Turn Based, The RPG Podcast Episode 12: Top RPGs of the Year

The Koalition: "It’s that time of the year where we look back at the year and decide on which games deserve to be remembered when people look back at 2012. If you’ve been following the site this week then you’ll know we’ve been writing Top 5 lists all week. Well, since Turn Based is a podcast focused entirely on RPGs we decided we would do Top 3 rpgs lists.

To top it off we discussed the announcement that Mass Effect 4 is slated for release during the 2014-2015 window. We also discuss the surprisingly well-done Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod. David Jaganeaux then gives his impressions on the Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch demo."

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rbailey1981d ago

Cool podcast and an entertaining cast.

miyamoto1980d ago

G Rush, P4 and Ragna Odyssey r da best rpgs this year

jaggernaut251980d ago

You just named three Vita games, lol. P4 isn't a new game, G Rush isn't really an RPG, it's just an action game with upgrades and Ragnarock Odyseey is hardly one of the best games this year. Although, it is pretty fun for what it is.