GDC 2008: The Eight Best Stories in Gaming

Tuesday afternoon four well-known games industry writers and designers got together to discuss the best storytelling gaming has to offer in a panel entitled "Stories Best Played: Deconstructing the Best Interactive Storytelling." Each of the authors brought a pair of games that they viewed as some of the narratively strongest yet made.

Prior to the panel all four men played the ten titles, and came prepared to talk about the strengths and merits of each. Panelists Richard Rouse (Paranoid Productions), Steve Meretzky (Blue Fang), Marc Laidlaw (Valve Software), and Ken Rolston (Big Huge Games) offered up, in essence, a top ten list for gamers looking to get more from exposition than explosions.

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slymaddox3717d ago

I'm partial to FF7 but to not include any of them is just wrong. I would have replaced Bioshock with a Final Fantasy.

MK_Red3717d ago

OMG, My love, my fave, my Torment is there. The most complex storyline ever and as much awesome as deep and complex. Thief is also another masterpiece. The moment Constantine enters the story and things get complicated, the story goes beyond breathtaking.

I belive they should have included:
Deus Ex
Final Fantasy VIII
God of War
And of course, every single game made by Tim Schafer but mainly, Psychonauts.

slymaddox3717d ago

MGS is in its own league. Disrespectful to include it with any other games. :)

VirusE3717d ago

Solid 2 had some crappy story elements to it. The whole otacon boning his mom thing was just too much and unneeded. MGS 2 reminds me of a movie where the editor was asleep at the wheel and let the director put in everything that came to mind with not thoughts towards context or flow. Ohh yeah and A vampire named vamp, that oozes with originality! Solid 1 and 3 where amazing stories. Part 2 not so much. In my opinion the legacy of kain series had a much better story line than MGS but the game play in MGS was much better than the kain games. The writer from the kain series is now doing drakes fortune which explains a lot.

okcomputer3717d ago

I agree 100% with virus. mgs1 and 3 had great stories, 2 was still a good game, but the story was way over the top.

LastDance3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Oh yeah coz we all play mgs games because they are normal. hahaha.
For me alot of the time when i watch mgs scenes im i like that or not? haha.
like in pirates of carribean 3.
But i enjoy the abstractness the unpredictability. MGS1 has an amazing storyline but if mgs 2 went along the same lines i would definatly have got bored with the same old same old.
i didnt like vamp in MGS2 but he looks awsome in 4.

Over the top will in mgs2 will make for a fine mgs4.

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LaChance3717d ago

The best video game story to mpe was FF9 and MGS 1

OC Shock Value3717d ago

No Metal Gear games

No Final Fantasy games
especially VII VIII

This list is trash

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