Lightning’s new look to be revealed in Japanese magazines, first details emerge

The first details on Lightning's new outfit for Lightning Returns leaks out.

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TheLyonKing1987d ago

Couldn't care less what she looked like, I really hope the sales of this game are poor and will make SE reflect on their priorities cause this business model they are touting is a shambles.

BldyShdw1987d ago

You would hope that the game's sales suck to maybe make a point instead of hoping they make a great game? Because I actually thought xiii-2 was a good game.

TheLyonKing1987d ago

13-2 was good but it was little to late for the 13 saga after 13 anyway so yes the sooner this saga dies the better everyone will be.

Squares priorities and management have been terrible this gen, Edios is the only exception. Square has lots of ips and new game ideas but instead they keep plugging away at some game no one wants.

Why feed the Lyon a veggie meal when he wants his meat. Give me versus/chrono/kh3

000011987d ago

um because the gamers that made these companies are tired of these same companies spitting back in our faces for these mass appeal shit games.

shempo1987d ago

ff13 6+mil
ff13-2 2mil

its pretty sure that ff13-3 sales will fail

wishingW3L1987d ago

talking about their IPs I think instead of making FF13-2 they should have saved the time-travel premise for a new Chrono Trigger/Cross game instead of using it to milk this not so good FF13 game. =/

And I remember that like 4 years ago they said they were going to bring back Parasite Eve to consoles again but it never happened.

IAmLee1987d ago

FF XIII is the black sheep in the franchise to me. I just want X HD :')

DA_SHREDDER1986d ago

Agreed, where's my FFX remake they promised?! Also, what's their obsession with Lightening? This is their worse FF ever made and they are clinging on to this universe for what? Give me an open world old school FF with dungeon crawling with a turn based system or don't give me anything at all!

VsAssassin1987d ago

I don't wanna bash Lightning, but I'll say this one more time: She isn't that popular and likable as a character, so SE should stop shoving her to people because it would only make them look like they're desperate.

Lightning, after this, let's move on. It's not working out...

Jinkies1986d ago

She's a bland, boring, depressing b**** with no good qualities to her. The only reason she stood out was because she was surrounding by worse characters then her.

Seriously the only people that really like her are mostly girls (it's true) or gamers who are new to Final Fantasy.

RPG12011987d ago

I hope this game flops bad. The last remaining strand of square is riding on FFXIII Versus. If that sucks I'll never-ever come back. The only game I liked recently was Type-0 and it'll probably not see the light of day over here who the hell is in charge of treating hardcore fans like this? I'm not gonna blame COD either lol.

cleft51987d ago

If this game flops bad then thats millions of dollars that Square Enix will lose and you may never see FF13 Versus because of this game's failure. Never think that a company simply cannot go out of business. I hope this game is an amazing return to form for the FF series, because I am a Final Fantasy fan.

DragonKnight1987d ago

You fail to understand the corporate mindset. A failure causes them to re-evaluate, a success makes them believe everything is ok. The Final Fantasy 13 Saga of Lightning is a terrible and poor example of a Final Fantasy game (each of them) and SE are trying to force it to be a success because they want to continue down this mind numbingly awful path. If Lightning Returns is a success, then the Final Fantasy you are a fan of will cease to exist ever again. Think about that.

betan211987d ago

i give it a 3/10 lololol

MehmetAlperTR1987d ago

fu.k lightning.. they screwed FF Franchise with those stupid chracters.. Those are the days i was enjoying FF.. ff7-ff8..

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