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A Look Back at 2012: Best Sleeper Hit l Entertainment Fuse

Every year, a number of games get lost in the shuffle compared to the Call of Dutys and the Halos to become sleeper hits. These sleeper hits are also some of the most underrated games of the year as Entertainment Fuse's Staff picks theirs with Spec Ops: The Line, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown being one of the few. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

MrBT  +   887d ago
Can't say I particularly liked Spec ops. Although the story was pretty interesting I found the gameplay horrid. XCOM, wow I was blown away by this additively awesome title. Sleeping Dogs also proved to be quite the addictive title that was well written and played smoothly.
deathstriker  +   886d ago
I'm not sure if it would be called a sleeper, but The Darkness 2 seems to be getting overlooked in most people's 2012 talk. I thought it was very fun with a good/interesting story, especially for a shooter.

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