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Black Ops 2 Matchmaking Problems. A little insight on why we encounter so many issues.

We all have issues when it comes to connectivity, especially in our region. Some areas better than others, but issues persist nonetheless. However, I think we can all agree that the matchmaking system in Black Ops 2 is worse than others. We're not alone, Activision has been flooded with complaints from all around the world. So much so, they've published an article detailing how their system works. Here is the rundown. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

MysticStrummer  +   492d ago
A little insight? I hope the answer is "Millions keep buying the game even though it usually has the same issues every year so there is no incentive for them to fix it.", because that's the answer.
RamsesNum1  +   492d ago
I mean yeah server or user capacity is one underlying factor but its a little more complicated than that.
csreynolds  +   492d ago
This. Poor matchmaking, poor netcode, lag compensation, no dedicated servers... yet year-on-year we negate our complaints by buying each instalment. No more - at least, not for me.

R.I.P. CoD.
bumnut  +   492d ago
I don't, not bought a COD game since WAW. After that they removed all the cool features and lowered the player count to make it equal to the console version.

The real insult was when they pitched these changes as an improvement and increased the price.

Im too busy playing up to 2000 player battles in Planetside 2 to think about COD.
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TopDudeMan  +   492d ago
Probably because you're playing on PS3. I have had no problems on PC with matchmaking.
RamsesNum1  +   492d ago
Ya you guys got it good ;p
dazzrazz  +   492d ago
People buy this garbage and run into same problems every year, then they buy it next year... and the circle closes !
retrofly  +   492d ago
Anyone got a link to the article published on their connection system?
venom06  +   492d ago
SCREW THIS B.S!! How you gonnna make hundreds of millions of dollars EVERY SINGLE year, and won't provide one of the many items your consumers have been begging for??? DEDICATED SERVERS... there is absolutely no reason they wont do this other than to give the middle finger to the people that buy this garbage franchise every year.. wake up Sheeple.. until we stop giving them our money with no thought behind it, we will continue to get a second rate game with second rate connection, bad map design and horrible lag compensation..
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RamsesNum1  +   492d ago
Yeah right, thats what we all wonder. The the millions of dollars these titles gross, why is it so hard to just provide us with what we are asking for? It not like we're asking for anything so drastic!
Dead_by_Dawn  +   492d ago
This is the reason why it needs dedicated servers and a public beta before its released. It could save them alot of trouble

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