GDC: EA boss unhappy with Metacritic scores

John Riccitiello, head of Electronic Arts, is showing a chart to Wall Street analysts and he is not happy.

This chart, Riccitiello grouses, shows the one metric that has most frustrated him since he took over the world's largest video game publisher nearly a year ago.

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Razzy3744d ago

That's what happens when you slap together & rush development of games to make deadlines.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3744d ago

over and over and over and get the point.

i`m still wait for a "NEXT GEN" Madden to come out.

MK_Red3743d ago

They did release 2 true next-gen games and one that wasn't rehash of previous titles. one was Burnout Paradise and it didn't sell a lot. Other was Skate that didn't do much better compared to EA's other franchise games. Why? Because people just want NFS198999, Madden 2012 and crappy yearly upgrades like them.
At least Skate did sell enough for a new IP.

lodossrage3743d ago

Until people stop buying the crappy yearly remakes, they'll keep making them.

Honestly, how many people have been saying they were unhappy with madden games for years (almost since the exclusive license). Yet year in and year out, people keep buying it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

i agree.

i give them LOTS of respect for SKATE.

Burnout was a given.

but SKATE they definitly took a risk w/ that one.

and it paid off.


it`s those damn casuals!


Maldread3743d ago

We (with myself included) say what we want about EA`s game creations as much as we want, but unfortunately as people keep buying the same games over an over again, with little to none improvements to them, I can`t say i blame EA. They`re in this business to make money after all.

I want to give EA some credit for Skate, Army of Two (even though that one dosn`t look all that good now) and Dead Space. At least they`re trying in some regards. Hope they give a remake of Road Rash to Criterion, as MK Red said in a different story. That would give him some good reviews i think.

Their optimization of games fps-wise (nearly every game of their`s have a lot of framerate problems) and their multiplatform game issues are something else though.

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BlackCountryBob3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I have bought Madden since 2004 and have bought it every year except the last one as it was seriously broken on the PS3. Metacritic had bugger all to do with it, me renting from Blockbuster made my decision.

A UK NFL/Madden fan (90,000 of us packed into Wembley a few months back)

idiealot3744d ago

yep, innovate! i have madden 07 on ps3 and was not gonna buy for a roster update. make the graphics better. e3 06 trailer?

Kaz Hirai3744d ago

If EA stopped making UTTER FILTH, pehaps the scores wouldn't be so low.


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