matches 32 vs 32 players.

Most tactic "matches" I saw were on PlanetSide, where different clans meet up and pratice formations to raid a whole planet

v1c1ous3468d ago


way to miss what i just said


yes, it is possible to make such a huge game be controlled, but it all depends on what methods the developers go through to keep the game balanced.

that's the main problem Imsonmiac has to overcome.

and don't get me confused as defending bungie either. i played halo 3, and even with 8 vs 8, that game is filled to the rim with LONE WOLF type gamers who won't listen to reason or work together,

jwatt3468d ago

People at bungie were not trying to bash Insomniac and I agree with what they were saying. 40 players is alot but I felt like it was too hectic.

Now Insomniac said they will address this issues by splitting teams up into groups and giving them thier own objectives. That sounds like that can help out alot and I am definitely looking forward to this games.

Fragking283468d ago

1000 players on a 56k dial up connection yeah right buddy

wallace10003468d ago

What game ever had 1000 player games? That must have taken a long time to find that many players :-P

3468d ago
TheSadTruth3468d ago

The original resistance multiplayer was pretty bad.. first off you die WAY too quick considering how much autoaim their is.. makes it so even little 10 year old's can aim

The truth is that is just too many people in a console game.. it makes the game fast paced but it's just boring spawning and dieing from getting shot in the back and since there's so much autoaim, the best Resistance players will still get killed by low skill players. The nades are pretty ridiculous as well.. I mean all you have to do is touch a player with a nade and they explode on impact, takes the skill and timing out of a normally skilled weapon. I do like the sniper rifle from what I recall... takes some skill to use effectively. Before anyone flame's me.. I also think Halo 3's multiplayer is pretty bad too.. just because the horrid map designs... I've been doing nothing but play CoD 4 as of late. Good, now Sony and MS fans can both mass disagree me.

InMyOpinion3468d ago

Bigger isn't always better...

gambare3468d ago

It's obvious that the Halo3 MP engie never player BF2, BF2 got a healthy 32 vs 32 players on a single map, and it wasn't a "running chatroom"

RelloC_ReBorn3467d ago

dude, she is just telling you that to make you feel better.

kwicksandz3467d ago

you must have been smoking some powerful stuff to dream that up. you cant even run 3 player games without lag on 56k with your neighbour

rofldings3467d ago

"Massive numbers should not mean massive confusion: 60 players (up from Resistance's max number of 40) may sound like an awful lot, but Insomniac is doing everything in their power to make sure competitive battles don't get out of hand. Players will be split into lobbies of six-to-eight-member squads, each with unique objectives. Specific areas on each map will foster frantic large-scale battles, but most of the fighting should come in the former of smaller skirmishes."

No. Sorry, that sounds like fun. Not just a 60 person frag fest.

BobDog3467d ago

massive numbers have been done of 56k, but u got to remember when u had 128mb of ram and a 20gig hardrive and games were a couple hundred megs

InMyOpinion3467d ago

I was referring to the subject at hand. The penis measuring contest is that way --->

Bloodwar3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Responding to Anego Montoya FTMFW, I wanted to share something with you. Huxley for the Xbox 360 is going to have 120 players shooting it out on their MMOFPS. I wonder for how long RFOM2 is going to be in the light, if it even makes it. And with only 60 players? And before peeps start saying, where is the story for this MMOFPS?

What Are The Factional City's?
Home cities are non-combat zones where players will be able to take a break from the battlefield and relax. You'll find all sorts of things in the home city, including trades, shops, guild halls, apartment buildings, garages, etc.. The Alternatives have a city called Eska. Their rivals the Sapiens have Nostalonia.


Sounds like this game may be more than an FPS. Maybe not exactly a roleplaying game per say, but having a city where we have trades skills.. reminds me of my time working on trade skills in WoW. And the story is going to be our wartime battles against the other factions... ohh and did I mention, it's going to have 120 person battles? hehe

Stubacca3467d ago

Anego Montoya FTMFW, good point. Bubbles for you.

V1c1ous, have you played resistence? Because if you have, you would know the maps can be massive. As such, these battles turn out to be good old-fashioned war and not just a 'frag fest'.

