GDC 2008: Miyamoto's Love of Weighing Himself Led to Wii Fit

Wii Fit--the upcoming Wii game which comes with its own balance board and a set of exercises--has already been a massive hit in Japan, with Nintendo finally confirming that the title would reach US shores on May 19, and Europe on April 25. Apparently, health-conscious gamers have none other than Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto to thank for the upcoming game--or more specifically, Miyamoto's quirky habit of having fun when weighing himself.

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Maddens Raiders3746d ago

this photo and the title? Anyone....

Darkiewonder3746d ago

He has fun weighing himself? Why a lot of people when weighed found that their weight isn't want they want and they get depressed? Get me what's he's been using NOW!

Slayer OP3746d ago

What the hell? Thats a terrible thing to market to kids. He should be ashamed

Ivix3745d ago

Frog? He doesn't really look all that French to me...

wiizy3745d ago

miyamoto is brilliant as always..keep that mind working