Korean Idol HyunA becomes spokesmodel for FIFA Online 3

4minute‘s HyunA has become the newest model for online soccer game ‘FIFA Online 3‘.

According to ‘FIFA Online 3′, HyunA was chosen because, “HyunA’s bright and healthy image matches with the game well, so we have chosen her as our promotional idol. Please look forward to HyunA being active and getting closer to the users through various promotional activities in the future.”

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tigertron1950d ago

When I see her I think of Gangnam style.

HarvesterOSarow1949d ago

These disagrees must think you're being racist. When in fact, she is the girl from Gangnam Style. Speaking of which, TIME TO WATCH!

tigertron1949d ago

Yeah, I mean she even has her own version, although I prefer the original.

HarvesterOSarow1949d ago

I agree. Her voice is cute, although weird lol but the original is top-notch.

Pozzle1948d ago

She's putting on a cutesy voice for her version of Gangnam Style. Her actual singing voice is pretty decent though...