Resident Evil 6 Title Update Now Available

Available to download now, Capcom has released a new title update for Resident Evil 6. The patch is available for free on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 now, via each system’s respective digital distribution service.

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Darth Gamer1982d ago

I hear this is a good one that solves all of the games glitches and problems. It erases your disc and rewrites it with the code for the Remake of RE1 from the gamecube. It's about damn time. Finally they listened to the fans.

doogiebear1982d ago

Wait. What? They included the gamecube remake? What are u talking about?

AlucardFury1982d ago

The damage is already done Capcom...

Ben_Grimm1982d ago

Just finished the game last night. It is definitely a departure but it has been since RE:4. But all in all it is a good game and very well made with minor design issues.

Treian1982d ago

Are you kidding me? RE4 was a great balance of action and horror. This game is nothing like that. It is just bad.

Ben_Grimm1982d ago

I never said RE:4 wasn't, but it did set the tone for 5 and 6.

In my opinion RE6 wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. It's a quality game.

andibandit1982d ago

Anyone know if this patch added coop to adas campaign

HorrorGod1982d ago

Yes. The "Agent" is only playable in Co-Op. He can't open doors/pull switches/etc. He is just a tag along. Pretty much created for the "No Hope" difficulty mode.

rataranian1982d ago

Capcom. Unless you bring me Mega Man 8bit style OR Mega Man Legends collection get NOTHING!

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