Strategy Informer: Lost Odyssey Review

Lost Odyssey certainly isn't for everyone. You have to really enjoy the JRPG genre and be prepared to put in the hours to get the most out of the game. And if you preferred the faster-paced Final Fantasy XII over the more traditional turn-based gameplay, Lost Odyssey will feel like a giant step back in time. However for those of you that do put in the hours, do enjoy the more strategic turn-based encounters and are prepared to put up with a few odd gameplay elements, Lost Odyssey will not disappoint.

The story is delivered superbly and has more than enough high moments and emotion to keep you engaged, and the almost perfect combat system will reward those that put in the effort. It's not without its faults and it does very little new, but it is a rewarding experience and a worthy addition to any JRPG fans catalogue.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 7
A.I - 8
Value - 8
Overall -

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