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GodisaGeek: "Starting off the GodisaGeek Game of the Year Awards 2012, it’s time to talk about handheld gaming.

This year we’ve been treated to a brand new handheld console launch with the PlayStation Vita, whilst the 3DS has continued to get first party support, and smartphone gaming has steadied out a little, but is still ever-present in our pockets.

As we run down each position, our writers will have their say on each title, telling you exactly why they think each game is so good.

Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts and picks for this category too, so please leave comments at the end of the article. In reverse order then, let’s get it on!"

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SolidGear31981d ago

Resident Evil: Revelations or Uncharted: Golden Abyss ^_^

GodisaGeek1981d ago

Revelations was a bloody good game, actually. Golden Abyss was discussed early doors, but didn't make the cut :-)

UltraVegito1981d ago

I'd rather have gravity rush than either of them tbh.

GodisaGeek1981d ago

Gravity Rush was another we considered, another good game - but didn't make the cut, sorry!

GodisaGeek1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

We're UK based, so that one will be on 2013's list.

WHAT a game that is, though. Holy shit, amazing.

Sanquine901981d ago

Oohw yeah also european here. I imported Persona..

izumo_lee1981d ago

It's too bad you guys get it next year cause it is such a front runner for best handheld game even though it is a port of a spectacular game.

Rayman is a great game but personally i would have given it to Gravity Rush just cause it is such an original game.

JebusF1981d ago

Virtue's Last Reward is incredible, too.

Protagonist1981d ago

Rayman was good but Gravity Rush is better and it is a unique handheld game, so that´s my vote.