Street Fighter X Mega Man Now Available

Bringing to a close Capcom’s celebrations of the twenty fifth anniversary of Street Fighter, today sees the official launch of Street Fighter X Mega Man. A free download available directly from Capcom’s official community blog now, Street Fighter X Mega Man brings together two of the most widely respected franchises from the Japanese publisher and delivers a homage to the series’ titles of yesteryear.

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Deadpool6161955d ago

Capcom-Unity must be getting hammered right now, because I can't even load the site to download the game.

I'll consider that a good thing for Mega Man.

Big_Mex1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Mirror on softpedia. It works too.

Smashbro291954d ago

Don't give mirrors, Capcom is taking a count of the downloads to show Japan Mega Man will still sell, ONLY get it from the official link even if its slow.

Wizeguy211954d ago

wait.. wait wait.. SO Megaman VS Streetfight and its free?? I don't know whats more shocking... this cross over or the fact that capcom is giving something out for free!!!!

DoomTater1954d ago

I believe this was a fan made game so that's why it is free. haha