Eurogamer-Virtue's Last Reward Review

EG:A game, Sid Meier once famously said, is a series of meaningful choices. There'll be those who'd argue that Virtue's Last Reward - an extension of Chunsoft's visual novel series that began with 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors - isn't really a game at all. But its choices, when they eventually arise, are as meaningful as any you're likely to come across in the medium.

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chaolankennedy1228d ago

They're just salty they didn't get the English dub in Europe.

Redempteur1228d ago

actually the reviewer hated the puzzles.

Too bad for him as the game is incredible

kB01228d ago

I honestly don't think this game should have been a 40$ release. Its a good game but I just can't justify the price tag.

This game should have been a 20-30$ release max!

Venox20081227d ago

great game, I'm enjoying 999 on DS now, btw (if you didnt know) 3ds version has savegame bug, so dont save in puzzle rooms, other than that everythings fine :) I recommend it a lot :)