Top 8 Bad Guys You Wanted To Win

Being bad is clearly good, and there’s often bad guys we want to win. So here’s some.

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mt1861d ago

I don't know about you but I never stopped wanting the helghan from Killzone to win the fight they are just badass. I kinda wish killzone 4 is more about them wining or at least more helghan badass moment. I wish we could play them instead of ISA or whatever they are called.

r211861d ago

Agreed, how could this list not include the Helghans?! I mean come on, they got badass orange glowing eyes, cool British accents and some of the most advanced military weapons ever and Im sure every other KZ fan wants to play as em as well :D

Dark_Overlord1860d ago

But the Helghans aren't the bad guys, you're already playing as the bad guys ;)

Kalowest1861d ago

I never thought of the Helghan as bad guys, but ppl who never get what they deserved(Support and representation, almost like the Colonies facing Great Britain). Now the ISA I F'in hate them(They're Great Britain). Once you know the whole story its reversed, and stupid.

Kingnichendrix1860d ago

Im pretty sure if you do your history on great Britain, when Britain took over a country they brought trading systems, they brought an education system etc. im not sure what you are going with, with isa and Britain.

yaz2881861d ago

"I wish we could play them instead of ISA or whatever they are called."

NO !!! the joy of kz is just shooting those guys. when I am in kz2 mp I always enjoy killing helghan and that is why I want to play as an ISA even though they are shit.

SilentNegotiator1861d ago


In the end, it was clear who was the "bad guy" and who was the good.

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BanBrother1861d ago

Kain all the way. One of the most badass charcters in gaming. Legacy of Kain needs more modern attention.

Blastoise1861d ago

I want Dr Robotnik/Dr Eggman to win. He never gets a break

Robotronfiend1861d ago

Rocksteady and Bebop never got any love at all. Just once they should get to win a fight.

Tundra1861d ago

I really wanted The Boss to at least live as she was a great character. In the end, she did what was right and carried out her mission no matter the stakes. MGS3 was awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.