Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Weapon Details

So Gearbox is getting ready for its upcoming DLC titled, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. This is their third DLC already in a span of 3 months. Which is pretty great, constantly pumping the game with more and more content will keep the fans coming for more.

This time it's set to take place in a marshy continent called Aegrus. A new boat is to be added, seraph gear, new enemies, a stalker raid boss, hunting missions as well as 5 main quest missions and 12 side-missions.

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RamsesNum11819d ago

Nice, waiting. Weapons look pretty sick if you ask me. Give it up to the game of the year ;p

Sovereign591819d ago

"This is their third DLC already in a span of 3 months. Which is pretty great, constantly pumping the game with more and more content will keep the fans coming for more."

I strongly disagree. I would much prefer the team developing these DLCs (which isn't even the team that worked on the main-game) work on 1 DLC for a reasonable amount of time rather than have them churn out what have in my opinion been mediocre experiences (Captain Scarlett and Torgue DLC) at best.
With the exception of the Moxxi DLC, I absolutely loved every moment of Borderlands 1's downloadable content. So far I have been immensely disappointed with Borderlands 2 DLC, and if I'm being quite honest I actually regret purchasing the season pass.
If the final 2 add-ons wind up being great and live up to the expectations that for me were set by Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Armory of General Knoxx, and Robot Revolution, then I will be content and this purchase will have been worth it. I have great doubt that this will be the case, and I will most likely be left feeling that I wasted something like $30 on and received little to no enjoyment from.

konnerbllb1819d ago

I love bl1 and bl2, and you're right, the dlc was much better in the first game. I also regret buying the season pass because it just hasn't been good yet. I hope bl2 gets two seasons, the second being developed by gearsoft

Sovereign591819d ago

At the rate they are pumping out DLC for this game it wouldn't surprise me if they released more then the 4 add-ons the pass covers. I'd probably pay for new characters to play as, but I'd be reluctant to put $30 into DLC for this game again before really knowing what the DLC will be like.
I loved Borderlands 1 and all of its DLC so I bought the season pass when I bought the second game thinking I would be very satisfied with the upcoming DLC. If a second season pass is released, I won't do this again. I'll wait for reviews and gameplay videos of the first couple of add-ons before committing to the pass.

Jdoki1819d ago

I'm a bit more mixed on the DLC

I liked the Captain Scarlett pack and thought it was worth the money - the story and characters were ridiculous (in a good way), and whilst the missions didn't really add anything to the game, and the loot was nothing special, I did like the theme.

But the the Torgue pack is a bit boring and feels disjointed (not completed it yet).

Fingers crossed for the next DLC.

Sovereign591819d ago

Captain Scarlett's DLC was so anticlimactic. The titular character just runs away without a final confrontation and there is little sense of reward for completing the missions.

Megaton1819d ago

Thought Scarlett was pretty bad, liked Torgue.

RamsesNum11819d ago

Yeah I understand, we are probably going to see more and more DLC's. I'd also rather spend my money ounce, and not have to pay after every small installment. Since its not even the same team handling these DLC, I wonder how long they can keep it alive. This profit motive can only go on for so long.

I mean, I'm a big fan of the game so idk what to expect.

Detoxx1819d ago

The season pass will be worth it's money after all the releases.

konnerbllb1819d ago

Oh if there is two seasons I wouldn't buy the seocond pass, I would wait for each to be reviewed and compared by a reliable source before deciding to purchase them individually. I had a lot of respect for Gearsoft going into BL2 and I still do, but I expected more from them in the DLC department. Buying the pass was almost a sure thing, but if I'd have known they would outsource the DLC to another studio I wouldn't have bought the pass.

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fOrlOnhOpe571819d ago

I agree with the above posters re BL1's DLC being of superior quality and content (excluding Moxxi of course).
I haven't picked up the season pass but have bought and played through the Captain Scarlett DLC - which if Im honest, I found it disappointing and.....empty?. The Torgue DLC hasnt really tempted me at all yet but I feel a little more optimistic about the Sir Hammerlock DLC.
Overall though, the main game still gives me as much as I need at the moment.

Off Topic: How I wish Gearbox had left in the Proximity grenade from BL1. Great fun on skag hunts lol

-MD-1819d ago

Still nothing for us Bloodshed Zeros. Garbage devs.

Themba761819d ago

more orange guns please

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