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PStriple7033468d ago

this is coming from devopers who made the most wanted game(halo3)in 640p, the first RFOM was 40 online was smooth as eggs

Blankman3468d ago

The media has already dubbed resistance 2 as a halo killer lol to get the record straight killzone 2 is the halo killer not resistance. Resistance is gears killer lol.
if they could do 40 without feeling like running around in a chat room why do you doubt they can do 60. Sure it will be hard but thats not to say it can't be done. Insomniac has an excellent track record and they are an excellent games studio. They have made 2 really good games in 2 yrs on a console notorious for difficult development and it looks like they are about to deliver a 3rd in resistance 2. Bungie hasnt worked on anything but halo in almost a decade yet halo runs at 640p on xbox

BloodySinner3468d ago

...yet you worship the 600p Call of Duty 4? Wow!

shysun3468d ago

COD4 looks like a HD games, Halo3 dosen't.

BloodySinner3468d ago

Basically had you not been told that COD4 was running only at 600p, you wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Johnny Wadd3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

@ blankman & bloodysinner:

Not to flame or anything.... but you can't tell the diff. between 720p and 1080p unless you've got a LCD/Plasma tv that's 46 inch or higher. I don't think the general public knows how to distinguish true HD on a smaller tv. That's why I laugh at those people who spends the extra dough to buy a tv that's 1080p but the screen-size is only 37 or 40 inch..... LOL silly consumers that doesn't do their research.

just a side note, you can definitely see the diff. between Resistance/Halo 3 on my 52 inch sony.... I chose the 2 to compare because they are similar games. However, I enjoyed Halo 2 a lot more than Halo 3.

Bombomb3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

only if you actually thought about what you've just said, you wouldn't have fallen for the trap.

Good trap and bait sinner...

see, it's all in the mindless delusional fanboys

Pain3468d ago

Have Not been hyped for ANY other FPS since Perfect Dark 64.

This game is going to Rock.

And Make others take a look at what they doing .

Perkel3468d ago

@ Johny Wadd

pff haha sorry guy u are wrong

1080p on 24 or 40 or 100 inch tv is still 1080p. I have Sony KDL40W2000 and yes it's 1080p and 40" 1080p in Lair is mindblowing and waaaay better than 720p Motorstorm.

Can't see the diffrence ? You are blind my friend then. More, picture at bigger tv with 1080p looks worse than same picture at smaller tv with 1080p. Go figure why..

wow143468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Resistence (86) and Killzone (70!?) have both been owned by the Halo Series (97,95,94).

Really, it is the universal opinion of the industry that RFOM and KZ are second rate when compared to the pinnacle of the genre: Halo.

YOU might disagree -- its your right -- but the collective wisdom of the industry says you are incorrect (in the sense that one can be right/wrong about such things..).

Edit, just show you something of interest:

MGS 94
MGS2 96
MGS3 94
Average 94.6 / 100

Halo 97
Halo 2 95
Halo 3 94
Average: 95.3 / 100

So, In the pantheon of Shooters, are you going to say that RFOM and KZ(!?) are better than MGS? Because they would have to be in order to be "better" than Halo.

M'kay thanks.

Johnny Wadd3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

@ Perkel:

You, my friend, are wrong. In order to truly "see" the difference between 720p vs 1080p, you have to have a television that's preferably, 50 inch or larger. As you sit at the same distance from the TV from 40 inch or 52 inch, you can tell the difference. What you're buying for in the 50 inch or larger 1080p tv is the clarity/resolution factor that you get as you move away from the TV. As you move away from a 1080p 40 inch tv, you will notice a pretty significant image deterioration. Go on AV forum and read the faq list. Trust me, 1080p for a 40 inch is just a way for tv companies to get more of your money.

You're right in the sense that 1080p @ 20 or 24 inch is the same....
But it also looks the same when you compare 720p @ 20 or 24 inch between its respective 1080p counterparts. Because the tv's are so small, you can't see the extra resolution/pixels on the 1080p. In essence, you've paid extra for something you can't see.

Oh yeah, if you sit close enough to the 40, your pictures will turn crappy just as when you sit close enough to the 50.

RecSpec3468d ago


What the hell are you talking about? MGS is not a FPS.


it got 10 10 10 9.5 .....and thats was from and xbot magazine EGM

kurochi3468d ago

@ Perkel:

ha ha ha ha ha
what the hell are you talking about? Go read up on some of the facts before you embarrass yourself in regard to the HDTV subject.....

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I'm sorry, it's just so funny at how brain-washed you are by the tv companies..... ha ha ha You should return the 40 inch you got and spend the extra grand to really enjoy 1080p on the 50 inch..... ha ha ha ha ha ha